• me and laura
    A Fantasy by dazza1261

    I was walking in the street when a gorgeous girl came up to me and asked me if I would like to sponsor and help a child in Africa Agreeing to it I sat down next to her and as I did so my cock in my pants got hard and she noticed it. Trying to pull at my pants while filling out a form was difficult

  • Attending a wedding Part 1
    A True Story by funtimes0623

    We set out Friday night from the big city to attend a wedding in the country. It was going to be a 3hour drive to the small country town and the only accommodation was in the old pub There we are me and my girlfriend (Donna) in the back with our 2 mates (Mike & Austin) in the front of the car. After

  • Slut Wife's new job...
    A Fantasy by pnj1209

    My wife Ellen took a job as a barmaid on weekends to keep herself "occupied" whenever I went away on business. Recently she was doing an extra shift at the bar, covering for a sick colleague. She found the job boring during the week, but at least there was less trouble from roudy patrons then. Wednesday’s

  • Part 2 - Welcome Home
    A Fantasy by dutch&sassy

    We pull into the drive way. We both get out of the car, you grabbing your bags from the boot as I open the front door. I walk into the house, purposely leaving the lights off as I walk down the hall to the bedroom. I remove my blouse, and skirt, hanging them over the chair in the corner. I light

  • Part 1 - The Arrival
    A Fantasy by dutch&sassy

    I see you standing alone. You haven’t noticed me yet. I enjoy that brief moment watching you. You’re wearing your denim jeans and a blue shirt, collar up. You stand so tall, so strong. You’re enough to make my knees weak on sight. You turn. You see me. Your face lights up with a smile. I continue

  • Thats the way it is
    A True Story by lookin2rplay

    The following happened to me a few years ago with a work colleague which came right out of left field. It started when Teri had just stepped out of the takeaway joint on a bright sunny spring afternoon which was close to where we work, she had only been working with us for just under twelve months

  • First time with a transgender
    A True Story by Lord Strongbow

    I made contact through AMM. I had thought about sex with a transgender for many years but never followed it through. The opportunity arose when my girl friend said that she was going to take some time out and visit her daughter in QLD, she was going to be away for a month. ime spent alone and wondering

  • Nathan's first HJ from another guy......
    A Fantasy by gibbo27

    Its midafternoon and you sneak home from work. 5 mins after You get home theres a knock on the door and your cock tingles with anticcpation. You open the door and I'm standing there shyly still wondering if I know what I've got myself into. You let me in and you rub my buldge as I pass by

  • Do you love being tied up?
    A Fantasy by gibbo27

    you sneak home from work midmorning one day and get a msg just as you walk in the door. Not long now. You shed your clothes and crank the heating up so its cozy to just sneak around in your little red g and matching bra. I knock on the door with my cock hanging out of my fly until you release the

  • alwayslate1 Photo
    Saturday afternoon...
    A True Story by alwayslate1

    Hi there. Just wanted to share a Hot moment with you. Just a normal Saturday afternoon. A warm and cloud free day. We were sitting around watching tv. My girlfriend and I. Both bored... I suggested that we should watch a porn. She seemed keen. Well she's more open minded than i give her credit

  • job interview
    A Fantasy by whitecloud1962

    JOB INTERVIEW This is what Iam going to do when I visit you at work. I have rung up for a job interview so you give me a time & this is about 12 noon, so I now go for a long hot shower & then I start to get dressed, I first put on my little black G-string, my silky black stocking's, my lacy black bra,

  • me and olivia and dani
    A Fantasy by dazza1261

    I met this girl called Olivia who works at a gym She invitated me over to spend some time with her one evening I had no idea what she was up to when she pulled me into her room to talk to me. She started by saying that she wanted to have hot sex with me.I turned around and said to her if she

    A True Story by maseratiporsche

    I woke up this morning at 5am I felt great so I hoped ontop of my boyfriend and gently whispered seductively "wake up honey" he awoke with a grin on his face, he knew what I wanted so we grinded each other slowly whilst making love passionately to the sound of birds chirping the sun slowly coming up

  • Imagine
    A True Story by roshml

    He stood before her, his erect penis just inches from her mouth. As she knelt before him, all she wanted to do was take him fully in her mouth. She stuck out her tongue as far as it would go. But she could not reach the tip, which was glistening with his pre-cum. However, she could not see this, as

  • the maserati trip to FREEMANTLE
    A True Story by maseratiporsche

    Well ladies and gentlemen, after a fantastic week last week in Freemantle, Perth I had to return home and share another Australian big O.E or should I say big O. Ah haha anyway, it was the first time a hot young thing like me had hit the shores of western Australia and I was convinced it couldnt be as

  • My night of wild sex continued
    A True Story by wewantfun76

    Well I'm back to finish. When the 3 other guys got their clothes off I had noticed that I was standing in this room with 5 guys I had just met tonight how exciting is that so not wasting anytime I moved onto the bed and Andrew & Sam followed so I knealt and began to take Andrew's cock in my mouth while

  • Andrea awakes
    A Fantasy by justyone2

    This is a story I wrote for my wife as we started to explore the sexual side of our marriage after the "honeymoon" period. I hope you enjoy!. If enough interest I will post part 2 Andrea awakes [part 1 of 2] By: justyone2 Reaching behind her Andrea could feel the hard flesh with her hand. The

  • Slut Wife's Taxi Ride
    A Fantasy by pnj1209

    It's late Saturday night...in fact very early Sunday morning. I wheel my cab around in front of the nightclub. The usual drunken rabble are there, staggering and slobbering all over the footpath. I stifle a laugh as a bloke stumbles and falls headlong into a kerbside puddle. His wife is bending over

  • My night of wild sex
    A True Story by wewantfun76

    Hi my name is Jenny and this was a night i will never forget it all began with us driving into the docklands after a great meal myself and my partner made our way upto the appartment getting quite excited at the prospect of meeting up with Jim & David again. Well we arrived and I was greeted

  • No Talking!!
    A True Story by roshml

    As she pressed her full lips around the tip of his hard throbbing cock, he let out a groan, indicating his pleasure at the thought of what else was to come. While she caressed his shaved firm balls, her tongue started to gently flick the underside of his cock. he rolled his eyes then closed them. How