Vajazzle your Christmas Tree with Vaginaments

Adult Match Maker
15 December 2016
Whether you own a vagina or love vaginas, we had to share these adorable Vaginaments© that we discovered. If you’re tired of tinsel then they're a fantastic way to deck your halls this Christmas.

4 Unique Australian Festivals

Adult Match Maker
10 December 2016
What does the word “festival” bring to mind – Woodstock or Burning Man – Tomorrowland or Rio’s Carnivale? We’ve found 4 unique home-grown festivals we think you’re going to love!

BDSM Basics: Impact Play

06 December 2016
Impact play is simply mutual gratification (sexual or otherwise) from repetitive contact to the body. It’s about loving the sensation of the hits, swats, lashes, spanks, floggings, whippings, wallops, smacks, whacks, thumps and slaps, the high it can elicit and the marks it leaves.

Is Cleavage out of fashion?

Adult Match Maker
12 November 2016
UK Vogue might have declared, "The tits will not be out for the lads. Or for anyone else, for that matter." but we’re telling you boobs, and cleavage, will never go out of style.
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