• infernalme Photo
    Drop Dead Engorgeous
    A Fantasy by infernalme

    30 minutes early I turned up at her house with the limousine to take us into the city. I rang the doorbell and through the glass panes of the front door i see you scurry up the hall half naked holding your hands to try and cover your bossom in a helpless attempt bless it's beautiful abundance. One glimpse

  • DaisyChainBlue Photo
    A True Story by DaisyChainBlue

    I stood under the shower, tilting my head back and allowing the cool water to spill onto my face, run down through long dark hair and over my breasts .... I remain still for 10mins or so, enjoying the beginning of goose bumps and hardened nipples as the coolness set in.... Stepping out, I decide

  • Pleasureman2u Photo
    Miss Rotten-Twat
    A Fantasy by Pleasureman2u

    I went to see an ear nose and throat doctor about my chronic cough. I showed up at the appointed time and walked into the doctor’s reception area. The receptionist who looked up to attend to me didn’t look all that bright but she did have nice tits which were on display more than her fellow workers,

  • SlowCooker Photo
    the Shy Nurse (part 4)
    A Fantasy by SlowCooker

    Malie looked at the desert menu but didn’t fancy anything, perhaps she had a different kind of desert in mind. Adrian too at this stage just wanted to rip her clothes off and have his way with her. Images of their naked bodies continued to flash in front of him and it cause him to smile at her and

  • Openforit78 Photo
    Tradie Wanted
    A Fantasy by Openforit78

    So a job pops up on the calendar Mrs Smith and an address, no phone number. I turn up get my gear out and walk to the front door, it appeared that no one was home. As the curtains were closed and it was dimly lit. As normal I knock on the door and can hear movement inside. Well Mrs smith answers

  • A euro border
    A True Story by Vein53

    I'm a 45 year old man living a single life, three months ago I advertised for a female house mate, I live by beaches, new university, it doesn't long to rent out to young girls studying. Maddy was very attractive to me, I was aroused the moment she turned up at the door, she seemed uncomfortable and

  • A tease leading to something more?
    A Fantasy by MakingMyOwnPath

    Your wetness surrounds me, welcomes me. You can feel the fabric of your panties rubbing against you and fluttering with each movement of my finger below. I move my hand away from you, and bring my wet finger up to my mouth. With my eyes locked on yours I reach out with my tongue to taste your

  • In Bloom - Chapter 15
    A Fantasy by jimmyjblue

    Chapter 15 The air still hung thickly with the scent of sex as Jen Bloom, now alone, stood naked in the hotel bathroom, observing herself in the mirror with a sense of newfound wonder. Her mind struggled to wrap itself around her newly created identity, that of an alluring, confident temptress – a far

  • sex4fun2live Photo
    Worth a drive
    A Fantasy by sex4fun2live

    This really happened to me unfortunately, it was all in my mind but I’m open to the opportunity of it really happening It was a good 40-minute drive for the meet, but I thought it would be worthwhile. This guy sounded interesting, was about my age and like me was in a relationship with another

  • Masquerade
    A Fantasy by MeetHarry

    Her mid morning walk to a favourite coffee shop had been a mix of enjoyment and tribulation. The beautiful Spring morning – a kaleidoscope of sunshine & crisp air with just a hint of jasmine set her mood to one of relaxed joy at being part of this wonderful world. Though her knee was playing up from

  • Serenity007 Photo
    Home for the weekend - oart 2
    A Fantasy by Serenity007

    We have all straightened ourselves up and I throw you my keys saying “you drive” I need to have a chat with Kevin in the back seat”, Kevin blush’s but you just smile knowingly ! you pat Kevin on the back as you pass him, “have fun mate and enjoy this”, we all get into the car and you start driving,

  • Summer Days
    A Fantasy by Badcervantes

    It was a hot day, and you are sticky from perspiration as you slowly disrobe. Cool water flows from the shower head as you move underneath it. Cascading over your body, running through your hair, soothing your hot skin. You begin to rub soap over your body, your breasts, tummy. I quietly enter the shower,

  • Wildewillsy76 Photo
    Work Encounter
    A Fantasy by Wildewillsy76

    It was late for Deb to be heading home on this particular Friday. She’d had a busy day but written up some good business along the way so she was in good spirits. That feeling was helped along by the few drinks she’d shared with her workmates just before heading out. As she waited for the lift, Daniel,

  • Serenity007 Photo
    Home for the weekend
    A Fantasy by Serenity007

    Hi darling, Ive come come to take you and your friend back from work, for the weekend "Jump into the car boys, the car is nice and cool in this hot hot weather, We have quite a journey home !" You get in the front beside me and your friend gets into the back, i lean towards you and say arn't

  • AnalSlaveSlut Photo
    The Diabolical Contraption pt 2
    A Fantasy by AnalSlaveSlut

    To pick up where I left off... Master has special guests to whom he has triumphantly presented his latest diabolically perverted contraption. As his favourite and hottest slut, he honours me by choosing me to give it a trial run at an orgy he is hosting. He has me tied up so I can't move and I'm

  • AnalSlaveSlut Photo
    The Diabolical Contraption
    A Fantasy by AnalSlaveSlut

    I have a fantasy of being a kept slave of some English Lord who lives in an old brick manor house with ivy around the windows. I'm kept in luxury and must always be ready to be used by the Master or his mates whom he shares me with. Sometimes, he just wants me to suck his cock while he eats his dinner.

  • phenning22 Photo
    Hotel Rendezvous
    A Fantasy by phenning22

    After a day of discreetly messaging and building the tension we agree to meet at the Sofitel after work, I leave a room key at the desk for you and you make your way up to the room to find me just pouring the first glass of champagne. Whilst I still have the bottle in one hand and the glasses in the

  • MissVamp1982 Photo
    Kneeling gives such great pleasure
    A Fantasy by MissVamp1982

    Im on my knees infront of you, wearing only my knee high boots and plug, taking you deep in my mouth with my hands restrained behind my back.. Licking up and down your shaft... sucking on the tip, moaning as I taste you, feeling my pussy start to drip You tell me that under no circumstances am I to

  • The tease
    A Fantasy by TLC19791

    As our eyes meet the atmosphere is electric. Slowly you move towards me and place your arms around my neck, not taking your eyes off mine. Our lips edge closer together and your eyes close. But I place my finger gently against your lips...not yet. You let out a moan, you want that kiss. I do too, but

  • MissVamp1982 Photo
    See what happens when you behave
    A True Story by MissVamp1982

    You look me up and down as I stand in the door way and wonder if ive followed your instructions. Silently you lead me down the hall. At the bedroom door you shove me against the door frame, kiss me deeply and remove my clothes, leaving me standing in the lingerie you told me to be wearing. You nod your