• MerryGoRound11 Photo
    Observing her arse...
    A Fantasy by MerryGoRound11

    I cant help not look at it as she walks around the office. It is beautifully shaped and a fine extension of her torso & hips. My penis hardens slightly as the sensation that starts via my eyes reaches my crotch. I want to be able to get down on my knees and starting at her feet work my way up her

  • BlueDaisyChain Photo
    A True Story by BlueDaisyChain

    The night's clear, stars spray across the sky like diamonds.. No moon to be seen ... A cool breeze brushes his face as he walks up the stairs ... The house is in darkness, he hesitates, then knocks lightly ... A moment later, I open the door .. He stands there, hands in his coat pockets, looking a

  • fnqcairns Photo
    Under a Gumtree
    A True Story by fnqcairns

    We found a quiet spot under a tree on a deserted riverbank. She undresses comfortably in front of me and I remove my shoes and shirt. She lies down naked beside me and presses her body towards me and I kiss her. ‘Roll over’ she demands and I look at her with disapproval for she is my submissive and she

  • The Cum Crazy Lady
    A True Story by Geeky2480

    Brisbane was a great place to find stunning women, I would often use the site to find someone to share a good time with. I came across a single mother in Ipswich, who was stunning, she had mousy brown hair, legs that just kept going, small petite body, and a wicked personality. After the first

  • Saw My Office lady At a Swingers Club
    A True Story by adrenalinrush68

    About a year go I hired an attractive office lady, who was short but very well packed with nice big breasts, over the last year as the weather gets warmer, her tops have been a little more open revealing these massive titts, she is a nice lady who tends to lean forward when were at the counter to not

  • jackstbernard Photo
    part 2
    A Fantasy by jackstbernard

    We enter the room and I lay her on the bed. Soft light from a bedside adds to the surreal romantic feel but there is more to come. There is a glow of arousal in her cheeks and she raises her skirt and slides a hand into her panties. I kneel at the edge of the bed and watch, catching her smile as she

  • fnqcairns Photo
    Down By the River
    A True Story by fnqcairns

    It was a shady spot under trees hidden by brush and close to the water. We lie naked in this peaceful and beautiful place knowing people are walking by unawares to our presence. We chat and laugh whilst we slowly explore each other’s skin. I love her touch and I love how she easily runs her fingers

  • AmReady2Try Photo
    Come, Sit Here!
    A Fantasy by AmReady2Try

    I am sitting on a chair naked and I call for you to come into the room. You enter still clothed, I beckon you over and have you stand in front of me. I tell you to undress, slowly and one item at a time until you are naked. You do so, put your clothes in a neat pile and then stand in front of me

  • Indian Chic In The Mountains
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    I don’t know what the rest of you people are like but if someone checks out my profile on AMM I return the favour and have a look at theirs. You never know, there might be some nice tits to perve at. For that reason (me looking at tits) my policy is to ignore the profiles that don’t have any photos and/or

  • The beginning of a 3some friendship
    A True Story by Williamstown41

    Married, but your husband was wanting you to indulge your fantasies of another man. We had been talking on AMM for a while and you decided you wanted to meet me. I walk up and knock on your door. I am wearing some nice jeans and a plain t-shirt. You open the door and invite me in. My heart is pounding

  • BiMelbGuy2 Photo
    Another Massage Experience
    A True Story by BiMelbGuy2

    He answered the door rather quickly as though he was watching me walk up. He was a mature man, probably sixty years of age. He was wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of jogging pants. He was almost bald, except for some salt and pepper hair on the sides and back of his head. He appeared to be a man who

  • fnqcairns Photo
    Pushing the limits
    A Fantasy by fnqcairns

    I rode my Triumph to the beach café escaping my wife and all that has become mundane to me. The freedom of riding is only a prequel of an escape that very few will ever experience. Today she is late and texts me so. It just increases my anticipation of our intimacy to come and I relax catching up on

  • Canyouplay Photo
    My first time
    A True Story by Canyouplay

    I went over to my boyfriends house. As soon as we saw each other we were kissing and pulling at each other’s clothes.... we were really horny.... he was rubbing his hand under my shirt, searching for my nipple... he pulled out my tit from my bra and licked my nipple, looking up at me and down again,

  • fnqcairns Photo
    Escape From Marriage and the Closed Minded
    A True Story by fnqcairns

    We met as always at a quiet bar. It was a perfect moment as we sat and chatted about the other things in our lives. But all the while as we chatted we would stop in a comfortable silence knowing we were both thinking of being alone and sharing something beyond the imagination of most people that were

  • Strawberry
    A Fantasy by Chris18474

    I hear my Bell. I go to my door and open it. It’s my 40 year old neighbor. She steps into my apartment without saying anything. She opens her short black dress and Is now naked Infront of me. Her hands are now moving towards my rock hard 17cm dick. She pulls down my pants and says I need some special

  • Misskittypaws78 Photo
    Mr suit
    A True Story by Misskittypaws78

    So been chatting to Mr Suit from another site for a few weeks been clicking quite well online... Decided to meet in real life to see if his cheeky naughty side came through in real flesh and not just online and did it ever he surely never disapointed me once. Ive had guys say they can cum number

  • Naked House cleaner
    A Fantasy by jamesvacume

    Hi iam james. Iam a house cleaner. If you after some sex and house to be clean call me. But I need something to say. Once we agreed to proceed send me a text. Message says: Hi Iam ........ i need my house to be clean. What is your hourly charges. Need urgency I will reply My charges are $1/ hour.

  • Zamboon Photo
    A True Story by Zamboon

    In the gloom she was sitting on the towel that she had wet , her skirt pulled roughly up around her hips, 3 guys had fingered her , she came twice while they sucked her nipples strongly once she yelped when the guy bit her and he whispered in her ear that was payback for pushing your butt plug back in

  • Misskittypaws78 Photo
    Master's lil slut final
    A Fantasy by Misskittypaws78

    As i lay there from cumming my body was shaking and quivering, it was like my body went into shock from the orgasm. My master brought his fingers to my mouth "now clean them" i opened my mouth as he slid them in i could taste my sweat cum and it tasted amazing. My master grabed the ball gag from the

  • Misskittypaws78 Photo
    Master's lil slut pt 2
    A Fantasy by Misskittypaws78

    As i laid there trying to be silent, all these thoughts of what he would do to me for moaning and disobeying him. I could hear him moving around the bed my body was waiting in antisipation of what was about to happen. My nipples were numb from the clamps and i knew once removed was going to be intense.