• Chloe
    A Fantasy by justyone269

    JUSTIN You called me not long after the party but I knew if you had not called soon I would have contacted you. Too long your needs had been ignored. The energy from our first contact had awoken a desire to fulfil and realise the erotic fantasies burning within us. A need to make fantasy into

  • Your.Plaything Photo
    Nice Lady - Basic Instincts
    A True Story by Your.Plaything

    She was a very cultured middle-aged lady, always well dressed, well mannered... pillar of society, very mainstream. Sex for her had been normal and proper... being on top was considered adventurous... and she wouldn't dare suggest anything else. However, due to a freak incident, she met someone

  • How to Give Head
    A True Story by Spankygal

    This is my perception of giving head. Any guys want to correct me? Get your man in position. I like him either lying flat on his back in bed, or my favourite is to take him by surprise while he’s sitting on the lounge watching tellie. He knows he’s up for something good when I place the cushion on

  • Glenda 1
    A True Story by marcosa7

    When I was single man I used to meet one of my workmate's wives called Glenda who is an intelligent, bubbly and vivacious individual. Every time she would come to town on business, we would try and catch a movie or video, which would always ultimately end up back at my place for a coffee or drink and

    A True Story by str8guy4fun

    STORY OF DENISE This really happened to me when I was about 35 years old and around the mid 80’s divorced and living on my own. I was driving taxis in the southwest of Sydney and had been for about 10 years and work normally Tuesday to Saturday nights. Anyway, one late afternoon I picked up a fare she

  • She maybe the one.......
    A True Story by Nefarious2

    The day i met her i felt something primal and spiritual all at once. Not sure if it was the eyes or the peachy ass that swayed in front of me as she directed me to the room i was to begin work in, but i was hooked. As the day ended she reappeared to approve the new ladies bathroom vanity i had

  • Flight to Helen’s Pussy - Part 2
    A Fantasy by str8guy4fun

    From Part One Just then one of the flight attendants walked past and saw the wanton look of lust on her face because Helen just wanted more then merely one finger. The attendant asked, “Is your lady friend all right?” I said “Yes she is feeling great.” and she walked away with a smile on her face.

  • One for the gals - Doing the old flame dance..
    A True Story by crystalV66

    I still see an old flame once in awhile. I have to be honest and say, I cannot resist. He is still the only person I have met in a long time I have a genuine desire to be intimate with. A girl is not a camel and I am a sensual female for goodness sake. Yesterday I decided I had an itch that seriously

  • Flight to Helen's Pussy
    A Fantasy by str8guy4fun

    I arrived at the airport early for a 7pm flight from Brisbane to Perth. I sat down and was read a magazine when he noticed a woman sitting opposite me. She looked to be in her late forty's, 175cm and 70kgs rather cute for her age long jet black hair and a beautiful smile. I find my eyes wandering… looking

  • HappyBlonde Photo
    The Best Sex I Ever Had!
    A True Story by HappyBlonde

    Late on a Thursday night. My body is hot and horny as he talks to me. His Kiwi accent and words speaking to me. I want him to touch me.. His hands down my body..My back is arched as I quiver with pleasure...I want his hands to move further down now between my legs. Im fingering my hot wet clit and massaging

  • Small World / Big Black Cock
    A True Story by TrueMandingo

    This story was a fantasy of mine until it all became reality. My next door neighbor is an 85 years old man, who lives alone and requires some assistance from time to time. When I moved into my place, he did his best to hobble over and introduce himself and welcome his first Black American neighbor.

  • a morning on the beach
    A True Story by willingmale

    I enjoy going to the far end of the beach, where it is nice and quiet, and where you can be nude. I was lying on the beach and noticed a couple coming through the trees from the carpark and both had towels and the male was carrying a small esky. I was on my stomach, and laid there, thinking how nice

  • Virgin Goth Girl (revised)
    A True Story by orgasmoo

    I'm chatting to a cute goth girl on the internet. Shes slim and attractive with beautiful blue eyes and the nicest ass I've ever seen and she tells me shes an 18 year old virgin. After a few sessions of hot steamy phone sex, I ask her to meet me at my dads place where I was staying temporarily in a caravan. She

  • older mature lady
    A True Story by arthurforu

    I was at Big W the other and was looking for blank DVD's to buy and there was a woman (Lesley) also looking for DVD's and looked quite confused about which ones to buy. I offered my services to help her and after about half hour of chatting she asked if I could help her install certain programes into

  • the greatest night of my life.
    A True Story by sexylegs17

    I went on holiday for two weeks with a couple of girlfriends; we stayed in a beach house/apartment right on the beach. One of my girlfriends decided to invite a lot of friends over for a party. After a full day of sunbaking and checking out all the cute guys on the beach, one of my closest girlfriends,

  • My night with an 9inch cock
    A True Story by sexylegs17

    Well I’ve been talking to this guy for a while on AMM now. He claimed he had a 9inch cock, but I didn’t believe him. We met up at a local motel; I was wearing my new lacy panties, with a matching lacy bra, denim mini skirt, a shirt and a jumper. I walked up to the hotel room and knocked on the door,

  • Violet Fire
    A True Story by lukiegalls

    Im shocked at how many ,so people have read my last story so this one took me two days to write to get it right. My friend signed me up for a club called "Violet Fire" apparently it was some sort of casual sex club, almost like a brothel. He apparently knew someone that knew someone. His name was

  • Room with a view
    A True Story by fuck00

    This story is from one of our members. About 10 years ago I worked in the city and my office over looked an up market hotel. Often I would come back to my office and find my co workers in my office watching one of the rooms as the guests at the hotel put on a display without realising that they could

  • mature lady upskirt flash
    A Fantasy by mckenzie55

    I have always been a fan of full fashioned nylons and lingerie and the following happened over 20 years ago which has been firmly etched in my memory ever since. I was around 21 at the time. On a shopping trip with my girlfriend we visited a large department store, whilst in the shoe dept she was

  • Putting it straight about a transgender experience
    A True Story by dinein_eatout

    I have decided to write this story because recently I had the opportunity to meet a transgender male person and during the meeting he showed me a story that was written about him..the story made me sick....it was neither funny nor erotic....but when people have to drug n mock another to get sexual stimulation