• Spin The Bottle Part 3
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    ''They don’t all look alike.” Janet cracked seeing a bigger shaft than both Brad’s and her boyfriend’s. Heather smiled at him proud that he had no problem stripping naked. Her heart pounded as he spun the bottle. It stopped on Jane. Jane gasped when she saw the bottle pointing at her. She smiled

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    Passion and pleasure
    A Fantasy by crystalwitch

    She stood in the doorway to his bedroom and gave him a look that she hoped would say 'I'm horny, so fuck me.' But he just looked back at her with his chestnut brown eye's, that showed just a hint of confusion. She slowly walked towards the bed and gently slipped onto it. As she did so she glanced

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    A Sensible Packer (part 3) - A collaborative effort. Love it Damian
    A Fantasy by happy2wait

    HOW GOOD IS THIS FELLA! This a contro from nostrings007-he's mine now but I'll probably have to share him --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After he cum he pulled out his cock, cum still dripping off the end of his red rosy nob. He asked me to

  • Gangbang girls who want us to fly them to Cairns
    A True Story by CairnsGroupFun

    Just talking to a girl & came up with the idea, if there are any girls interested let me know, here goes.... She wants to be fucked by 3 or 4 guys. How many do I have? I tell her at least 50 to choose from. This is where the fun starts. I let her pic a heap of guys from my pics, we send them to

  • Spin the bottle part 2
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    “Two minutes to go.” Tara yelled. Wayne toyed with her hard nips. “What else?” She asked with her eyes still closed. They both knew where his hands would go next. “You sure?” He whispered. She shook her head yes. It was a moment she had dreamed about for a long time. Jane sucked in her stomach

  • The First Time
    A True Story by iceman103

    It all started one night when I was on AMM and came across a profile of this lady who wanted someone to “give me my first oral climax”. Intrigued I read her profile and discovered that she was a lady in her late thirties, had been married for a long time and had never had oral sex in her life. We

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    A Sensible Packer (part 2)
    A Fantasy by happy2wait

    Onkaparinga is a word. And also a river in SA, apparently. Damian’s mouth spoke that word as we headed somewhere and I had remembered that word from years before. I didn’t know much other than it was firstly, a name on the label of my blanket when I was young. Florid writing on a tatty blanket

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    A Sensible Packer (part 1)
    A Fantasy by happy2wait

    Plane flights always bring about a level of anticipation. Some more so than others. A trip with the kids or the girls always involves lots of arranging, co-ordination and an understanding that one must be a “sensible packer” A top that could be worn with a variety of bottoms and cater for cool and

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    The Shower
    A True Story by crystalwitch

    I slip out of my robe and silently step into the shower behind him. Startled he turn's to face me. I raise myself up onto the tips of my toes and kiss him lightly, seductively. He embraces me with his strong arms, pressing my large breasts against his chest, as he forces his tongue into my mouth. I

  • Two sisters
    A True Story by leonayfriend

    My ex wife Gail phoned me one day and said her sister Sandra needs a favour we arnt married any more and she is missing her sex would you ring her and say you have been speaking to me. so I rang her and she was very enthusiastic and it has resulted in Sandra coming to Sydney every 6 weeks for me to

  • The first time
    A True Story by SpanishDancer

    The first time We chat … we met on some crazy web site … you convince me that you are real .. we chat about everything … finally we make a date for the following night You drive 4 hours to meet me … you arrive at my house … wow I am shocked … you’re smooth … real smooth … and hot … really hot

  • One day.....
    A Fantasy by vlad122

    You come over to my house for the first time, wearing a blouse and a skirt. There is some nervous small talk as this is the first time that we have met. I welcome you in and you enter, nervously exploring the sitting room and as you do. You walk past the sunshine pouring in through the window I can

  • Spin The Bottle Part 1
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    It was Wayne’s first job at the age of 16 years old. Luckily for him his granddad owned the small shoe store located near the school he went to. He could get out of his classes at 3PM and be at the store in 10 minutes. For the first two years his tasks normally involved cleaning and stocking the shelves.

  • Horny Anal Slut Part 12
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    Using both hand to stabilise her body, I pushed forward watching as Jane's asshole slowly swallowed my cock. The deeper I went, the faster her hand moved on her clit causing her body shake slightly. I was about halfway in when I withdrew my dick and plunged forward again, this time sinking all the way

  • 18yr old neighbour invites me to yr12 formal
    A True Story by shireguy2009

    At the end of last year i had a new family move in next door to where i lived at the time. It was a mother father and the hottest little brunette daughter who has the cutest little face and tight little waist and a nice little perky set of tits on her. One sunday afternoon i was washing my car on the

  • When the heavens were around
    A True Story by bodysweat

    Sensational to have this feeling. The time we meet was a spark that lit the heavens. The magic of togetherness was entrancing to both of us. Our lives lived as one for each other and not apart. We had such a closeness that when we were around by ourselves nothing matter as the light kisses and the embraces

  • hmmm just a thought
    A True Story by SpanishDancer

    I wake in the morning and watch your face as you sleep my hand on your chest mmmm feeling a special kind of need … so I start to touch … softly so you don’t quite wake yet… but your hardness is stirring … your eyes start to flutter in a dream .. I grow more bold with my touches and softly take your hardness

  • Happy birthday baby :)
    A Fantasy by SpanishDancer

    I feel great.. You look great … its been a great day together … On the way home you drive … my hand on your leg … slowly without you noticing my hand sneaks closer and closer to your demon … you are too busy concentrating on the road and listening to the Nightwish cd playing loudly … my nails start

  • The stream ... as featured in qld room 11/06
    A True Story by SpanishDancer

    It’s a relaxing Sunday and we decide to pack some food and drink and go for a drive … We pack in the car food and cans of drink and a big blanket … intending to stop to eat when we feel like it … you are driving … fast , the music loud… no need for talk - we are together. You’re driving holding

  • Horny Anal Slut Part 11
    A Fantasy by wayne1717

    Jane looked up into my eyes seductively as her beautiful soft lips parted again, this time to accommodate the elongated object hich slid over her outstretched tongue and into her wet mouth. “Good girl," I said, giving her a gentle pat on the ass as she continued sucking the plastic plug. As she lubricated