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    The blonde in the hotel in Cumbria
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    A few years ago my partner and I were visiting the UK. We had decided to rent a car and travel around at our own pace, touring from London down through Cornwall, up through Wales and Cumbria to Edinburgh. We were guided by the GPS most of the time and as GPSs sometimes do, it took us the direct path

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    Erotic Story
    A True Story by cpl50s

    Erotic Story We start by deciding what shape to shave. Having decided we get the clippers out. Usually, it is in the sharp of a heart as we love each other. Once we have the clippers it is wonderful, as the wife gets very wet and honey or is that honey spilling from the vulva…………. It is wonderful

  • Fact is Stranger than Fiction
    A True Story by DistractedDV8

    What an amazingly impromptu night we had last Friday. My other half and I had made arrangements to catch up with a couple we see occasionally for a drink then playtime. We got to the bar st the Grand Chancelor first and settled into the lounge with a drink. That familiar beep of a message on my phone

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    A Fantasy by man.incognito

    If I had you before me, I'd have you kneeling naked on the carpet. My instruction to you is that you do not, under any circumstances, touch my cock with your hands. Sounds easy, right? Try to resist as I rub evenly and firmly across your whole body, giving special attention to your buttocks, breasts

  • Please
    A Fantasy by DeamVoluptatem

    Her eyes widen as he leads her into a large bedroom.  There is an inviting king size bed against the far wall. The sheets look expensive; she imagines what they will feel like against her skin.  He grabs her hand and gently pulls her towards him, kissing her softly, probing her mouth with his tongue

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    Neighbourhood Watch Part 1
    A Fantasy by Kisseddownunder

    I may have posted this series before under a different profile - not 100% sure. It has three parts - the first part is mostly vanilla...with more kink following in parts 2 and 3. Part One It’s a hot day. The warm sun is caressing your body as you lie in your backyard wearing nothing but your

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    the day my sexdrive came back!!
    A True Story by JulzeAna

    after thirty yrs of being overly medicated (dad was a prominent gynaecologist, obstetrician and surgeon, mum was a nurse so the answer to any and all problems was always medical) i finally got jack of being chemically carstrated and for a brief time when i was 44( am now fifty) after what seemed centuries

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    Elevator Love
    A Fantasy by Kisseddownunder

    Okay - I've posted this story before, years ago under a different profile. But I thought I'd re-post again. I've written a lot of stories in the past (when I had a muse) so I may post a few more (or write some new ones). We will see. :) Elevator Love The elevator is stifling. And crowded. My

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    Random Motel Fuck Boy
    A True Story by FrumpyFatCow

    I received a random message from a guy who for some reason it tickled my fancy... i replied... He was coming into town and did i want to catch up. Fuck No... I'm not that one night stand random girl. Who did he think he was.. We got chatting, he made me laugh... and that changed everything... I was working

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    A massage with extras
    A True Story by luvchicks69

    I am a part time massage therapist. I provide a mobile service where I visit people in their hotels or homes. The massages were strictly professional remedial massages. I arrived at this inner city apartment where I was met by a lady at the door. She would have been in a late 40's. I setup my table

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    Railway Tracks – Part 2
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    Life proceeded for me and I landed a reasonably good job with prospects for the future on the other side of the city. I had moved out of the parent’s home to be closer to work and to reduce travelling time and also to meet others my age and to improve the possibility of rooting any females that wandered

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    Early Morning Taboo
    A Fantasy by man.incognito

    Her eyes strained to open as she was woken from her deep slumber by the faint touch of her lover's hand, brushing against her lower back. She smiled and murmured something unintelligible, pulling the quilt back over her shoulders, ready to snuggle and doze again, his hand still laying upon her. She

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    Cold Room Quickie
    A True Story by Wildewillsy76

    It all started when I was with one of my co-workers during our lunch time company walks. Helle was mid forties and a really hot MILF. During our walk Helle and I had got separated from the rest of the group and about half way through when Helle started talking about her husband preferring women with

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    Massage and goldenshower
    A Fantasy by Blinky69r

    Booked for a massage I arrive at your studio, knock on the door and wait. After a short period you open the door wearing a long flowing light summer dress which is fairly see through showing off your dark coloured lace bra and panties. You invite me in and close the door. We discuss what i am after

  • Blinky69r Photo
    A Fantasy by Blinky69r

    I'd have you bent over in front of my car with you hands tied to the bull bar. Tweaking your nipples with one hand and teasing you clit I'd build you close to cuming before stopping and letting you be to settle down... doing this 2 or 3 more times denying you orgasm before moving in behind you, Grabbing

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    Seduced by a massage
    A True Story by guynxtdoor10

    So as a 22yo sports loving straight guy at the time of this story, I loved a good massage. One night, as I was trawling the AMM sphere for some late night fun, I received a message from a fit, older asian guy. Naturally at first I disregarded it as I considered myself straight, but after a few back

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    My Aunt’s Friend Kath
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    When I was in my mid twenties I used to regularly visit my aging maiden aunt to have a cuppa and a talk. She lived by herself and although she had a few friends that used to call in on her, none of our greater family used to visit her. The exception was her brother (my uncle) who lived with his wife

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    Anal intermission
    A Fantasy by ronnieron

    I went to the movies with a friend and my new girlfriend. We kept kissing during the film and finally we had to go outside because it was disturbing people. I took her to the men's room and it was empty. We went in a stall and locked the door. I took charge and ripped off her clothes. Without foreplay

  • You Walk In The Door
    A Fantasy by Journeyofmine

    You walk in the door, looking tired. You allow me to take you by the hand and lead you into the bedroom. I turn and face you, my fingers slowly undoing your shirt buttons one by one. My lips follow my hands, kissing you until I reach your belt. I look at you, silently asking for your permission. You

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    Dear Sir - 2
    A True Story by Zamboon

    The taste of his cum was still in his mouth when he lifted her up and carried her to the bed where he placed her face down and began massaging her shoulders and back thighs and buttocks - she relished in the reward and the warmth - he kept going till she realised he was concentrating on her buttocks