A Prickly Situation

A True Story

There is nothing particularly exciting about this story, just a few aspects of it made it worthy of telling.

I had been a member of AMM for a few years and had met up with a few women that I stayed friends with. One of these women was a good deal younger than I was by about twelve years. She was a dark haired woman, not quite raven haired but her hair was dark. She didn’t shave the hair on her box when I first knew her and it was quite attention getting when I first saw it as her panties came off in the semi dark confines beneath a road bridge surrounded by native flora, on the Central Coast of Sydney. I wasn’t into hairy twats at that time but I have to admit I think it added to the boner that was developing as I watched her strip off. She had white skin as well and so the contrast despite the darkish surroundings, were, shall we say pronounced. I was and had been for a short time to that date, shaving my pubes, so as to, if nothing else, make my cock look bigger when angry which certainly worked for me as I was certainly proud of my own erection – (and they say women are vain) and also judging by the comments from one or two of the women who were rooting me at the time. Maybe they were just stoking the male ego fire within me. That arousing sight of her naked from the waist down and her black pubes puffing out from between her thighs as they formed that delightful vee that women’s thighs do, stays with me to this day.

I must have commented about her hirsuteness at the time. Somewhat unkindly apparently but I don’t recall. I was a clumsy twit verbally back then. I like to think I have improved but I still manage to put my foot in it even now.

The next time we met she was eager to try out her new phone that had a camera in it. Camera phones were a new innovation about then which dates this story I suppose.

We met up in an old shed at the back of the house of her ancient parents. I think they were on a world trip and she was house sitting and feeding the animals or something like that but they definitely weren’t in the house. Accordingly I couldn’t work out why we weren’t in the house but this woman had a penchant for unusual places to root in and I kinda liked that actually.

So there we are out in the old shed/workshop of her father’s. Mine wasn’t the only long, hard, tool in that shed. We got naked and with a twinkle in her eyes as she peered up at me cheekily, she ran her hands over my slightly hairy chest which I thrust out for her. I usually do that when a woman feels up my chest (its very arousing), I suppose most guys do. She produced a rubber cock ring and insisted that I wear it. I was a bit surprised and wasn’t really into that sort of thing but hey it was her shed and so I let her put it on me. I didn’t know whether it was just to go around the base of my tool or what but I left her to it as I watched on with interest. She managed to get my balls through it as well with a bit of rough handling (that made me wince a couple of times) and it sort of looked ok, especially as my cock was cooperating and standing proud by that time and up at a good forty five degree angle and looking ominous with pre-cum oozing out of the eye of the knob. Her camera phone came out and my cock ring adorned genitalia was snapped at a few interesting angles as she pushed it into position as if she owned it, which I didn’t really mind. I mean, what guys doesn’t like a woman handling his gear for whatever reason.

She finished with my gear and while still looking down at her handiwork, she peeled off her clothes and finally stood there naked as well with an almost shy grin on her face when she noticed me bending over not so subtly and peering in at her box as I had noticed that she had shaved her pubic hair and it looked good. I was torn at that point, I had got used to and was looking forward to seeing the dark haired thatch between her legs. Ya can’t please some people! Her white skin and dark shoulder length hair were beautiful. I dropped to my knees on the grotty floor of this shed and quickly regretted it as there was all sorts of saw dust and metal shavings that her Dad had obviously not swept up after whatever project he was working on over the years.

Hearing my cursing and outright pain due to the trouble that my knees were in, she grabbed an old towel and with tits wobbling about delightfully, dropped it on the floor in front of her for me to kneel on. Her nipples wandered past my face tantalisingly as she bent over with the towel, but I wasn’t quick enough to suck on them. I promptly dusted off the debris from my injured knees and knelt on my towel, sucking on her nipples as my mouth passed them (determined to make up for my previous lost chance) on the way down before resuming my inspection of her pussy up close.

Her vulva lips were plump and rounded and her shaving of her pubes had left them prickly. Undeterred, I kissed her on the box several times. It was like what I imagine kissing a bearded bloke would be like. I had long had no regard for women having to kiss me when I hadn’t shaved but I did from then on. How could I have been such a selfish bastard all of that time?

Anyway, lust wouldn’t let me stop at that point and so I parted her vulva lips with my thumbs and ran my tongue up in the crack and sucked on her clitoris, sucking it into my mouth and licking and swirling my tongue around it while still under suction. I could hear oooing and aaahing and she held my head and pulled it into her crotch, her warm, soft thighs wrapping around my head as I slurped and sucked her to a hip trembling orgasm ending in spasmodic twitches as she wallowed in her pleasure, ramming her box into my face in sudden, violent thrusts. My tool all of this time had been dribbling pre-cum down onto the dusty floor as well as my towel as I writhed and walked around on my knees trying to get my tongue and face up between her legs as far as I could, holding onto the backs of her thighs and wallowing in the soft female texture of her legs. I finally staggered to my feet much to the relief of my knees and thighs and stroked my tool and watched her as she stood bowed legged and peered down between her own legs, wiping and cleaning her juices up from where they had run down the inside of her of her thighs.

Somehow in all of that frantic lustful action she must have managed a free hand and had had the new camera phone clicking away. I wasn’t really in favour of photos back then but I am now. Some the photos of that day (I still have them) show my head buried between her legs, the birthmark on the back of my neck giving away to anyone who would know that it is me and my head buried between this woman’s legs groveling like a pathetically sex driven male to satisfy my own animalistic lusting for her body.

As I said this isn’t a particularly interesting story for anyone who wasn’t there but every time I look at and wank to those photos I cum every time with a gush of hot jism onto the floor or into the sink or wherever at the memory of her legs wrapped around my head (and in one photo), my tongue poking into the crack of her plump, white skinned vulva as my tongue does its best to lick her clit and I desperately hold onto her legs to avoid falling off her pussy in a most undignified way only to land on the floor of that dusty old shed so long ago.

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