Explore your Sexuality through the Swinging Scene

by Chantelle Austin - 23 November 2009
The swinging scene has more to offer than just opportunities for couples to explore sex, it opens so many more doors that new couples may not have considered. Exploring sexuality is a popular door that opens for many and sometimes it’s a surprising adventure.

Average Jo’s Guide to getting his end wet

by Holly Hill - 12 March 2009
There she is. Sitting over by the bar surrounded by friends and laughing merrily at some joke that stupid jock on her left told her. Imagine it. Her lying in your bed, damp hair askew and begging you to fuck her again. Sounds more fairy tale than fantasy, doesn’t it? Not any more.

Why Women Are (Finally!) Getting Slutty

by Holly Hill - 12 March 2009
Traditionally, female sluts are admired by men and loathed by women, and male sluts are loathed by women and admired by men. (Mars and Venus must be laughing all the way to the Moon.) Yet a change is finally occurring and 20-somethings are beginning to relish just how good a clitoris can make you feel.

When Good Toys Make Great Sex

by Holly Hill - 12 March 2009
So there are a range of toys out there that stimulates clits at the same time as our partner fucks us. They are relatively inexpensive and are just about guaranteed to have you initiating sex, not him.

Could Swinging save your Marriage?

by Chantelle Austin - 14 November 2008
So can swinging save your marriage? Absolutely! Will it save all of them? Hell no, you have to work out what the problems are first and see if a little bit of sex and adventure on the side (together) is what will fulfil the needs not being met.

Getting the Kinks Straight

by Holly Hill - 14 November 2008
Welcome to the wonderful world of submission and domination. Sometimes referred to as topping and bottoming. Sounding kinky yet? Hell no!

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