A Weekend With AMM friends.

54, Female & 52, Male
They rang to let us know they had arrived at their hotel, -complete with spa and king sized bed. My man and I had been awaiting their call and were keen to met our new friends so we dressed and made our way there.
A fun couple whom we knew from the start we were going to have fun with and after some chit chat get to know you it wasn't long before the bubbles were in the spa and us girls were in there giggling and laughing. Kissing and fondling of breasts soon followed and pretty soon after that the four of us were in there enjoying oral with each others man. Sucking another mans cock in front of my husband was a little weird at first but the atmosphere was so relaxed and laid back that any reservations soon vanished. Next it was an all out assault on that bed with tits, bums, penis and pussy in all directions, anyway, you get the picture?.
We spent a few hours there that first night and early next morning it was all go as we made our way into the city by ferry and had a great pub lunch at The Rocks, over to Manly for an ice cream and then back home to motel. It was good to spend time with them in and out of bed and my man and I found this couple to be a lot like us.
Next, you guessed it, back in motel having a couple of beers and some finger food, -double entendre' there lol.
I myself did not climax that night but did have a lot of fun. My man had his first experience with double penetration that night, I tickled his balls while he cunt fucked our friend while her man rammed his cock in her arse. Couldn't help but watch :) My man did not cum with her and his climax came later when he screwed me and our male friend also climaxed with me, well, on me to be precise, all over my back. My experience with the woman was good, it had been a long time since I had been with another woman and had longed for the touch and feel of another.
We maintained contact with them after our naughty weekend and would gladly see them again, my hubby had a good time too and have told our friends we will come visit their town soon.
On the whole it was a positive experience, fun and nothing serious. Just how we like it.
submitted by dpLeolady

PS. We are currently looking for a couple to indulge and explore with