• P is for Pegging, the ultimate way to get to his prostate (IT WON’T MAKE YOU GAY!)
    A True Story by SeriouslyBi

    I had to laugh when I saw this in the erotic alphabet, a blog post on this site. P is exactly how I discovered I was Bisexual and didn't know it. One of my previous stories speaks to how I discovered I was Bisexual and that it all started from a place where I was once considered homophobic. A

  • In Bloom - Chapter 3
    A Fantasy by jimmyjonnyblu

    Lucy Vale woke to her alarm clock. She rolled over onto her back and groaned. Her head felt like an elephant marching band had torn through during the night, and her mouth tasted like an ashtray. She rolled back onto her side and forced an eye open. 8:30am. Time to get up. Maybe she shouldn’t have accepted

  • Travas54 Photo
    A Fantasy by Travas54

    It's funny when you live in an apartment building in Melbourne you began to see the same people at different points in their life. There are the early morning commuters who are driven in their careers, racing to the gym to start their days. There are the partiers who usually enter and exit the building

  • Ms.Flirt Photo
    Taken at the bar
    A Fantasy by Ms.Flirt

    The pub was crowded, the music was pumping and the lines at the bar were 4 deep. It was noisy with a live band performing in the corner, people were dancing and there was a great vibe in the air. I was feeling fantastic and having a great time with my girlfriends. We'd been to dinner and were now sitting

    A Fantasy by oilmaster

    Massage part 2 It had been four weeks since their first massage session and they were all looking forward to another one. They had kept in touch by Email in the meantime and their Emails had been a turn on for them all. Kenny had been planning with Ivan what they would do to his lovely wife to

  • New year coulpe
    A True Story by Wannaplay2195

    We was head to Queenland for new year holiday so we decided we look for some drity fun to bring in New Year . We been chat to coulpe on gold coast for a week or two We talk about meeting up for a drink . So we line it to meet the couple on Friday. Friday night came around . We in room have few

  • Ms.Flirt Photo
    Bottoms Up
    A True Story by Ms.Flirt

    I couldn't sleep that night, I was very restless with a lot on my mind and I woke up very early. While I was still all warm and sleepy I remember running my hands over my full, heavy breasts and feeling my nipples harden and tingle. As I lazily let my hand wander lower and lower I was surprised to feel

  • Ms.Flirt Photo
    DTF - Part 3 (Your panties were white!)
    A True Story by Ms.Flirt

    Part 3 of 3. He'd asked about condoms on the phone. I laughed and told him not to worry, I had my own. 'I'm a modern woman'! I assured him. He reached over and grabbed one, ripping open the foil packet and easing it down over the swollen tip of his cock. I was so ready for him. As soon as his cock

  • Ms.Flirt Photo
    DTF - Part 2 (Not here to fuck spiders)
    A True Story by Ms.Flirt

    Part 2 of a 3 part story. I teasingly traced my tongue lower and lower, towards his puckered arse and waited for any tell-tale signs of encouragement or discomfort. When he arched his back, widened his legs and placed his feet on my shoulders I knew he was perfectly content with what I was doing.

  • Ms.Flirt Photo
    DTF - Part 1
    A True Story by Ms.Flirt

    He answered the door with just a pair of shorts on. 'Mhm, yes please' I thought to myself as a followed him into the house. He was even cuter in person than his photo and I felt my heart start to race in anticipation. We sat on the sofa, making a little bit of small talk, but his mouth was just mesmerising

  • Stefanhungry Photo
    Cum Queen
    A True Story by Stefanhungry

    The “cum queen” is a rather fat, yet extremely beautiful woman who advertises herself as a lover of semen. Photos of her large breasts, shaved open cunt covered in cum or dribbling out of it, cum on her face, licking it off a cock or drinking from a glass, adorn her profile on the adult dating site that

  • fnqcairns Photo
    End of the Tale
    A True Story by fnqcairns

    This is story of a moment in time that changed my life and I will carry the pain of losing this woman for as long as I breathe. If you are looking for happy endings, I can assure you will not find that here. You will hear of beauty and love that was built upon deceit and so it is hardly surprising that

  • Serenity007 Photo
    Suprise part 1
    A Fantasy by Serenity007

    I have arrived at Daves apartment in the city which has a wonderful view off the balcony, we have had a few very sexy fuck dates, he is a great guy as well as an awesome lover, he really knows his way around a woman's body and knows all the right buttons to push on mine to take me to the edge and make

  • BoyNextDoor19 Photo
    My Milf fantasy Pt.1
    A True Story by BoyNextDoor19

    a blonde haired, tall, busty woman about 45 (milf style) started talking to me and she put her hands on my thigh and flirted very obviously with me and gave me her number and told me to keep in touch... and as we just chatted about life and just small talk she was video calling me with her naked in the

  • Brunnication Photo
    The Barista
    A True Story by Brunnication

    As a man, I have often fantasised about chance encounters, the type where eyes lock in instant desire and both parties act. This modern age of consent, and understandable equality, has benefited the flirtatious somewhat. We now know, if ever we were confused, that an affirmative action is required

  • Motel Woman
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    My partner and I were touring around the south west corner of Western Australia a couple of years ago. We had booked into a motel for a few days in a small tourist town and after a long day’s driving and sightseeing and I wanted to put my feet up and relax. I found reception, parked the car and we went

  • Young Woman In My Unit Block – part 2
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    Life, as sometimes happens, was a little dull for me. Being retired is good in as much that you don’t have to get up ridiculously early to get to work, and I do have my occasional journeys to the shopping mall to covertly ogle the tits and arses in their tight clothing but other than that, it is, well,

    A Fantasy by oilmaster

    MASSAGE Kenny was retired and married but there was little joy in his life. His wife, who he dearly loved, was an invalid and was confined to her bed. His social life was almost non existent and he spent almost his whole time looking after her. One evening, just out of boredom and for the first

  • smilingfaces Photo
    Sit back and enjoy Part Two
    A True Story by smilingfaces

    I text her Sunday afternoon , saying I was having the next day, Monday off and I would be at most of the day. She text back, kids were going to and hubby was going to work, she had to go out shopping that she had bought a new one piece swimmer and she didn't try it on in store, when she put it on at

  • smilingfaces Photo
    Sit back and enjoy Part One
    A True Story by smilingfaces

    I first saw her at a party she hosted, friends of friends, so no real connection, I did not know her or her family, she looked really good, being host I think she went all out, she was 5'5 5'6 very curvy , she wore a dress, a summer one, in at the waist buttons on the front, long to nearly her ankles