Create a Profile that gets Attention

by Chantelle Austin - 29 December 2015 - 83 Member Comments
Create a Profile that gets Attention

With the thousands of profiles out there you want to stand out and attract the attention of the sexy playmates you wish to get naked and… well, do what comes naturally with. Here is some advice for ladies and couples.

Pretty much every online dating website gives you the option to create a profile of some description; it’s your advertisement to draw in your ideal playmates, as well as a way of filtering out the not-so-ideal playmates (trust me, you want that)! Be warned, there is a tidal wave of ultra-horny single guys that you are going to come across on these sites. Your profile is your first tool in cutting through it!

So what makes a good profile?


Fill in as many details as possible, and don’t be shy! Details that aren’t filled in are often read as “too embarrassed to put it down”. So if it’s penis or breast size, many people assume that you haven’t answered because it/they are really small so don’t let them think that or just be upfront about it and you’ll attract people that are ok with it. It can also come across as “couldn’t be bothered” which is not attractive either. Oh and guys, measure it (by “it”, I mean your penis!), don’t sell yourself short or falsely advertise how big you aren’t! As much as you’d like to think it doesn’t happen, people talk and sometimes your reputation can precede you so under promise (a little) – over deliver!


This one addition can mean the difference between 1 wink a week and 10 winks or messages a day. Men are visual creatures for a start so if you are looking for some sexy men, then put your best sexy pictures up and if you don’t have any, get a girlfriend or your partner to take some! Have fun with it. If you’re seeking another lady, then you definitely need pictures; women need lots of words, details and pictures to create attraction. For couples, make sure you put pictures up of both of you and try to avoid using pictures with other people in them. It’s easy to think that the sexy man with a girl wrapped around him is her partner… And as much fun as that picture was to be in, it’s misleading.

This is your billboard so make it impressive but use recent photos. There is nothing worse than meeting someone who you thought looked awesome only to find out that they are 10 years older, 15kgs heavier and aren’t attractive at all! Yes, this happened to us so I kid you not!

Choose photos that will resonate with the kind of person you want to attract. If you like BDSM and more of the kinkier stuff, use pictures that depict that. If you are more conservative then use pictures that shows your body but with your private parts covered so it’s a tasteful tease… If you are into being nude and love your hard and fast, dirty sex then have some pictures that give you that impression. It’s entirely up to you, and as you evolve, you may want to change your pictures to attract some different people to play with.

Most people use body pictures for the public gallery and reserve face shots for the private or restricted gallery. One of the first things you’ll want to see after you’ve decided you like someone’s profile, is to see their face so be sure to put one of your lovely self in your private gallery. People who refuse to show face pictures can come across as potential fakes so be aware that no face pictures could land you with that label.

A good blurb “About Myself”

Describe yourselves in detail and I mean detail, “less is more” does not apply here! Describe your interests, hobbies, life, and inject some personality into it by writing as you’d speak. The more creative the more it stands out, I’ve seen people write their profile like a fine dining menu or car brochure feature list, entertaining is good! The people who connect with what you write will also likely be good connections for you. Try to use actual words and spelling where possible, a profile full of acronyms and short hand alternate spelling can be dificlt 2 rEd n ppl wl giv up qkly (translation: difficult to read and people will give up quickly).

Your ideal partner?

If you are just looking for a single guy or gal for some threesome fun, write it. If you want more group action or just couples, write it. If you are “bi-curious” and want to experiment, write it! Don’t be shy, just write what you want to play with or experience!

This is also the area you can write about what you don’t want. I’ve seen this done effectively, sometimes it’s quite stern and to the point (basically because some guys really just don’t get it!).

For example: “Please don’t message us if athletic to you means a beer gut is still ok, over 40 in looks or age, hairy (ewww), pushy or over keen to jump straight into bed, or if you meet any one of the “we don’t want” criteria. If that’s you then you can just click on the back button to move on buddy and no, we don’t want to see a picture of your cock “just in case” so if that’s all you have to offer, you aren’t for us.” Some guys apparently can’t read so you’ll still get some that will try but give them a break, they really do have a huge amount of competition…

Handy Hint!

One way you can work out what you want to put in your profile is to look at other profiles and find ones you like, ones you don’t and then ask yourself why you like or don’t like them, this will assist you in determining what you want on yours. Plagiarism is allowed but I’d suggest changing words to suit who you both are.

So now you have your profile up, what next? Set the “advanced search” criteria with all of your ideal options; go through the profiles and send a wink or message to the ones you like. Happy hunting!

