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    First date.... action !
    A True Story by PeterandPaula
    Peter & Paula met M & F ( male & female !) at the AMM website. The following is a “review” M wrote of our experience … “…….[After a couple of conversations with Peter & Paula on the telephone]…. M & F spent the afternoon preparing for an evening of erotic and sensual pleasure in their home. They had
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    The Open Room
    A True Story by PeterandPaula
    The Open Room …. There was a Open Room at the …..venue. There was a lounge facing onto a set of mattresses on the floor. When Peter and Paula walked in, there were some people on the floor and some more on the lounge. People were fondling each other, chatting, looking at the others doing the same
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    Long Black Hair
    A True Story by PeterandPaula
    One night Peter and Paula were at the ….. venue. The Open Room there had a large mattress in the centre of the floor, with lounges around three sides for Spectators, and pleasantly subdued lighting. When Peter and Paula entered, after the spa, there were a few people sitting in the lounges talking quietly.
  • Unfaithful
    A True Story by sexgodess21
    Smiling hand in hand, kissing each other with tender lips, caressing each other while in each others arms. This is how it is with me and my love...Excitement in waiting for the day to end just so I can see my love, Taking a hot shower or bath together washing each others bodies in complete bliss, then
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    Womens Prison Farm - Five
    A Fantasy by Smokocaster
    5 – a night with the guards In the messhall, just a few nights later, a guard ordered Brenda to stand up. Her hands were cuffed behind her back, a leather collar buckled snugly around her neck and a chain attached to her nipple rings. The guard grabbed the chain and walked off, dragging Brenda behind
    A Fantasy by justcurious06
    HOW I IMAGINE IT! Having you lift me up ...and placing me deliberately onto your penis for first time .thrusting it into my pussy....feeling your rhythm...moving with your body together, sweating, sighing......my juices slippery and wet all over you, our hips grinding, looking into your eyes...knowing
  • A special delivery
    A True Story by sexgodess21
    Only been on this match maker thing 4 a little bit just to c wat its all about and so far its been pretty good getting people to the the extent of cumming all over their laptops making the hard drive, guys shooting their screens with cum and even the straightest chicks stick their tongues on the screen
  • Crowd pleaser
    A True Story by sexgodess21
    What a great happy news years it was coming back home to Wellington NZ from my other hometown Sydney was absoloute heaven to me, just the feeling of jumping in my own bed again was exciting, being back in my apartment all to myself was fantastic! I got a txt from a friend Brenda who had asked me if
  • Threesome Fantasy
    A Fantasy by CumWithMoi
    We’ve talked about a MFF threesome as one of our fantasies. J comes over and I let her in. J has a young woman with her, who she introduces as a friend. I’ll call her A. “Can I have a private word with you?” I ask J. We go into the bedroom and I close the door. “Who is this girl?” I ask trying to keep
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    The Sailors Rug
    A Fantasy by BrisHunk
    She walked along the dimly lit path, doing her best to remain inconspicuous as she listened for sounds that might alert her of any lurking danger. It was a park she was familiar with during daylight hours, but at night it was a different place, it was large and ominous, the slides and swings lay still
  • Sex in the workplace
    A True Story by Mailbox46
    Just writing to tell you about a little fun I’ve been having at work. I’m a receptionist at a gym by the way. As I love meeting people and chatting its my ideal position with the added bonus being that I have half a dozen toned muscular instructors as workmates so I get a good perve as well. The fun
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    Women's Prison Farm - Four
    A Fantasy by Smokocaster
    4 – another whipping Brenda took her chance within a few days, to be caught in the fields and stripped naked under the sun and punished in front of the prisoners and guards. She let a guard see her clumsily trying to slip potatoes down the front of her smock and was instantly hauled up and out of
  • pleasure picnic
    A Fantasy by PatPlays69
    We take a picnic on horseback up into the country and find a secluded spot on a hilltop underneath a tree. As I help you down from your horse your long skirt rides up above your long riding boots. As I grasp you around your waist I feel the fullness of your soft breasts under your blouse. My face is
  • Facepainting
    A Fantasy by justcurious06
    I pushed her roughly down onto the bed, we were both naked, and I could smell her musky scent and wanted to take her immediately. I grabbed the scarves and lifted her arms up over her head, clasping both of her wrists together, and wound them tightly together. I was straddled over her hips, my penis
  • What makes my adreneline rush to come alive again
    A Fantasy by InsatiableNat
    Whatwas my fascination staring at his neck peeking out from his helmet as we were speeding along onthe highway on his motorbike. I also like studying the backs of ears. I hadn't been on the back of a powerful or any motorbike for maybe 10 years. My visual treat is a Harley Davidson but hey i;m not
  • The hookup
    A Fantasy by curiozity4fun
    .....we meet after exchanging a few details on AMM and sit opposite over a cup of coffee at a local cafe. Both are apprehensive, excited yet wary and looking for that sign of compatibility. After a while, the conversation flows more freely and it seems we enjoy each others company which ultimately
  • Strangers in the Night
    A Fantasy by justcurious06
    As his car pulled to the side of the deserted road, I felt my heart beat faster and my pussy start tingling. We had never met, but we had spoken on AMM many times, he was a stranger neither of us had seen each other faces only our bodies, we both wanted it that way to heighten the experience. I sent
  • Toy Fantasy
    A Fantasy by CumWithMoi
    We are lying in bed together when she turns to me and asks “Do you have any fantasies”? “Yes, a few actually. One involves you, me and a vibrator”. She seems very interested. “And what happens in these fantasies?” she asks. I tell her. The following night one thing leads to another and we end up in
  • Stress relief
    A Fantasy by CumWithMoi
    I’m at home after working all day. The phone rings, she wants to come over. “Sure what time would you like to come over”? “I’ll be there in 15 minutes” comes the reply. She sounds tense. I hang up the phone. I tidy things up. Soon the intercom buzzer goes. It’s her. I press the button to let her in.
  • curious pool side
    A True Story by nervus1
    being alone one day with to much free time i took my self shopping .with out realising my inner thoughts took control as i found my self looking through a collection of swimsuits thinking which one would look good on . i found a blue 1 peice gstring that i had to have ,after the purchase i rushed home