• Happy meal
    A Fantasy by Sleevedup69

    It was a Friday night at the pub chatting to some friends from work, talking about work, who has left and who’s still there. A few names from the past had popped up. One of them was Nicole; we use to work together a long time ago. I hadn’t seen her for a long while. A few hours had past talking about

  • Getting the perfect......job. :) (not a sex story)
    A True Story by Friendwb2009

    Looking for work in a global recession isn’t easy. But then, it never really interested me when things were good either. I was never really interested in going off to work. At the age of 20, I had graduated from University, and I had planned to be a dog walker for the wealthy – preferably for randy older

  • Dirty Santa
    A Fantasy by publichoney

    Dear Santa it's quite hot down here thus year, It would be great to have an American white Xmas but I really want a stick white xxxmas. Santa you can call me candy cause that's how I taste, I'm a 22yrold young athletic brunette with a perfect ass, ripe tits and a fucking tight wet cunt with a landing

  • Tantric Teacher!
    A True Story by melbsxcindcpl

    Afert meeting - just met 2 days later we were lying in bed making love. The love making in the 1st few months of any relationship are always intense. We decided to be open about our past and in the heat of the moment as she was riding my cock..I whispered "if she had made love to anyone recently?".

  • Paradise Picnic
    A Fantasy by Cosmo.Girl81

    It’s a warm day as we drive down the quiet road, music floating out of the car speakers. I look over to you, concentrating on driving the curving dirt road. The bumps jostling both of us, making my breasts bounce under my light top, barely supported in the bikini top under it. You turn off the main

  • Airport Anticipation
    A Fantasy by Cosmo.Girl81

    I’m waiting at the airport for you to arrive. As I stand near the windows watching the plane land and then taxi towards the terminal I think back to our last chat online. I was telling you how I was going to slowly and teasingly lick and suck on your hard cock. I was going to softly run my finger along

  • my mates mum
    A True Story by rockroll

    i was staying over at my mates place when i was 16, i heard a noise at the bedroom door, it was his step mum, she would have been in her 50's she said she couldnt sleep and wanted to chat, the next thing i knew she was in bed with me, i would never believed what was going to happen next, she put her

  • Wife fucks AJ in the park
    A True Story by HillsHoist

    One night my wife Paris and I visited our local sexshop as we were both very horny!!! Paris was so horny she pointed out a drunk guy about 19 years old in the sexshop and said to me she wanted to fuck him in the park up the road. So thanking the gods for my luck, I told her to go straight upto

  • Rose is deflowered
    A Fantasy by novo.single

    The Doctor left the control room to tend to some of the deeper mysteries of the TARDIS, leaving Rose alone. She stood at teh console, watching the center pillar moving up and down. It began to take on a sexual tone. Unconciously Rose began rubbing her crotch on the corner of the console, and at

  • Little Teen Girl
    A True Story by hutchy143

    This girl, 18, named T was so horny the other friday night. She had been drinking with her mates. She had already been flirting with a number of guys and girls during the night. She had later told me, that while clubbing she had given 2 handjobs in the males toilets while been fingered by the men (seperete

  • One to keep
    A True Story by Nefarious2

    The day i met her i felt something primal and spiritual all at once. Not sure if it was the eyes or the peachy ass that swayed in front of me as she directed me to the room i was to begin work in, but i was hooked. As the day ended she reappeared to approve the new ladies bathroom vanity i had made

  • An unexpected night
    A True Story by Nickos86

    After a recent break up and lounging around my house i called up a few mates and decided to head to the city for a big night out. We got to the city and joined a local pub crawl. This pub crawl was about 60 people roughly half males and half females. The pub crawl started at some random pub ive never

  • massage 2
    A True Story by maselins

    so as i said i was lying face up with a huge hard on as she started massaging my arms and legs. as she kneaded my thighs my cock was flopping around and i was getting more and more aroused. my sexy french masseus had this great set of tits and i could see her nipples errect through her tight singlet. she

    A Fantasy by hardnmessy8

    She is kneeling before me, dressed in her staple work outfit of a white silk blouse,unbuttoned to reveal her ample breasts, black skirt with her spiked patent leather black heels.To complete the picture I place a leather blindfold on her. She is ever so slowiy drooling and licking

  • The Arborist
    A True Story by furtivelife

    Following a large storm, a large eucalypt tree out the front of my house was not looking so good, so I called an arborist that had done work for me before. She arrived only 15minutes after calling. I saw her car pull up so I went out to meet her, she was wearing a yellow tank top that showed off her

  • massage
    A True Story by maselins

    Booked a massage (non sexual) last week at a suburban salon that had a masseuse in house. When I got there I was blown away by this tall sexy french speaking blonde with a magnificent body and superb tits. She asked me to undress and lay on the table but didn't specify if I should keep my underwear

  • A dirty girl. A slurry fantasy
    A Fantasy by Trainhard

    I walk into a bar short skirt blue denim, I wear a v neck tight white almost see thru top and skimpy red bra you can see most of my clevage, Im getting a drink at the bar, I bend over and whom ever cares to look will notice I'm wearing a bright green crotchless v- string, if u look closesly you'll be

  • A sexy bath scene - A story for Luke
    A Fantasy by rockqueeniestar

    Today I took a longer lunch-break than expected and because I now had time to spare I drove to your place hoping to see you. I parked across the road from the house where you lived, briskly walked to the door, took out the key you had given me and let myself in. Closing the door behind me I dropped

  • Slippery when Wet
    A Fantasy by rockqueeniestar

    I turn the hand shower on myself. I'm lost in my thoughts about you. The warm water pours over my body washing the soap off me. You can't take any more. You stand there enthralled by my wet body. Your cock begins to stir. You quietly slide your jeans down your long legs, and pull your T-shirt up over

  • Employee wanting Job Security
    A True Story by #caramel_love#

    The rain had started and business was slowing down as we headed into our off-season. I was scribbling notes in the personnel file, trying to figure out how to avoid big staff cuts through the winter. I knew some hours had to be slashed, but I always hated doing it. I must have looked to be in a sour