Book Review: a life less monogamous

Adult Match Maker
10 February 2016
In Cooper S Beckett's new novel, Ryan and Jennifer declare "Today is the day we change our lives" as they leap into the deep end of the swinging pool filled with sexy girl on girl and full swap swingers party encounters.

What if Swinging Was the Norm?

17 November 2015
So what if swinging was the norm in our society? What differences would there be? What would there be more or less of? Do you think it would improve or destroy the world as we know it? A playful article, a little cheeky but thought provoking too.

Top 100 Signs you may be a Swinger!

Adult Match Maker
22 October 2015
We're all guilty of playing "spot the swinger". There's no sign which identifies you as a swinger but if you look at common behaviours it will give you some clues and hopefully our summary of the top 100 will make you smile.

When should we take a Swinging Break?

25 August 2015
There can be times when swinging becomes more of a negative effect than a positive effect on a relationship for some couples. This article discusses the warning signs that mean it’s time for you to take a break from the swinging lifestyle, and what it can mean for your relationship.

The King of Swing

Adult Match Maker
06 August 2015
Twenty years ago John Thomas attended the opening night of Australia’s largest five-star swingers’ club. Little did he know that a decade later swinging would become more than just a part of his life; it would become his livelihood.

Newbie or Seasoned? Where to start!

25 July 2015
If you're thinking about exploring threesomes, foursomes or moresomes you might be wondering if it's best to play with other newbies or more seasoned swingers. Chantelle Austin's article gives you some advice before you hit the playground.