Could Swinging save your Marriage?

by Chantelle Austin - 14 November 2008
So can swinging save your marriage? Absolutely! Will it save all of them? Hell no, you have to work out what the problems are first and see if a little bit of sex and adventure on the side (together) is what will fulfil the needs not being met.

Getting the Kinks Straight

by Holly Hill - 14 November 2008
Welcome to the wonderful world of submission and domination. Sometimes referred to as topping and bottoming. Sounding kinky yet? Hell no!

Every Penis has an Arsehole

by Holly Hill - 14 November 2008 - 1 Comment so far
Once regarded as the last bastion of gay men, male arseholes are making a comeback. I have it on very good authority that prostate stimulation feels like ‘a long, continuous orgasm’ and is on par with – if not better – than ejaculation.

Men Are Not Machines

by Holly Hill - 14 November 2008
We all strive towards equality in our relationships and yet double standards are rife among the best of them. We all know that men have sex on the brain but a man who says ‘no’ can often be met with frank disbelief or even ridicule.

Finding Her the Easy Way

by Holly Hill - 14 November 2008 - 3 Member Comments
Most girls I know get hundreds of responses to their online dating profiles. Most guys I know get none. That means making the most out of your retail expeditions. With a little forward planning and some artful cut and pasting, you might never have to go into a mall again!

How to Captivate a Man Forever

by Holly Hill - 06 August 2008 - 2 Member Comments
Unfortunately for women, most research suggests that men are not naturally monogamous. In fact, unless they are living in a cave, one hundred percent of men are either physical or mental adulterers. Believe me – when they are

Why Relationships Never Fail

by Holly Hill - 02 July 2008
Relationships don’t fail, per se – they merely change. If we stop giving ourselves such a hard time, yesterday’s changed relationships are fundamental to the happiness of our relationships today and we should look upon them as successful lessons learnt the hard way.

Sex Without Orgasms is Like Cakes Without Icing!

by Holly Hill - 06 June 2008
If you’re not having an orgasm every time your boyfriend does, you’re running about average. Many women - including yours truly – have difficulty climaxing during normal, penetrative sex. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

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