Life's an Adventure Maria Island

Life's an Adventure Maria Island

A fantastic Walking and Camping Experience

Life's An Adventure specialises in outdoor activities that encourage everyone to get out there and make the most of life ... after all life should be an adventure! Whether you're a single, couple or group of friends, join us for a fun day out, exploring the best of the great outdoors.

Enjoy three days walking with your overnight bags carried for the entire journey leaving you free to soak up the spectacular scenery, admire the rich and abundant wildlife and take in the intriguing history.

Owner Mark Norek says "Maria Island holds a special place in my heart, I proposed to my wife Vicki on the top of the island's Bishop & Clerk summit. This island is pure heaven and has everything you would want in a walking holiday including spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and so much natural beauty, it's one of Tasmania's little gems that is unknown to many Australians. I'm very passionate about sharing the secret of this magical place with our guests". Our team is dedicated to providing our guests with an enriching experience and quality and interpretive tours.

Life's An Adventure's is the only company on Maria Island which will carry your overnight bag for the entire trip. Maria Island 3 day guided walks are for those looking for a walking and camping experience with the creature comforts!

Travelling with us, you can enjoy a walking holiday where all the organisation is taken care of for you, from carrying your overnight bags every day, to setting up camp and cooking of superb gourmet meals created by one of one of Tasmania's master chefs.

On night one you will step back in time and become a convict for the night. Our accommodation is at the convict Penitentiary built in the 1830's at the world heritage settlement of Darlington and refurbished with comfy beds and woodfire heaters.

Dine under the stars enjoying gourmet meals created by renowned Tasmanian chef and author Karen Goodwin-Roberts with a fun dress up night as a convict (costume supplied). Whilst on night two you will enjoy camping on the southern part of the island at Encampment Cove.

Enjoy camping in walk-in touring tents with off the ground beds, deluxe mattresses and hot showers.

During the day partake in guided hikes exploring Maria Island's hidden jewels including the ancient fossils at Fossils Cliff, the amazing Painted Cliffs sculpted by the sea and breathtaking views from Bishop & Clerk.

This will be an amazing walking holiday in Tasmania you will never forget.


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