Asian Angels Events Exotic Thailand Getaway

Friday, 20 April 2018
2 Nights
Asian Angels Events Exotic Thailand Getaway

Asian Angels hold professional lifestyle events for quality couples both in Australia and overseas.

They invite you to join them for what will be a truly unforgettable experience in Thailand, the ‘Land of Smiles’. For those that have never been it is a ‘must do’ travel destination, so why not do it with quality couples who share the same interests as you do.

This small hideaway resort welcomes open minded, liberated couples for adventurous, nude holidays in a secure, private environment. Rama Kien Resort has 21 guest rooms surrounding a large pool, spread over 4 floors and has an elevator for your convenience. The ground floor rooms are all within a short walk to the pool.

Rama Kien Lifestyle Resort offers the opportunity for adventurous couples from all around the world to indulge in an exciting, clothing optional holiday. Rama Kien offers a secure, quiet environment and 100% privacy for its guests. “What goes on at Rama Kien stays at Rama Kien”

Within Rama Kien, there are no limits to your imagination. Meet other couples, have a few drinks at the bar, enjoy a few exiting moments by the pool or just simply do nothing and relax. Every day at Rama Kien is a new day to explore your fantasies.

Pattaya is a seaside resort in Thailand and with its many clubs, bars, go-go’s and other forms of nocturnal entertainment, Pattaya nightlife is world-famous. Rama Kien is only a few minutes away (by car or taxi) from the vibrant centre of Pattaya. Discovering the delights of Pattaya is a once in a lifetime experience.

We will be hosting a special ‘Two Night Event Party’ during your stay where you and other guests will get together to enjoy each other’s company.

This Event Party will be held at one of our many party villas where luxury is at its finest (check out our gallery page on our website for a taste, you will not be disappointed).

So why wait, come along and experience the trip of a lifetime, whether it’s your first trip or you are a regular, we can assure you Thailand will deliver.

We will be allowing some guests to the event, these members will be screened as to suit and match our current members.

Click through to our website to view the gallery, pricing options or to explore our other party and travel options in 2018.


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