Spicy Ibiza

Monday, 4 June 2018
4 Days
Spicy Ibiza

Welcome to Ibiza

If lush sexy ladies in minimal apparel appeal, or dashing Don Juans in bulging speedos are to your taste, your ideal sexy destination have to be Ibiza. Situated just of the coastspicy ibiza,llvclub takeover of Valencia, Ibiza is in the Balearic Islands and is known across the world as being the party capital of the world. But forget the stereotypical 'Brits Abroad' images you have of Ibiza, this only accounts for a small part of the island. Step away from the boozy streets of San Antonio's infamous strip and you will find a magical island, which can cater for your every need. It's location makes it a popular destination for Europeans looking for a fun-filled break, and the island boasts Kate Moss, Dizzee Rascal Jade Jagger and P Diddy amongst their celebrity fans.

Often competing with Koh Phangan for the title of best party island in the world, Ibiza’s undeniable Latin flavor easily puts it ahead in terms of sex-appeal.

You'll stay at a sophisticated beachside retreat with a luxurious selection of suites with the option of a private pool and a range of exclusive benefits. Located in a secluded bay with direct access for yachts, ME Ibiza is the only modern luxury hotel in Ibiza to be a member of the Leading Hotels of the World. There will be daily pool parties, theme nights and a reception. There is a topless beach, clothing optional pools and the neighbouring Nikki Beach is a daytime beach club with the hottest live acts. And of course there is a playroom in addition to the jacuzzis and terraces.

A few places in the known universe offer such hedonistic pleasures as scantily-clad beach festivities followed by clothes-drenching (yet curiously appealing) foam parties as the world’s best DJs take center stage right in front of you. Its infamous reputation dates back to the 1960’s when Hippies made it their own Mecca of easy-living pleasures. It has now transformed into the world’s premier party venue.

Ibiza has a hedonistic heritage stretching back more than 30 years, It’s the undisputed dance Mecca of Europe. Today, Ibiza boasts some of the biggest and best nightclubs on the planet, including Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia, Space and El Paradis. Nowhere else on the planet comes close to matching Ibiza’s great variety of clubs. It attracts the highest amount of young people. The Ibiza Clubs are, of course, the prime attraction. Its just a pure party place.

Space, Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege, El Paradis and Eden are among the names of Ibiza’s clubbing scene. Top clubs with cosmopolitan mix of clubbers, the rich and famous, the young and trendy. Ibiza have also many parties and every party at Ibiza is always a good one!


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