• Best and worst surprise
    A True Story by Lucky444

    Last xmas I met this lady at an "over 35 night club" - what happened from there I will never forget! hadn't been to this club for over 12 months, so I decided to go and have a drink with the owner, who I was friends with. We had a couple of drinks when Garry introduced me to this lady, Maree, about

  • Slut Wife's Little Sis...
    A Fantasy by pnj1209

    "Don't even think about it Loser!" laughed my sis-in-law as I was about to walk into the bathroom for my morning shower. I stopped and turned as she quickly pushed past me wearing just her nightie that hardly covered her ass. Ellen's sister, Karen, was hot. I know its probably wrong for a man to

  • Let's Party
    A Fantasy by whitecloud1962

    LET'S PARTY We love having parties at our place because it's great to catch up with our friend's. This one new year's eve we had a group of friend's over & everyone was getting into the swing of thing's, the night really started to warm up & I don't mean just the heat. One of the couple's had come

  • Fantasy
    A Fantasy by whitecloud1962

    Fantasy Just think fantasies do come true. One day I was at a friend's place & we got talking about thing's that we would like to do. She was telling me that her greatest fantasy was to be with another woman & that just shocked me, because it had always been mine. After I told her that she moved

  • my fantasy
    A Fantasy by downandirty60

    hi you all liked my story my first taste of cock well this is my fantasy. i want to be blindfolded then undressed and placed on a massage table and slowly massaged by hands and tounge by male or female or couple . if male i want you to tease me by rubbing your cock on my lips and face put your balls

  • nortynluvit Photo
    A Fantasy by nortynluvit

    If you've read "My fantasy became hers" you'll know how much my man loves watching me be pleasured by guys or girls!! He has created a monster and i have a fantasy i'd love fullfilled. So any guys with HOT BODS out there, read carefully!!!!! It starts with a few messages on here. Then numbers are exchanged

  • nortynluvit Photo
    My fantasy becomes hers PART 2
    A True Story by nortynluvit

    So there i was, standing on my balcony watching my gorgeous girl get impaled by this monster. He was holding her up like a doll and she was bouncing up and down on his cock like a woman possessed. His massive frame dwarfed her. He kept working on her arse with his finger and her moans kept getting louder

  • nortynluvit Photo
    My fantasy became hers
    A True Story by nortynluvit

    We'd been on the swinging scene for a little while but i was hoping to push our boundaries even further. We have always played together but thought it was time to try and spice things up and let my gorgeous girl go and and play on her own. She took some convincing of this but finally agreed to compramise.

    A True Story by aussie4242

    A new receptionist started at my work, replacing the old haggled lady who used to answer the phones in her bored sounding drone. We had been told by our state manager that she was a real hottie, and my god , he hadnt been lying!! Our workplace was a male dominated one, in the trucking industry, so

  • fucking chubbygal
    A True Story by Michael4846

    I joined AMM with a preference towards couples,although Im hetrosexual male I prefer couples, When I started chatting to Chubbygal I thought I go along with the AMM chatter never thinking it would go beyond that. As time progressed and the messages got hotter and more explicit I reviewed my "couples

  • A different pick-up.
    A True Story by ajshoe5

    I was probably 24 when this event happened. A friend of mine owned a hamburger/French dip stand and since I always went there for a meal a couple times a week I knew all of his workers, until this one Friday afternoon. I stopped by to grab a bite to eat and there was a new girl there that was beautiful

  • Chloe
    A Fantasy by justyone269

    JUSTIN You called me not long after the party but I knew if you had not called soon I would have contacted you. Too long your needs had been ignored. The energy from our first contact had awoken a desire to fulfil and realise the erotic fantasies burning within us. A need to make fantasy into

  • Your.Plaything Photo
    Nice Lady - Basic Instincts
    A True Story by Your.Plaything

    She was a very cultured middle-aged lady, always well dressed, well mannered... pillar of society, very mainstream. Sex for her had been normal and proper... being on top was considered adventurous... and she wouldn't dare suggest anything else. However, due to a freak incident, she met someone

  • How to Give Head
    A True Story by Spankygal

    This is my perception of giving head. Any guys want to correct me? Get your man in position. I like him either lying flat on his back in bed, or my favourite is to take him by surprise while he’s sitting on the lounge watching tellie. He knows he’s up for something good when I place the cushion on

  • Glenda 1
    A True Story by marcosa7

    When I was single man I used to meet one of my workmate's wives called Glenda who is an intelligent, bubbly and vivacious individual. Every time she would come to town on business, we would try and catch a movie or video, which would always ultimately end up back at my place for a coffee or drink and

    A True Story by str8guy4fun

    STORY OF DENISE This really happened to me when I was about 35 years old and around the mid 80’s divorced and living on my own. I was driving taxis in the southwest of Sydney and had been for about 10 years and work normally Tuesday to Saturday nights. Anyway, one late afternoon I picked up a fare she

  • She maybe the one.......
    A True Story by Nefarious2

    The day i met her i felt something primal and spiritual all at once. Not sure if it was the eyes or the peachy ass that swayed in front of me as she directed me to the room i was to begin work in, but i was hooked. As the day ended she reappeared to approve the new ladies bathroom vanity i had

  • Flight to Helen’s Pussy - Part 2
    A Fantasy by str8guy4fun

    From Part One Just then one of the flight attendants walked past and saw the wanton look of lust on her face because Helen just wanted more then merely one finger. The attendant asked, “Is your lady friend all right?” I said “Yes she is feeling great.” and she walked away with a smile on her face.

  • One for the gals - Doing the old flame dance..
    A True Story by crystalV66

    I still see an old flame once in awhile. I have to be honest and say, I cannot resist. He is still the only person I have met in a long time I have a genuine desire to be intimate with. A girl is not a camel and I am a sensual female for goodness sake. Yesterday I decided I had an itch that seriously

  • Flight to Helen's Pussy
    A Fantasy by str8guy4fun

    I arrived at the airport early for a 7pm flight from Brisbane to Perth. I sat down and was read a magazine when he noticed a woman sitting opposite me. She looked to be in her late forty's, 175cm and 70kgs rather cute for her age long jet black hair and a beautiful smile. I find my eyes wandering… looking