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    A moment in time.
    A Fantasy by Softlikesilk

    It was a warm sunny Monday afternoon, she was standing on a man made bridge that over looked the river, She was lost in thought watching the river the kids and animals running around, the warm sun on her back, the gently breeze she could feel across her face. He came up behind her put his hands on

  • In Bloom - Chapter 2
    A Fantasy by jimmyjonyblue

    Jen sat back in the Frizzo leather couch and sipped on red wine. The flat screen TV hummed quietly in the background as flashes of white and blue flickered across the room. She glanced up from the laptop screen to the TV – the news, some young reporter, bright red lips and brown eyes. Looked a little

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    The beat goes on
    A Fantasy by monsieurkg

    Erotica 01 - The beat goes on ## Scene 01 Kirsten was getting more and more nervous, without exactly knowing why. It was not her first nor her last quarterly meeting with the company’s top shareholders, and she could not reasonably put this unexpected inner unrest on the account of the recent merger

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    I'm on my way home...
    A True Story by Lookingforsir

    "I'm on my way home...I've stopped off at my favourite place on the way..." those simple words have me filled with anticipation, never mind I'm in old work clothes, doing housework, wrangling animals and a million other things I must get done today. I feel my body respond to those simple words and

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    Stepping Into Surrender
    A True Story by Lookingforsir

    I have a pussycat that only truly loves a cuddle when she is held tight within my arms, where she can't get away, and puts all her paws in the air and makes air biscuits. Much like my pussycat, Miss Mac, I am a woman who has always been in control but who longs to surrender in order to find herself.

  • Jack and Jill on a different hill
    A Fantasy by Jackenjoysjill

    Jack decided to go for walk in the mountains one day Jack stopped near the top of a steep hill saw nobody around so he decided to have a solo outdoor play But sometimes Jack can be a clumsy dill And when he went to step out of his shorts, he tripped over and began tumbling uncontrollably down the

  • In Bloom - Chapter 1
    A Fantasy by jimmyjonyblue

    It was that time of year again. The holidays were here, and Jen needed to find a suitable employee for her boutique insurance agency. At 41, she had been running the firm for little under a year, but her professionalism and work ethic had made it one of the most successful in the city. Her employees

  • He said... She said... Part 3
    A Fantasy by SuppleHands

    ***This story was written as an alternating exchange between myself and Bathtime17. It’s primarily fantasy, but there’s a sprinkle of reality in there too. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.*** She said… I blindfolded his eyes, paused momentarily as I took in the view. The crowd has grown,

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    As I lay beside you...
    A True Story by Lookingforsir

    Catching up on the days news, flicking lazily through articles on my iPad, as you sleep beside me, my mind wanders, pleasantly, to the recall of our wild ride in the early hours of the morning; the look on your face as you realised this kitten has morphed again into a hungry, greedy, come fuck me wildcat. Holding

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    Hypnotic Sensuality
    A True Story by Lookingforsir

    The voice is such an erotic and little understood tool in our bag of tricks. When you have someone who can modulate their voice, who can arouse you into a higher state of awareness with the tone of her voice, then you've got a rich mix there to fuel the desire and fires within. From the breathy

  • He said... She said... Part 2
    A Fantasy by SuppleHands

    ***This story was written as an alternating exchange between myself and Bathtime17. It’s primarily fantasy, but there’s a sprinkle of reality in there too. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.*** She said… Slowly, step by step we get closer to the rooftop, I can hear Steven moan occasionally,

  • He said... She said... Part 1
    A Fantasy by SuppleHands

    ***This story was written as an alternating exchange between myself and Bathtime17. It’s primarily fantasy, but there’s a sprinkle of reality in there too. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.*** He said… 24 hours as her sex slave...I have promised her that I will do as she says. I can hardly

  • Donjuan87 Photo
    A Fantasy by Donjuan87

    Seduction is a mighty word, As powerful as you’ve ever heard, Starting out with a simple glance, Will not end till they’re in your pants, Telling you everything you want to hear, Slowly calming your every fear, They’ll slowly get into your head, Until they get you into bed. Seduction is a mighty

  • Massage by Kain
    A Fantasy by Chez34

    I lay face down on the massage table and cover myself with a towel as it’s a little chilly in the room. The door opens and I can hear someone enter. “My name is Kain and I’ll be looking after you today” a deep male voice tells me. “Let me turn the heat up a bit and then we can get started”. The

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    You are my bitch now
    A Fantasy by ultrasoundman1

    You’re My Bitch Now Epi-curious (Australia) It had been awhile since I cut loose, spring was here, and I was tired of being cooped up in the house alone. I decided to have a get together and invite some friends from work over several weeks ago. Sabrina lived next door, her husband was gone a lot

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    My 1st Kiss with THE ONE !!
    A Fantasy by SeafordTrans76

    I can tell you from past lovers, that I have always enjoyed sex. What I could get that is. I seemed to have lovers that were quick on the draw and leave me hungry for more. But I was pleased in those relationships, because I was. It was simple. I served my lovers and they gave me what love they could

  • Canyouplay Photo
    Wake me gently or not
    A Fantasy by Canyouplay

    You’ve left for work and I have the day off.... I’ve hidden my disappointment from you over breakfast but you had to go in to the office today.......I’m on your side of the bed and I can smell your cologne on your pillow, giving me small sweet tingles inside... I’ve watched some porn and had an orgasm,

  • He knocked on the door...
    A Fantasy by Happy1965

    He knocked on the door but as always didn't wait for her to answer, he knew he was expected. She stood just inside the entrance greeting him with that cheeky little grin he found so seductive. But this time she didn't say hello, good morning or "hey babe" instead she moved quickly towards him, taking

  • Morning tease
    A Fantasy by MakingMyOwnPath

    My fingers trace across your swollen, wet sex, carefully avoiding your clit... "Don't tease me," you moan. But I continue, slowly bringing my mouth closer and closer. I can smell your arousal. My tongue traces your lips the way my fingers had, then dips deep into its folds to taste your juices. You moan,

  • Adultery - coming up next (Part 2)
    A Fantasy by andrewlb

    When Dave knocked on my door, I began to tremble. As I opened the door, he gently pushed passed me and closed the door. He said that he didn’t want the neighbours to see. Before I could say “See what?” his lips were on mine. I eagerly began kissing him then I felt his hand under my dress and on my little