• Submissive or Slave...
    A True Story by *Gaia*

    My submissiveness wants me to have this world of immense beauty. She wants me to be appreciated as a creature of high sensuality whilst kneeling seeming humble. My submissiveness is proud- she knows she is working hard to please and to look good. She realises that her esteem only rises when she

  • This is what you do to me...
    A True Story by *Gaia*

    I have just masturbated magnificently. It was glorious, and I can still feel the light nerve twitches of my vagina and the heavy throbs of my clitoris and womb. I have just spoken to you, and this is what you do to me. Chicane’s Saltwater was playing in my mind as I got up and went and lay on

  • Horny Anal Slut Part 10
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    ane changed from a grinding movement to a bouncing motion as her body began to move up and down. I stiffened my tongue as much as possible and started to actually penetrate her, slipping inside her tight confines and tasting the sweetness of the lubricant deep inside her. I was no longer licking Jane.

  • Horny anal slut PART 9
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    With that, Jane shuffled her body backwards, coming to rest with her ass about six inches from my face. By this time my cock was hard again, but I think she was enjoying teasing me enough to let the game continue. In fact, I knew I was in for more of a show when she grabbed the bottle of lubricant

  • Horny anal slut PART 8
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    “Oh fuck baby!" I groaned, pushing my dick into the back of her throat. “I can't wait to stick this thing up your ass!" My dirty words must have turned Jane on even more, as she began bobbing her head up and down, her lips still tightly wrapped round my shaft. Reaching down with one hand, I stroked

  • silverlining04 Photo
    Tie me up, take advantage
    A Fantasy by silverlining04

    It was a hot summer afternoon. I was tied up. My eyes were covered with a silky sash, wrists cuffed to the bed-head and my legs loosely tied to the base. A pillow was placed under my lower back to raise my hips. Slowly, he licked my nipples, moving down to my cunt, running his tongue along my lips,

  • silverlining04 Photo
    What if someone were watching?
    A Fantasy by silverlining04

    Lying naked in the sun always makes me horny. There’s something about the warmth of the sun on my body that arouses me. It usually starts out innocently – I would put on my bikini and take a towel out to my backyard and lie down to read a book. It’s not long before I take off my bikini top, because

  • Horny anal slut PART 7
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    complied, sliding my finger in up to the knuckle in her accepting pussy as I nibbled away on her clit by pressing it between my lips. She continued to writhe in pleasure until I finally pulled my face away. “Get on your hands and knees," I suggested, prompting Jane to roll over. She followed my order,

  • A night to remember part 2
    A True Story by korg11

    We started to kiss each other all over, i gently nibbled and sucked on her nipples then her neck while running my fingers through her hair, stopping to give her a head massage at the same time, her hands were working her magic as she stroked my hard cock, i could feel her wet pussy grinding against my

  • Prisonner Jane
    A Fantasy by fuck00

    Jane was cooking dinner alone again on a Friday night . Seems that since she and Chad had broken up she spent all her time alone cooking for one. Suddenly the power went out. “Damn” she mutters out loud this was unfortunately a regular thing as her apartment was in and old building and the owner wasn't

  • You phoned me today…
    A Fantasy by *Gaia*

    You phoned me today… I was to prepare myself for you, and to be ready for you to collect me at 7.30pm- no later. All day I have been re-thinking your words. Where shall we be going? What should I wear? What are we going to do? I try to think of all the situations that could happen, but all I

  • Fact and Fantasy, can you tell which is which?
    A True Story by JackandSelina

    The story below is an account of a recent play session written by the Birthday girl that I know very very well, please understand all activities and pleasures are consentual....the majority is an actual account however there are a few bonus elements of fantasy...can you tell what is fact and what is

  • Bikies Slut
    A Fantasy by fuck00

    This is a fantasy story that one of our members would like to try. Bikies Slut Well I thought of dressing you in only your underwear and dropping you off late at night in a rough part of town, leaving you without money to make it home by yourself, perhaps even drive you 100 km’s from home. And have

  • Horny Anal Slut PART 6
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    She quickly pressed her lips into mine once again, letting out a horny moan into my mouth as her pelvis pressed hard into my body. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close before rolling over, flipping Jane onto her back and coming to rest on top of her, her legs still wrapped tightly around

  • Horny anal slut PART 5
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    “I've never had a guy fuck me in the ass. Let's put it that way." I was a little confused as I pondered Jane's response. “Sooo....." I began, before she cut me off. “Yes." she stated. “That's right. That vibrator you saw earlier? Let's just say, I've made extensive use out of it!" My mouth dropped

  • A Night to remember
    A True Story by korg11

    I finally meet someone who was sexy, funny, intelligent and a bit naughty, although not in an obvious way. We could talk about anything including our desires and things that we may want to experience, We talked about one day maybe having a 3some but we wer'nt sure how to go about it, how do you ask

  • Horny anal slut PART 4
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    Jane smirked and laid back, resting on her elbows. </DIV>“So you think I'm a good girl huh?" “Well I did until I saw that vibrator." “So what do you think about me now?" “I think you're a good girl with a vibrator." There was then a pause as we both considered what to say. Jane finally broke

  • my first gay sex
    A True Story by juicydick

    this one day my friend and i were over at my gfs house nd his gf was there 2 and we were all gettin drunk i was drinking vodka and my friend alex was 2 after about 3 hours we were all wasted and my girlfriend and alexs girlfriend was like we wanna see u guyz give head 2 each other and we were all pretty

  • wendywanda - Emails to an AMM member
    A True Story by sexywendy

    Hi, I am wendywanda Well I finally did it ! I had my first threesome on Saturday with a couple (Sean and Julie) that I met here on amm. I had absolutely the best time ever. We met for drinks and lunch at the Hope Island tavern, which was very nice. I was surprised at how nice Sean and Julie

  • Horny anal slut PART 3
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    As she left, I sat down at her desk and began to search her computer for information as she had suggested. However, I noticed a folder on her computer desktop titled “My Movies“ and couldn't resist taking a peek. I double clicked and a window popped up showing a large number of icons, although they