• Schmick!!

    I have never joined one of these sites but was gladly suprised by the outcome!! I met a great guy from here call Schmickadicka, we hit it off as soon as we started chatten, then we actually met and i have to say that he is one of the nicest ppl i have met and Im just sorry things didnt turn out the way we both wanted them too.

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  • fine the one 4 me

    hey every one
    just to let u all know last month i meet this girl and found out she is my sole mate and the love of my life

    so to the ppl out there on this site who say its a waste of time i have one thing to say to u

    STOP looking and they will come to u


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  • Having a great time

    This site really works.

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  • Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

    I joined AMM in January 2004 and by February I had met the man of my dreams! We plan to get married soon.

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  • we are now always_kissing

    started a great friendship, and become lovers.

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  • Fire & Ice, Illusions & Spice

    Been registered here for a while, had experiences in combination of good and bad.

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  • Have meet the most intrigueing women possible

    Just divorced and winked this lady on a chance she might reply to me and in the last 2 months we have become internet lovers and we hope to take it to the next level even though we are 600ks apart we have nurthured a very loving relationship .

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  • food for fun

    Would love to share some pics about a great time i had with a 55yr old woman who loved food used in different ways, we met through AMM and spent 2 great yrs exploring each other.

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