• On the Paris Underground
    A Fantasy by dancenow08

    On the underground in Paris, at rush hour, the trains are packed with people and only the lucky ones get a seat. Everyone else has to stand; packed in so tight you almost can't look down at the floor. The train is humming and the tracks are noisy - everything clatters and sways. We are almost the beginning

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    Airport - A Vicki Story - Chapter 3
    A Fantasy by malevoyeur

    Smoothing my dress around me and crossing my legs, I looked up and noticed a man sitting across from me smiling. I smile back and my body shuddered with a feeling I knew was going to be hard to suppress. ‘Are you alright?’ he said, nearly making me jump out of my skin. ‘You look a little disappointed,

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    A Fantasy by malevoyeur

    Erotica I woke early this morning to find you were a dream of the erotic kind. We held each other in a tight embrace you lay next to me face to face. I whispered sweet nothing in your ear you drew me to you ever nearer. I kissed your neck and licked your lips you opened your mouth accepting

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    Milf next door
    A Fantasy by Beachfire

    It was a hot summers night as she laid on top of her satin sheet in her bedroom wearing a little red silk slip night dress that barely covered her arse.  The windows open wide to let what breeze there was to come in, listening to music playing on her ipod with her headphones in her nextdoor neighbour

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    Mr fix it
    A Fantasy by Beachfire

    It was late morning around 11am, i was woken from my sleep (as i had night shift the night before). I could hear noises coming from the side of my house.  I got up to investigate, as i couldnt go back to sleep with all the noise of banging and hammering. I peered out the window to see a man in his 30's,

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    Older Woman Afternoons. Chapter 3 ~ The Wave.
    A Fantasy by Kiwi4Play

    When Deb got her breath back and her "aftershocks" subsided, she looked at me and said that she wanted to feel me inside her. I desperately wanted to just climb on top of her and fuck her hard, but I was enjoying the intimacy and closeness too much. Kissing Deb deeply, I gently squeezed her soft breasts.

  • Wannabemycowboy Photo
    A Fantasy by Wannabemycowboy

    Scene: small independent local grocer. Nearly closing, not many customers Saturday evening approaching... Characters: me - just finished work had been feeling very horny in the sunshine on the drive into town and slipped off my knickers to have a little play.... and James - passionate grocer, stocks

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    Office Meeting - A Vicki Story – Chapter 2
    A Fantasy by malevoyeur

    I was already restless and staring into the terminal, not concentrating on what I needed to do, when reception called and let me know my appointment was on her way up. While I was a little apprehensive, it could mean change and a new direction, but I was also excited at the prospects of a new venture. There

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    First Time - A Vicki Story – Chapter 1
    A Fantasy by malevoyeur

    Vicki punched the button for the elevator with mixed feelings. She was already running fifteen minutes late. Usually she arranged her day to allow herself an extra twenty minutes to walk up and down the stairs from the 40th floor, but today, she was running behind and she had no intentions of being late

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    Older Woman Afternoons. Chapter 2 ~ "Finger Lickin' Good".
    A Fantasy by Kiwi4Play

    Losing myself in Debs eyes for a moment, her cheeks were pink and she glowed, I told her how gorgeous she looked, then I kissed her softly, putting my arms around her and hugging her tight as her climax eased. Deb sat down on the edge of her bed and, grabbing the waistband of my pants, she pulled

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    Older Woman Afternoons. Chapter 1 ~ The Gentle Climax.
    A Fantasy by Kiwi4Play

    Meeting Deb for a coffee was just a formality. Chatting online and sharing fantasies, we'd seen pictures of each other and we had both admitted to having some attraction. At 58, Deb was older than me by 12 years. To some, she was a wife, a mother and a grandmother, but to me, Deb was a fuckin sexy

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    In Bloom - Chapter 1
    A Fantasy by jimmyjonnyblu

    t was that time of year again. The holidays were here, and Jen needed to find a suitable employee for her boutique insurance agency. At 41, she had been running the firm for little under a year, but her professionalism and work ethic had made it one of the most successful in the city. Her employees were

  • The Maintenance Man
    A Fantasy by Lustlymale

    The maintenance man I was driving along looking for 35 Johns St as I had a call out for a leaking kitchen sink. I had no idea while munching on my apple what I was in for and it was 1 job I'll never forget. I pulled up in the drive way and grabbed my toolbox and slowly walked up the pathway between

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    Hotel Soiree
    A Fantasy by ThatBlokeWeLike

    I open the door to the hotel room. It is dark inside. Very dark. You are a little hesitant to go in but there is a subtle smell of lavender beckoning you in. I am to your left and you feel my right hand on your right bottom cheek, gently guiding you into the room, towards the bed that you can just make

  • All About Rachel - Part 3: The Final Chapter
    A Fantasy by HonestBi

    ........... Simon was standing at the foot of the bed. I turned around and moved closer, I sat so his cock was pointing right at my face. I massaged his balls with one hand while tracing my fingers around his purple head and along his veiny shaft with the other. I looked up at him, our eyes met and

  • All About Rachel - Part 2: And Then There Were Three
    A Fantasy by HonestBi

    ....... Rachel rolled over and removed her bra. Her breasts were ample, they were creamy white like her bum and her hard pink nipples rose above them. We looked into each others eyes, then kissed deeply, her mouth was so wet and her tongue tasted so good. She reached for my briefs, which were now

  • All About Rachel - Part 1: The Beginning
    A Fantasy by HonestBi

    I'd been working with Rachel for a couple of years when she resigned. We had become good friends and although I'm married, we had often flirted, and I always day dreamed about being with her. I took her out to lunch on her last day. She kept giving me a look she'd never given me before, her eyes appeared

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    Neighbourhood Watch Part 3
    A Fantasy by Kisseddownunder

    I stop at the doorway to the backyard and watch as you stroll, naked and beautiful, up to your pool…before you dive straight in. I can feel the heat of the outside on my naked body and start to sweat almost immediately. Walking to the pool I watch you swim to the other side then put your back to the

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    playfull fun
    A Fantasy by KINKIjo558

    laying on a secluded beach I looked around to see I was totally alone so stripping off I took a few nudes in the sun before cooling off with a swim, after I'd settled back on my towel I got to fantasizing about posting on a dogging site for a sunset session with as many in my holes as was possible, after

  • No Regrets - Part 3 of 3
    A Fantasy by BiMick46

    ........ You run the shower and we both get in together. We take turns washing each other, paying particular attention to our cocks, balls and arses. We get out, dry each other and remain naked. You show me to your bedroom, I sit you on the edge of your bed, I kneel down, then kiss you. I stroke your