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    The Sister-In-Law part 2
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    Do you remember the The Sister-In_Law story? This happened about a year later. The mate I went to the mountains with last year, phones me up and asks if we can meet for a coffee. This is unusual for him as I either go around to their place for lunch (she’s a good cook) or we just talk on the phone.

  • Being a bottom 3
    A True Story by Biswallows

    After my first three some it was not long before i had others many with andy the second guy he even was seeing me alone ast his house as well as getting filled by master. Master said to me this night u are a slut arnt you here i am fucking u four times a week how much more do u want .more i said

  • Avon lady
    A True Story by Dadbody4u

    My partner of about 3 years had left me and I hadn't had sex for a couple of months. I had a rostered day off and was at home just cleaning up my unit, it wasn't big or impressive but it was mine. I heard a knock on the door and walked down the stairs to open it. She wasn't perfect and usually not

  • ebay massage table
    A True Story by Dadbody4u

    I had my grown up kids at my place and my neck was playing up. I had physio on it a few years ago but it was stiff and sore and I needed treatment. One of the kids offered a massage but I didn't have a massage table so I started looking on ebay. I found one within a few minutes and it was only a

  • Masquerade
    A Fantasy by MeetHarry

    Her mid morning walk to a favourite coffee shop had been a mix of enjoyment and tribulation. The beautiful Spring morning – a kaleidoscope of sunshine & crisp air with just a hint of jasmine set her mood to one of relaxed joy at being part of this wonderful world. Though her knee was playing up from

  • Being a bottom stage 2
    A True Story by Biswallows

    After a few months of learning how to be a good bottom . The guy pounding me asked if there was anything else i wanted to do i said another guy at same time he knew of a guy as he was giving me my daily dose he was telling me about him i said get him here i recived a extra hard pounding that afternoon.

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    Home for the weekend - oart 2
    A Fantasy by Serenity007

    We have all straightened ourselves up and I throw you my keys saying “you drive” I need to have a chat with Kevin in the back seat”, Kevin blush’s but you just smile knowingly ! you pat Kevin on the back as you pass him, “have fun mate and enjoy this”, we all get into the car and you start driving,

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    Cum now my fucking whore
    A Fantasy by MissVamp1982

    I'm on my knees, wireless vibe in my pussy, chest on the bed..... ass presented and waiting Spreader bar between knees.. You take my ass slowly at first.... building up pace, reaching around me to play with my clit..... You grab a handful of my hair with your other hand and pull me up to my

  • Being a bottom
    A True Story by Biswallows

    When i started i was in my thirtys I amswered a add in the local paper We chatted and he said u best get round here and have your first cock I was nervous as i knocked on his door and he opened it afternoon in there i entered his lounge porn was on tv couch and fur rug with pillow we sat

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    A True Story by Robbie0123

    Poems allow mockery of predictive text...thankfully! It's then possible to give the mind unique imagery, occasionally differing to different readers...only the true recipient can know the real imagining. So...try this, to she who will know... Stormy Tempestuous woman, wildness abound Your fire undiminished Savagery

  • Summer Days
    A Fantasy by Badcervantes

    It was a hot day, and you are sticky from perspiration as you slowly disrobe. Cool water flows from the shower head as you move underneath it. Cascading over your body, running through your hair, soothing your hot skin. You begin to rub soap over your body, your breasts, tummy. I quietly enter the shower,

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    Work Encounter
    A Fantasy by Wildewillsy76

    It was late for Deb to be heading home on this particular Friday. She’d had a busy day but written up some good business along the way so she was in good spirits. That feeling was helped along by the few drinks she’d shared with her workmates just before heading out. As she waited for the lift, Daniel,

  • The party
    A Fantasy by Badcervantes

    I see you from across the room. With a grin on your face you make a beeline straight for me, pushing past other partygoers. When you reach me you lean in close and whisper into my ear 'fuck me now'. I can feel myself already growing hard as you grab my hand and pull me down the hall and out the back

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    Home for the weekend
    A Fantasy by Serenity007

    Hi darling, Ive come come to take you and your friend back from work, for the weekend "Jump into the car boys, the car is nice and cool in this hot hot weather, We have quite a journey home !" You get in the front beside me and your friend gets into the back, i lean towards you and say arn't

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    The Diabolical Contraption pt 2
    A Fantasy by AnalSlaveSlut

    To pick up where I left off... Master has special guests to whom he has triumphantly presented his latest diabolically perverted contraption. As his favourite and hottest slut, he honours me by choosing me to give it a trial run at an orgy he is hosting. He has me tied up so I can't move and I'm

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    The Diabolical Contraption
    A Fantasy by AnalSlaveSlut

    I have a fantasy of being a kept slave of some English Lord who lives in an old brick manor house with ivy around the windows. I'm kept in luxury and must always be ready to be used by the Master or his mates whom he shares me with. Sometimes, he just wants me to suck his cock while he eats his dinner.

  • Being Looked at
    A True Story by BJMan69

    This time last year l decided to get another split system installed up stairs. Looked on Gumtree and there was a guy that sold and installed and good price. So booked him in to come on Saturday. He arrived very pleasant guy young and attractive didn't think much more than that. So took upstairs to the

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    Hotel Rendezvous
    A Fantasy by phenning22

    After a day of discreetly messaging and building the tension we agree to meet at the Sofitel after work, I leave a room key at the desk for you and you make your way up to the room to find me just pouring the first glass of champagne. Whilst I still have the bottle in one hand and the glasses in the

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    Railway Tracks
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    This story has its beginnings some time ago when I was still at school. I was younger we had sport on the second half of one day a week. I can’t remember the day for the life of me. This one day we had been playing soccer against another local high school. The game finished up and the supervising teachers

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    Always a lady
    A Fantasy by AnnDoll

    Starts with a sneaky kiss, that gets deep and passionate. The kind you feel in your toes and gives you butterflies The kind of kiss where someone else bites your lip and you're desperate for their mouth to be all over your body. He is nearby. Watching. Wanting. His eyes heavy with lust and desire. His