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83 Member Comments

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  1. OverTheKnot

    More than a month ago
    I agree with you about having a decent profile. But the reality is that, because the guys outnumber the women, and the women get bombarded with so many winks & messages, they don't even bother to read the profiles. The women may look at the profile, see that you are a single guy, and that is far as they go, they don't actually read the profile beyond that.
    I would estimate that is indeed the case for about 95% of the women.
    It would be interesting to see the results of a survey asking women whether that is indeed the case.
  2. shortncute

    More than a month ago
    I understand that guy's have to create a profile & to make it stand out, But why are guy's so fascinated with putting Pictures of there Penis up......... I have been on this site for a while & guy's must think that there most attractive feature is there Dick & its a close up shot only , Don't get me wrong I like dick but when you have seen it once why is it a on going thing??

    There are other photo's they could take Chest, Butt, Thy's or Torso & I have seen some lovely photo's where Guys have featured other body parts which i find most appealing
  3. staypladan

    More than a month ago
    The one thing i have noticed is not many women tend to contact you first.
    It seems men do the searching and initial introduction .
    and that is ok generally , especially in public.
    Do women hold back just to see what type of guy they attract or are they really shy and timid or do they actually go for the ones they do like . i have had a few comments back from my messages saying something like you look fit, im probably not your type as i am a bit curvy . Well heellloooo girls, what if i really do like curvy ,cuddly, voluptuous hour glass figures. and ladies , what do you really like, fit and trim guys or do you like dad bods or what about the beer gut guy.
    I dont think these guys will make it a deal breaker if your not perfect for them .
    some ladies write you off in their second sentence and your left standing scratching your head as to what you did wrong before you even started.
    i understand that new members may be shy in revealing their bodies to strangers as the adult world is new to them and they hold back their intentions and that is perhaps one reason they dont have pics on their profile.
    i also think that phone chats and meet ups are really where you get to know people as you
    have the other sensory things happening as the tone and attitude of their voice , facial and body expressions , experiencing how their minds and personalities actually work .
    but to get there you need to get past first base and it seems that is a sticking point for most.
    yes your intro is like a filter to select the general yes`s from the no`s but if that next step isn't taken ,i feel many people miss out from something good in the future .
    so for me ladies start hitting up on guys and or least have a few conversations back and forth


    More than a month ago
    I agree with both your comments; Why do people put you on a hotlist but never make contact; a wink or a message.Dont know. Maybe most on here are not genuinly wanting to make contact or meet anyone; just passing time; meeting other needs or is it fear or rejection ? Im here to socialise as well as have a good time. Doesnt hurt to say hi; ney or hey.


    More than a month ago
    It probably has to do with the fact that women don't have a paid account, and they can't message you. I can't speak for other women but check it out yourself how many are trial members. Or perhaps try postage paid.
  4. EroticTouch2017

    More than a month ago
    Such common sense in this article. I've generally followed all the principles and to date have had a great time on I'm pushing even further boundaries, boundaries I thought I could never push!
  5. Bianca1979

    More than a month ago
    Lots of interesting comments.
    I think this article has a lot of things that are quite obvious. Be honest and tell people what you want-well thanks!
    However I disagree with the point about bluntness. I read profiles that say don't contact us if you're this this this this this and this. In all honesty to me they come across as a little arrogant. I suppose it's more about the wording. It really bothers me when people are very abrupt and condescending in the tone they use in their profile. You don't have to like everybody just don't be rude about it. I don't mind who flicks me a message and if someone is taking the time to actually construct me a well worded and thoughtful message I try to reply.


    More than a month ago
    I agree - there's a fine line between being honest and being downright rude and arrogant!
  6. ShadowSpirit

    More than a month ago
    I guess most people on this site try to promote what they think is their most prominent attraction/feature but then there are those that will promote what they think others are looking for.
    I think the bottom line is that everyone is looking for the same thing but the process of acquiring it will vary from person to person. So in reality we should just accept people for who and what they are and leave criticism out of it, ignoring those who choose to criticise.
    In my opinion it is Like that attracts Like so if you portray a certain image don’t expect to attract someone of a different image even when the hot body shots get your hormones going.
    Expect what you give out in return but then many profiles reveal very little so this may leave you guessing as to what the other person likes/expects.
    I see this site as a ‘Site for convenient Sex’ and I say this because no matter how good a profile you may have, I think most people select according to convenience such as distance and age. In my case I have accepted this, I don’t have an issue with it as it is my choice where I live and hell I can’t change my age.
    Reading other profiles can be quite entertaining and I guess “DICKS” will attract “DICKS”
    As far as I am concerned write whatever you want but remember it then becomes you, expect the same in return.
    Everyone should just be who they are and not sell themselves short.
    If anyone wants to shoot me down in flames go for it and good luck!
  7. Lfman22

    More than a month ago
    Furthermore you need to question peoples motives for being on this, if they have photos of themselves naked showing there boobs or vjj, and they shoot you down in flames because you mentioned pussy and licking on your profile when you message them, maybe you are all just to picky, remember this an adult site, should men have 'and I also knit jumpers for orphaned joeys' on their profile. Double standards really ??
  8. Lfman22

    More than a month ago
    I'm not saying every man is a player attached or otherwise, but a lot give lower age, ethnicity and d*** picks are pretty common from what other members have told me, so there is some truth in what you are saying.
  9. voetsek

    More than a month ago
    Fuck what a bonus ! Build yourself up for slags that freaked the web site !


