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    By the pool
    A True Story by acouple2please
    Paul was pretty new to the idea of me wanting a 3sum. Sure he knew I was bi but I don’t think he knew exactly how much I loved the touch of a girl and tasting her sweet wet pussy juices. We moved towns and as luck would have it we moved next door to 6 Uni girls. I would be forever out in the pool
  • Fantasy night
    A Fantasy by CumWithMoi
    For J... We arrange to meet for dinner. We sit at the table in a busy restaurant and start chatting away. The waitress takes our orders and we continue chatting. I feel your foot bump into my leg. It then slowly starts to rub up and down my leg. You stop talking and look at me to gauge my reaction.
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    Women's Prison Farm - Three
    A Fantasy by Smokocaster
    3 – a whipping in the field – a night with the Top Dog Brenda soon found herself working in the hot dusty fields, bringing in the latest potato crop. The prisoners were roused at dawn, given breakfast in the trucks on the way to the fields where they worked until near dusk. They had a short break
  • newswingingcouple Photo
    Country Pub - Part 1
    A Fantasy by newswingingcouple
    This started so innocently. Peter, a friend of mine, was telling me about a woman he met in a pub and that within half an hour was fucking her out in the carpark. I told him how much his story turned me on and we started chatting about how to set it up so I could have a similar experience. He reckoned
  • Hotel Happenings
    A True Story by tony
    When M and his wife G arrived at the hotel bar I was surprised at how attractive she was compared to her AMM profile. A tight black skirt and a satin buttoned blouse were reserved but sexy at the same time. We chatted a while, getting to know each other. It was a little strange given we all knew we
  • Novice
    A True Story by ianstown
    I rang him and we corresponded, was asked if we could meet, I said yes. It was early saturday morning, I approached the house, very nervous as I haven't done this very much. I parked the car and seen him through the fence, he was wearing a towel, we greeted and went up to the house, once through the
  • foxy_geeb Photo
    My first group sex.... this really happened....
    A Fantasy by foxy_geeb
    I've always been a very sexual kinda girl.... but never been very experimental.... one night my room mate and i invited some mates over to watch the game (aus/nz test) and after the game some one had the bright idea to play strip poker.... well with every loss there was a shot and soon enough we were
  • Day at the beach
    A True Story by jizmjim
    One warm sunny morning I decide to take a day off work and go to the beach. So I rolled up a towel, some sun screen and my sun glasses and hat. I put them into a bag, got into the car and headed to the beach. Upon my arrival to my favorite beach the car park was full. I thought to myself what am I going
  • My best friend
    A True Story by vicguy1999
    My best friend and i both discovered (with the help of alcohol) that we liked to have sex with guys. We are both straight acting guys but like to have fun with men. Once we were in a sauna in prahran and we were 69'ing each other in one of the private rooms with the door open, we were both pretty
  • Travelling Couple
    A True Story by Dan Gray
    On a Friday night recently I was driving back from Perth to Kalgoorlie after a week of meetings in the city. About 100km from home I came across a couple whose car had broken down on the side of the road. It was pretty late at night – we couldn’t fix the problem there and there was little chance of them
  • introduction to swinging continued
    A True Story by leonayfriend
    Ann has turned into a real nympho now she wants to meet every week for a MFM with Brian for regular MFM 3sumsand meets me at the door without her pants on saying 'come on lets get started look I am wet waiting come on Ray,Miss Kitty is hungry'and bends over for me to enter her doggie style and when
  • Who is this Mystery Girl?
    A True Story by OneforFunToo69
    Mystery Woman I’ve been invited to a function/party/product launch. i walk into the room and suddenly feel the energy abounding. There must be 50-60 people there, all dressed up, looking cute and fancy free, men in suits, or casual attire, women in after 5 gear. Their ages are mixed, there’s some
  • theboss44 Photo
    A Fantasy by theboss44
    WHEN OPPORTUNITY CAME KNOCKING, HE WAS WAITING AT HIS WIFE'S BACKDOOR Sexy asses have always been a thing of mine, but my wife, Stacy, had been a little hesitant about anal sex when I first brought it up. Even still, something about it really appealed to her, so she told me she'd give it a try. Even
  • Smokocaster Photo
    Women's Prison Farm - Two
    A Fantasy by Smokocaster
    2 – the compound – the top dog The prison farm uniform was a coarse blue short-sleeved smock. The three new prisoners were each given one and then marched, still naked and handcuffed, carrying their smocks, from the administration building over to the compound. There were five wooden buildings,
  • introduction to swinging
    A True Story by leonayfriend
    My friends Brian and Ann both in their late 60'sare recently retired and decided that they wanted to experience other people sexually so they asked me to join them one night last week we met at my place and Brian said "well lets get on with it if we are going to fuck" Ann got on her hands and knees
  • If only I had of known
    A True Story by hysteria1987
    On a recent interstate trip for work I had arranged to meet up for dinner with a former colleague. We had always been friends but deep down I had secret feelings for her however decided to keep them to myself in fear of complicating our friendship. Anyway we met for dinner this night at a nice restaurant
  • Caming Trip
    A Fantasy by whitecloud1962
    CAMPING TRIP Some time ago we went camping with some friend's of my husband's, the place we went to was a nudist beach. There where six of us at the camp site & we all got on just fine, one night after we had tea we all decided to go for a walk along the beach, we took our towel's so we could go for
  • After the night is over
    A True Story by hotanddesperate
    It started off as a normal night out with the girls until we got to the local club. There we ran into a friend of mine Rob and his friend Matt. The rest of the night was spent with Rob attempting to set Matt up with any of the three of us, there was lots of drinking and by the end of the night it seemed
  • Smokocaster Photo
    Women's Prison Farm - One
    A Fantasy by Smokocaster
    1 – Arrival – the warden The back of the truck opened up and a guard called out to Brenda and the other two prisoners to hurry up and get out. The prison farm was a hot, dry place and Brenda noticed that the guards, all women and mostly tall and solidly built, all wore truncheons and whips on their
  • Slut wife pays the repo man...
    A Fantasy by pnj1209
    I'd been at work all day and when I got home my wife Ellen greeted me with another one of those "I've been naughty" smiles I know and love. I was hard in an instant, but knew I'd have to wait till later that night when we were in bed before I found out the details... She told me that about an hour