• Omg I love thick
    A True Story by Do.Pru

    I met this guy Brendanforfun from here here months ago. I still remember that first time like it was yesterday. Seeing his profile, chatting and getting to know one another I thought it best we meet in public first (I was new to this). I couldn’t help but notice the bulge and thought “omg did he turn

  • Myfuntime1962 Photo
    My Wife Transformed me into a woman. Part 4
    A True Story by Myfuntime1962

    The night was going well with the three of us drinking and laughing and having a good time. I could not believe I was talking girl things with these two wonderful woman. I had really started to enjoy being Tanya as it seemed to bring me closer to Tracy in many ways. The thought of being found out was

  • Donjuan87 Photo
    A Fantasy by Donjuan87

    When I lick and kiss your pussy, I am feeling like a king, And this kef is so exclusive, It is like the sweetest dream!.. And your pussy oozes nectar, Every drop I want to taste, Like an expert I would smack them And I hate to fuss and haste! With my tongue I drive you crazy And you whimper

  • Massage by Kain
    A Fantasy by Chez34

    I lay face down on the massage table and cover myself with a towel as it’s a little chilly in the room. The door opens and I can hear someone enter. “My name is Kain and I’ll be looking after you today” a deep male voice tells me. “Let me turn the heat up a bit and then we can get started”. The

  • being a cock lover
    A True Story by bibottomfun

    after master and Andrew had was there fun with me I arrived the next day following there instructions I was to arrive ass shaved balls shaved and wearing lacy panties I walked in Andrew was there I knelt down on the lambs wool rug they stood and I sucked one as I stroked the other then put both

  • My Swedish Lover
    A True Story by hotsunday1

    A hot summers day on a NSW nude beach, and nude we were. After setting up our wind shield in the hot sand we hopped in for a nice cool nude swim together in the clean crisp ocean. As midday was upon us, we decided "the bar was open", head back to our beach spot and proceeded to tuck into a bottle of

  • Donjuan87 Photo
    We started as a friends
    A Fantasy by Donjuan87

    We started out as a couple of friends, Who saw each other now and then, Two people hurt many times before, And afraid of getting hurt once more. Slowly we began to share long walks, And share our thoughts in quiet talks, And of each other we soon grew fond, Realizing we shared a special bond. Hearts

  • ultrasoundman1 Photo
    My first threesome
    A True Story by ultrasoundman1

    My first time – swinging It was 1990. I just finished my postgraduation and was working in the Guy’s hospital in London. I saw an ad on the notice board from an international organisation about a 2-year project based job. It was interesting, and the salary was quite good. I was to be in France and cover

  • ultrasoundman1 Photo
    You are my bitch now
    A Fantasy by ultrasoundman1

    You’re My Bitch Now Epi-curious (Australia) It had been awhile since I cut loose, spring was here, and I was tired of being cooped up in the house alone. I decided to have a get together and invite some friends from work over several weeks ago. Sabrina lived next door, her husband was gone a lot

  • Donjuan87 Photo
    The Months After
    A Fantasy by Donjuan87

    The Months After Amber didn't become a permanent part of our bedroom furniture but she stayed often enough to keep me busy, my wife happy. Amber finally relented and let Harrison seduce her then introduced him to Chloe and me. After several months it was apparent that Harrison was going to be a permanent

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    My wife transformed me into a woman. part 3
    A True Story by Myfuntime1962

    Lunch had finished and Tracy had gone up stairs to have a rest so I started doing some house work. It had not been done for a few days and nothing over the last day and a bit certainly. I had just put the vacuum away and was tidying up the last of the dishes when I heard a car pull up in the drive. Carefully

  • master instructs a bottom
    A True Story by bibottomfun

    master had been fucking me four times a week for a while now teaching me how to take cock in many different positions this one day he had been fucking me he commented on the way I had learnt well to take cock he was calling me a cock slut but as he had only fucked me no one else had I was not a true

  • Donjuan87 Photo
    A Fantasy by Donjuan87

    Part your legs I’m going down slow, Tonight you’ll be my little ho, I stick my tongue between your lips, As I hold you firm by the hips, On your back, feet in the air, My mouth is buried in your hair, I take my time as I lick your mound, My tongue going slowly up and down, I suck your button

  • I did anal with him on the first meet
    A True Story by NaughtyBBW2019

    I got pretty horny one day and posted an ad on another site that I was horny and looking for a meet. To accompany the ad I posted some nude shots of myself: cleavage, body shot, my open mouth and tongue which showed off my tongue piercing that I still had in at the time. It wasn’t long before

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    Give me a favor please!
    A Fantasy by Donjuan87

    After my wife died, I sank into a kind of funk. Some people would call it depression. Family and friends tried to help. They brought me meals and found activities to invite me to attend. The truth is I missed that close personal, comfortable, relationship that Mary and I had for almost 45 years. I especially

  • Threesome for me.
    A True Story by funtimesaaa1

    Dave and I arranged to meet a young guy (Ryan) at a coffee shop close to our hotel. His profile and pics had looked great but you never really know until you get to meet them in the flesh. He turned out to be a nice guy, and just as hot as his pics, so we invited him back to our room. After a brief

  • Hot City Break #3
    A Fantasy by sejuiceu2

    Fucking in the steamy bathroom was a fabulous launch to our Hot City Break but we needed to eat so had booked a table in the Hotel's Bistro. We preferred a more casual style of dining, less pretentious and after all, the food came from the same kitchen as the Hotel's A La Carte Menu. We sat by a

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    My wife transformed me into a woman part 2
    A True Story by Myfuntime1962

    It was later than usual when I woke up and Tracy was no where to be seen. So off to the shower and shave. Tracy told me last night I needed to keep my face closely shaved or else. After the shower I went to my draws for some jocks and shorts but in there place was lingerie, ladies panties and bras for

  • The question is finally answered
    A Fantasy by Jman79

    John was distracted as he changed out of his suit. It had been a couple of months since he and Sharon had their bathroom session, and passing her in the lobby this morning he thought that she looked as though she had a certain small, telling bump. They were both on their way to meetings and so he

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    My 1st Kiss with THE ONE !!
    A Fantasy by SeafordTrans76

    I can tell you from past lovers, that I have always enjoyed sex. What I could get that is. I seemed to have lovers that were quick on the draw and leave me hungry for more. But I was pleased in those relationships, because I was. It was simple. I served my lovers and they gave me what love they could