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    Perfect First Date
    A Fantasy by Cheeky6x9

    Note: While this is written as a fantasy, I have experienced several aspects of this story. He had been waiting for her in a cafe close to his place. She had looked a bit nervous when she arrived, but he was probably the only one noticing it. She wore minimal make up, her long hair fell gently on

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    Backseat Brutalisation
    A Fantasy by 2ndbestusername

    *obviously I'm a big believer in consensual non-consent. "No" always means "No"... unless previously agreed on that it actually means "Yes, don't you dare stop". In that case I strongly recommend a safety word..... from my experience, "banana" is not a good choice, nor is "carrots", "cucumber" or "9

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    A Passionate Passing Part 4.
    A Fantasy by Funfubar69

    The man smiles, grabs your hand and kisses it so gently and passionate and then looks into your eyes and says, Not only will I show you how a man should treat a woman, but I’ll show you the difference between a man and a boy. He then leans in to you close and puts his lips next to your ears where

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    A Passionate Passing Part 3.
    A Fantasy by Funfubar69

    When it comes to sex, making passionate love I get so turned on and total satisfaction when I know the woman is satisfied. I always want her to have multiple organisms and I love to bring her to the brink of total ecstasy. I can tell from her breathing, her moans and her groans, and also the screaming

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    A Passionate Passing Part 2.
    A Fantasy by Funfubar69

    On your way to your car you ask him why he is so nice, explaining most boys you know would never open a door for you or walk you back to your car. Without hesitation and with wit and total charm he says I am a lover not a fighter and I treat a woman with respect, honesty and devotion. He then makes comment

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    A Passionate Passing Part 1
    A Fantasy by Funfubar69

    You are on your way home after a long and hard working day. You’re going back home to your place tonight all alone. You have a date night organised tonight again with some random guy you met on the net. You know its going to be a typical night ending with going to bed with him and the sex will be just

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    The balcony
    A Fantasy by Chez34

    Hotel balcony Leaning over the balcony, I pulled my bathrobe tight to prevent it flying open and flashing the neighbours. I’d decided to take advantage of cheap hotel rates and planned to stay by the coast for the long weekend. Standing there taking in the view with a coffee in hand, I thought over

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    Hotel fantasy
    A Fantasy by Chez34

    Hotel fantasy I sit on the couch looking out at the view. Drink in hand, I try to calm my nerves. What am I getting myself into???? I’d heard about this place through chat lines. A hotel that catered to certain ‘needs’. What I needed right now was to be touched, to be stroked, to be fucked just

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    Brothers - Part 3
    A Fantasy by Ms.Flirt

    If I’d been flushed before I was positively nearly on fire now! I’d been caught, by my boyfriend, perving at another man. Not just any other man. His brother. A man who detested me and who quite honestly scared me. I was officially a class act! I quickly tried to compose myself and went over to the brothers.

  • In Bloom - Chapter 4
    A Fantasy by jimmyjonnyblu

    9:55am. Jen sat in the chair in the back office, going over Lucy Vale’s resume one more time. She had enough experience, in the right roles – but the way she had sounded on the phone was a little concerning. Too fancy free, Jen thought. Not enough discipline in her voice. There was a knock on the door,

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    Good girl, naughty night pt 2
    A Fantasy by Chez34

    As we make our way out of the pub, Mr M pulls me close and places his hand on my hip. “My place is just up the road” he says. “Lead the way Sir” I reply. I feel a short buzz deep inside my wet, wet pussy making me miss a step. Mr M chuckles and pulls me close, a hand grazes my breast. “I can’t wait

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    Good girl, naughty night pt 1
    A Fantasy by Chez34

    Good girl, naughty night(fantasy part 1) Taking a deep breath, I step forward into the pub. Looking around there are couples everywhere but no single men, only women. There’s music playing and a general relaxed feel about the place. I make my way to the bar and order a drink, my phone buzzes in my

  • Tied and Teased
    A Fantasy by Mike.x700

    I had been chatting to my fb for awhile and we had met at her place on a number of occasions so I trusted her enough to share my fantasy with. After listening to what I had to say she thought for a moment and then said that she would be willing to help me fulfil it. She knew what was acceptable with

  • Wanton - Part 1
    A Fantasy by Myschka

    You begin at my calves, gently kissing and sucking. Your fingers trail your lips and occasionally squeeze. Finally, you nip my inner thigh and grab my arse. I squirm in anticipation but want to stretch the moment out and I do so adore teasing you. Before you can reach my pussy, I grab handfuls of your

  • In Bloom - Chapter 3
    A Fantasy by jimmyjonnyblu

    Lucy Vale woke to her alarm clock. She rolled over onto her back and groaned. Her head felt like an elephant marching band had torn through during the night, and her mouth tasted like an ashtray. She rolled back onto her side and forced an eye open. 8:30am. Time to get up. Maybe she shouldn’t have accepted

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    Taken at the bar
    A Fantasy by Ms.Flirt

    The pub was crowded, the music was pumping and the lines at the bar were 4 deep. It was noisy with a live band performing in the corner, people were dancing and there was a great vibe in the air. I was feeling fantastic and having a great time with my girlfriends. We'd been to dinner and were now sitting

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    Original Prose - One Night.
    A Fantasy by newexperiences9

    I see her outlined clearly as the bedside lamp casts her shadow against the wall. A simple Silhouette that captures her stark beauty, and yet reveals a sense of sadness, a hidden lie. I notice the curve of her stomach as she leans forward to extinguish the light, and my last memory is of the arch of

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    Observing her arse...
    A Fantasy by MerryGoRound11

    I cant help not look at it as she walks around the office. It is beautifully shaped and a fine extension of her torso & hips. My penis hardens slightly as the sensation that starts via my eyes reaches my crotch. I want to be able to get down on my knees and starting at her feet work my way up her

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    A True Story by BlueDaisyChain

    The night's clear, stars spray across the sky like diamonds.. No moon to be seen ... A cool breeze brushes his face as he walks up the stairs ... The house is in darkness, he hesitates, then knocks lightly ... A moment later, I open the door .. He stands there, hands in his coat pockets, looking a

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    part 2
    A Fantasy by jackstbernard

    We enter the room and I lay her on the bed. Soft light from a bedside adds to the surreal romantic feel but there is more to come. There is a glow of arousal in her cheeks and she raises her skirt and slides a hand into her panties. I kneel at the edge of the bed and watch, catching her smile as she