• phenning22 Photo
    The First Thrust
    A Fantasy by phenning22

    After a copious amounts of champagne in the lounge we head towards the lift at the Marriot, there is another person in the lift and we move to the back and teasingly stare at each other. The lift stops and the passenger gets out so I walk across to you and gently start kissing your ear and sliding my

  • srogers Photo
    A night of fun
    A Fantasy by srogers

    You emerge from the bathroom and you take my breath away. You are dressed in a strapless tight red dress. You slowly walk towards me and say “How do I look?” I respond by grabbing your hand and guiding it to my hardened cock and say “Absolutely gorgeous.” You give my cock a squeeze through my pants

  • Robbie0123 Photo
    Sweet Breeze (Ode to Sera)
    A True Story by Robbie0123

    Ok, this isn't a story! It's a description of probably the sexiest member who frequents our chat site....but in a poetic form. To me, a closet writer, it just came easily and naturally and even though I've never met or seen her in the flesh, let alone lay a finger on this sex goddess, I'm comfortable

  • Robbie0123 Photo
    Little Ecstasy
    A True Story by Robbie0123

    As with another "poem" of sorts, this one romanticises a fictional meet with a no-holds barred hot-blooded Sicilian woman I've chat with on site. It's probably milder in action to what she might prefer but the simplicity and natural flow has something to do with how I would approach such a woman and

  • Thick.n.uncut Photo
    Your turn
    A Fantasy by Thick.n.uncut

    I'm lying on my stomach with you straddling my back as you drip massage oil over me and rub it in. It feels great, you're really going well, loosening the muscles in my neck and back. You move so you're sitting on my thighs and pour more oil over me. You lean forward and rub your breasts against

  • Playful.Sgl.Guy Photo
    In the Shower
    A Fantasy by Playful.Sgl.Guy

    (written for me by an exGF) I want you to kiss me all over, starting with my lips, then moving down my neck collarbone and down my back. You pick me up and carry me into the bathroom where you slowly take my lingerie off, still kissing my neck, ears and back. As the water runs over my naked body you

  • Mischievous.duo Photo
    My wife had fun without me
    A True Story by Mischievous.duo

    (This is written like a fantasy but is true down to every detail, it happened !) The night was cool, the stars are hidden beneath a layer of cloud even the rays of light from the moon were but a shimmering glow in the sky. As I lent over the balcony overlooking my street my thoughts wandering vaguely

  • Mischievous.duo Photo
    Sinful delights
    A Fantasy by Mischievous.duo

    The sun filtering through the window gently wakes me from my dreams, trying to peer through slits rather than open my eyes to the blinding light of day. Experimentally I stretch my naked body beneath the covers, arching my back as I reach for the heavens. Parts of me feel tender and sore and I lay

  • Mischievous.duo Photo
    Picnic at midnight
    A Fantasy by Mischievous.duo

    I wake with a start my eyes flicking around the room as I sit up, my heart racing I notice the bedside lamp is still on I look next to me and sigh with relief as I see your still laying there, sliding out from under the covers I try to think about what woke me suddenly but my mind comes up blank. I

  • Scarlets Car Breakdown
    A Fantasy by ScarletStayer

    It would be hot to find you broken down in your car on an isolated road. I would find you with the bonnet up and bending over to look at the engine, your dress riding high to expose your pussy and arse. I would come up beside you and ask if I could help. While you were bending over to show me I would

  • Scarlets MFM Fantasy
    A Fantasy by ScarletStayer

    “What a sexy image I have in my mind now of you sitting there, your cock dripping tasty pre cum oozing down your leg. Are you thinking of licking me out, of me writhing under your tongue whimpering with each orgasm. I would love to be there with my face in your lap and hands on your balls and your shaft,

  • jimmyjblue Photo
    Evie (part1)
    A Fantasy by jimmyjblue

    The sun was low and simmering by the time Evie returned home. She had swum for a little longer than she had realised, but it felt good, her muscles aching nicely. She set her bag and keys down on the kitchen table, walked over to the living room windows and threw the curtains open. Bryan obviously wasn't

  • Good morning..
    A Fantasy by Trisa84

    The room was quiet when she entered, she had expected him to be awake, he never slept or that was what she knew of him to be true. Instead she found a quiet room, and the soft breaths that only the fast asleep produced. Creeping further into the room, she moved until she stood beside his bed, she had

  • TLC19791 Photo
    A Fantasy by TLC19791

    It was agreed. Not a word would be spoken. You knew the time and the place. You would leave your door unlocked. At the agreed time I would arrive and approach the door hungry for what was about to occur. The door opens and all that can be seen is the flicker of candle light. Nothing can be heard except

  • shadesman1982 Photo
    In my store
    A Fantasy by shadesman1982

    Hmmm where will I start?  Maybe with you coming into the store late one afternoon about half an hour before closing.  There aren't many people around and only a few walking by.  You walk right into the store and up the back to where I am standing behind the counter checking something on the computer. 

  • shadesman1982 Photo
    At your place
    A Fantasy by shadesman1982

    I think I might start with me coming to your house and you opening the door to me. You invite me in and I follow you down the hall to the kitchen, watching your ars as you walk. I'm extremely horny and my pants are hiding my erection. We get to the kitchen and you turn around and I kiss you, our tongues

  • ronnieron Photo
    A Fantasy by ronnieron

    Filling your ass with my cock, I tighten my jaw in pleasurable resistance. As I steadily plunge deeper, you hold in all sound, along with your breath. Struggling and failing not to rush, I push all the way inside you, and a single scream eludes your grasp. As soon as I feel able to do so without cumming,

  • sensatiate Photo
    Taking the Plunge
    A Fantasy by sensatiate

    She waits inside their secret place, hair up, suit neatly pressed. He bursts in, bringing the vigour of his exertions with him and slams his foot onto the bench. As he bends to remove his runners, she lunges from behind, grabs his singlet and peels it off with an urgency that both suprises and excites

  • The Tulip - Part 3 of 3
    A Fantasy by RemoteLuxxury

    The Tulip Part Three: The Flower “I have your drink for you now Valerie. Cointreau wasn’t it – on ice?” She was about to say “Yes”, before catching herself. Damn! She nodded instead. “I’ll just need to replace your towel with a blindfold though” he said casually, as if it were the most normal

  • The Tulip - Part 2 of 3
    A Fantasy by RemoteLuxxury

    The Tulip Part Two: The Spring The next half hour blurred like the landscape in the window of a train. Later, Valerie would remember little of how she got from the bar to the room. More texts came from Gideon; she was asked to collect a hotel room entry card from the reception desk upstairs;