    More than a month ago
    You certainly haven't taken much trouble with yours - wonder why on earth you're on this site!
  10. SnoopMate

    More than a month ago
    What we're looking for here is good keywords that the code cutters have included in the search patterns. For the uninitiated look at Google. If they ran an adult site....lookout!!
    Yes filter down to what you want but everyone has to have an understanding of what each component really means. If you say "looking for men" then when we search you for MEN LOOKING for MEN then don't have straight on your profile...dorks! Can't we search for criteria such as education for instance?
    There are a lot of great comments here, but, from what we have found being members for a short time,
    :-P, stop the message/wink tennis, meet ASAP as your time will allow (we all have busy lives) and see how it goes.
    Distance is a killer in any relationship, let alone one where we KNOW what is going to be on the table.....
    So wink us, be close, be ready !!!


    More than a month ago
    ready for contact houston .. :)
  11. quivertouch99

    More than a month ago
    I think the reality is somewhere in between all of these posts. From what I hear, men often put up tasteless profiles and women seldom reply to winks and messages. I get suspicious when I get a notification that some new ladies have joined the site, when I go to look at them, 95% of the profile remains "unspecified" this makes me think that they are fake and put there to give men the impression that the site has more female members than it actually does. Marketing properly to females to attract them to the site would be more beneficial.


    More than a month ago
    @icanseeu7310 Absolutely point them out - that's why we added a Report Member feature which is visible on every profile. We've already banned almost 200 accounts this year and asked another 239 to verify before we would reinstate their profile. We want to keep the site as real as you do. And we do encourage verification - profiles with up to date photos and verified profiles get far more interest.


    More than a month ago
    Why doesn't amm enforce a rule that makes everyone change there pics every 12 months and also everyone has to be verified.I was on here years ago on a different profile and now i still see the same old profiles and pics from 5 years ago(yes I do have a good memory) even the same women sit in the chat room night after night after night,would think they would be out meeting people instead.All in all I don't think the site has changed any in those years and a lot of the female profiles are obvious fakes.So why AMM are you not deleting these fake accounts ?I can point a few out to start you off if you like.


    More than a month ago
    The issue should be addressed with new females being bullied by some of the females in chat.

    It should also be assumed that there are less females as females get less out of the casual sex equation, despite what everyone thinks. Quiver don't listen to what you hear I think some just say those things. On the other hand I prefer to reply to messages than winks. I am a trial member, and someone upgrading to talk to me, well that puts a lot of pressure on me to be worth it.


    More than a month ago
    We can assure you that AMM has never, and will never, create profiles to "populate" our sites. It serves no purpose. If people are not on there to interact and hook up people won't remain members. And we spend A LOT of time and money to attract females to the site. The issue is that new female members get overwhelmed by the number of messages and the tone and rudeness of many messages so many leave the site after only a short time.
  12. Leolady727

    More than a month ago
    On the subject of pictures - PLEASE, no "dick pics" in your public gallery. Save those (and the "pussy shots") for your Private Gallery.

    Also - think carefully about your profile name - a stupid or tasteless profile name can be a deal-breaker for me! Having "69" in you name is NOT inventive or witty!


    More than a month ago
    I have to agree with Melody2973,she does have an incredible pussy,but a picture does not do it justice?


    More than a month ago
    I'm going to disagree, I've got an incredible pussy and if I want to display it I will :)), it's a sex site so come on :), I couldn't care what people think.


    More than a month ago
    727 refers to my month and day of birth - I think, at the time I joined, plain Leolady was taken


    More than a month ago
    They were my best pair


    More than a month ago
    And having a picture of your daggy undies is not inventive or witty, either


    More than a month ago
    But I was born in 69
  13. AtomicCouple

    More than a month ago
    Have recent pics! Yes, you look lovely in your old pics... But seriously you just don't look like that any more. Nothing worse than meeting someone who does not live up to expectation. You are not doing yourself any favours by posting your thinner/younger pics. Just leads to disappointment and a waste of time for everyone.


    More than a month ago
    Oh yeah - I met a guy on here whose pics would have been at least 15 years old - he had a lot less hair and a lot more weight!

