Men Have Not Evolved to 'Sow Their Seed Widely'

09 December 2010
There’s a perpetuating myth in our society that men are naturally more promiscuous than women. One of the reasons given for this is that men have evolved to ‘sow their seed widely’. I'm never sure whether to pull my hair out in frustration or laugh at the ludicrousness of such as suggestion.

Three Types of Sex All Couples Need

01 December 2010
Jacqueline writes that you should allow for all types of sex in your life, from the simple to the spicy (whatever that is for you) and you’ll keep your sexual connection strong and your life so much more satisfying.

What if you Fall in Love with a Playmate!

29 November 2010
So you have a great connection with a swinging playmate! Swinging is all fun and games while you and your partner are a rock solid couple, but what happens when you start to find yourself feeling more than just a physical attraction to one of your playmates? Is it love or lust?

The Breadth of Sexuality & the Importance of Fun

26 November 2010
As with so much of our society, we tend to categorise and label ourselves and others. I believe in the full range of sexual expression, as long as it comes from a place that is real. But the most important thing of all when it comes to sex is fun. Sex is play-time for grown-ups and playful sex has got to be the best of all.

Swinging is the Natural Libido Enhancer!

23 November 2010
There were a couple of things I wasn’t expecting when we entered the swinging lifestyle, and the effect on my libido was one of them. In this article I share the parts of the lifestyle that had this wondrous effect and some things I hadn’t expected.

Seven Sex Tips for Busy People

23 November 2010
Here are the seven fundamental sex tips to help you as a busy person have that blissful haven of fabulous sex. Read them, and, if they make sense to you and you want practical advice on how to use the Secrets in your life, buy and read my full book “Sex Secrets for Busy People”.

The Life Cycle of Swinging

12 November 2010
Everything has a lifecycle, including swinging! This article defines the different phases and gives couples a framework to determine where in the cycle each person is and an understanding as to what that means.

Do I have to be like a Porn Star in the Bedroom?

12 November 2010
This is the unspoken question that many people have when it comes to swinging. We tend to compare ourselves to what we see on the x-rated screen and it can have a big impact on a person’s confidence and subsequent willingness to get into swinging. This article will put to bed some of those fears… if you let it!
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