    Not saying I'm perfect, but at least my pictures are recent!
  14. bouncingsoulism

    More than a month ago
    I hope lots of men read this article. Most have horrid profiles expecting woman to ask questions like a Spanish Inquisition. Plus expect to attract what they are seeking. How can you attract anyone (other than those who like anon sex) with much info?

    As for photos - they don't need to be R rated.If your concerned about privacy, you can still take some pics...

    I always read men's profile.


    More than a month ago
    I SO agree with this. Guys need to put some information in a profile. If I see a profile and it's like "blah, blah, can't be bothered writing anything" I immediately think "do you put that much effort into sex?
  15. abcplus1

    More than a month ago
    The sheer ratio of men+couples compared to single females is staggering. If AMM really want to make the site better they need to entice more women to be here, whether that be by free membership for validated female profiles, targeted advertising in women's magazines etc I don't know, but the more females you attract the more the site will work and the more chance people will have of finding what they are looking for.


    More than a month ago
    I would agree with this, the ratio of M-F is ridiculous and its got worse, so guys shouldn't expect too much, despite ones expectations being raised by the numbers of members AMM claim to have.
    The focus of this blog post by CH(Rach) is for 'ladies and couples' and to emphasise that a little more information is better than less whether you are verified of not. The same advice can be given to everyone.

    Matt K.

    More than a month ago
    It's perhaps true there would be an improvement, but the 80/20 rule (or is it the 99/1 rule in this case...?) still applies.

    A small portion of guys who dedicate time to the site will always be the ones seeing activity. I am not one of those guys, and I'm ok with that. But some common courtesy certainly wouldn't go astray.


    More than a month ago
    100% correct........
  16. Virtuous73

    More than a month ago
    Photos are a must ... All of my photos were originally in my private gallery and I got the occasional wink (here and there), but once I shifted some photos over to public gallery, I started receiving a lot more winks and messages.
  17. ScubaSmurf69XXX

    More than a month ago
    I have a great profile 100% Genuine nice guy with nothing to hide very up front but never get reply's to all the messages I have sent as they are all hiding something like no photo's not filling there profiles or don't want to meet play games don't respond this whole site needs a big shake up been a gold member on and off but this will be the last time once it expires will be deleting way to many fake people on hear that have no intrest in meeting the real deal and AMM dose nothing to fix the problems. I am a tall slim fit guy and am not interested in over weight females, time wasters that want to talk online instead of meeting face to face or talking on the phone or can't put up photo's or information about them self's and the list goes on and on absolute joke???


    More than a month ago
    I agree, pandh - not to mention the atrocious spelling!


    More than a month ago
    You might not still be a member on here Scubasmurf69xxx, but on a site like this a normally astute person will be looking for that one indicator that spells stay clear, your post has one line that says," give him a miss", and you will probably never know what it is.
  18. kizza73

    More than a month ago
    I have come to the conclusion AMM is Not for single guys!
    Your title heading is "Create a Profile that gets attention"
    Then you go on to say in your first line ..."Here is some advice for ladies and couples!"

    Single men on here are only good for Moving a fridge !


    More than a month ago
    @Hrbstr we promote more parties which allow single males than parties which are couples only. In Melbourne we promote ThePussyKats, Femme Fantaisie, Stilettos & Blondeez who all invite single males to their parties.


    More than a month ago
    Hey there Kizzza, agree with you view that this site makes life difficult for single men. I have been on this website for over 12mths now since my marriage separation, and constantly feel that as a single male the odds are against you. My profile is detailed and respectable, have pictures in my PG which I'm happy to share, yet everytime you send a message to a female, they either don't give you the courtesy of responding or can't be bothered for some reason. I have been lucky enough to meet a select few ladies on here who are great people to play with, but they are few and far between. If you look at most of the swingers/group pages they exclude single males from joining and as a result you're behind the 8 ball already. Thinking of ditching my gold membership as well, because at the end of the day the value isn't just there !!!


    More than a month ago
    The reason for this article being aimed at women & couples is that almost all of our earlier articles in this section were aimed at men. So you should read:
    - Crucial Online Dating Tips for Newbies
    - How to Get More Sex Using Adult Dating Sites
    - Meet More Women Online by Changing Your Approach
    - Kink to Vanilla: It's all on offer in the world of Adult Dating!
    which ALL offer advice to the guys on this site.
    Happy reading!
  19. Stacey4444

    More than a month ago
    My personal opinions- dick pics are "not all that". A couple at most is maximum. 20+ pics of your genetalia is overkill and a little concerning. - similarly 20+ face pics of male on a "couple" profile raises questions - quirky and interesting is good, but obscure is a waste of everyones time. - please fill out basic info....I dislike wasting data to read a profile full of "not specified"


    More than a month ago
    I agree with everything Stace says here!

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