• First trip to heaven
    A True Story by Kinkyflirt
    I was seeing this women who lived on the other side Brisbane and because of our work schedules we only got to hang out on weekends. This one particular Friday afternoon I went over to her place to hang out and wow did I ever get a surprise. There I was at her door and as she opened it all I saw was
  • the apprentice
    A True Story by mrbull69
    In the second year of my apprenticeship, we had an older ( about 60yo ) trades assistant, Jack start in our section. He had been fairly wild in his younger days and had ended up marrying a filipina a few years previously and moved back to town. He had a limp and was not in the greatest shape for his
  • AsianDomina Photo
    Cuckold scene part 2
    A True Story by AsianDomina
    I had poured 2 glasses of Champagne on the side table then knelt in front of the two Chase lounge chairs as I heard Madam & he enter the suite with him taking the chair in front of me as She handed him a Champagne with a "pleased to meet you" as he settled into the chair with a commanding instruction
  • AsianDomina Photo
    Cuckold scene part 1
    A True Story by AsianDomina
    I had booked our usual Hotel for a couple of nights after She had told me over dinner one evening She has decided to have a cuckold tryst with a guy who contacted Her profile on AMM, experienced in the cuckolding scene.  Madam had purchased a "special" dress for this occasion, a "come fuck me dress"
  • Fundation Photo
    A True Story by Fundation
    Me Too Well this guy had a great picture .Naked from the waist down with a building jacket and boots showing an erected big 8 inch thick cock. When I came across his picture I knew he would like to have it, so I showed it to her after a few chats with him to ensure he would keep the confidentiality
  • Just a random short story for fun
    A Fantasy by Countryreno
    In the beginning.... Really he wasn’t sure when it was, that moment of clarity when it clicked and he knew for the first time off his true feelings. Since this realisation many full moons had passed and the days seemed to blur into one another. But one thing was certain, life just wouldn’t be the
  • Night time fun
    A Fantasy by Countryreno
    I walk in Our eyes meet We come together and kiss Softly and sensually My hands rubbing over you as we kiss more passionately My hands begin to fondle your beautiful breasts I am throbbing and you start to rub my hard erect cock I kiss your neck as I insert my fingers inside you Rubbing inside
  • More fun dates
    A Fantasy by Countryreno
    So it’s our fifth date.. its 6pm and you have had a big week.. no work for you tomorrow so you can spend the day relaxing at home. You jump out of the bath and you run your hands down your smooth legs.. rush to put on your new lingerie and put your dress on. I come in and stand behind you and
  • When you have had a tough day!
    A True Story by Countryreno
    You get home Curiousness takes you as you wonder why the lights are out You check your phone and see my message to hurry up you bad girl! So you get out of the car and as you unlock the door you hear music playing You walk in and the lighting is dim yet you notice a dim light flickering As you
  • Fun weekend away
    A Fantasy by Countryreno
    So we are going on our first weekend away Leaving at 7pm Friday night Monday night you just get home from work and find a package waiting for you It has instructions on what you need to wear and bring for the weekend along with a gift card for lingerie The next day you receive flowers and a note
  • UnitBoy88 Photo
    Online dating: the mine field....
    A True Story by UnitBoy88
    Online dating My advice to everyone is get the first meet out of the way ASAP after you start chatting, once you feel there is potential and you have confirmed they are NOT a nutter.... Don’t “Over invest up front,” by wasting hours talking, overly sharing or getting too intimate. At least
  • ladylatex Photo
    A Coffee Break
    A True Story by ladylatex
    A coffee break ; My gweizai was meeting me for a mid afternoon coffee at the Hyatt Hotel simply for a catch up chat after his recent extended overseas work trip which had left my chosen one quite distressed due to the over load of work related meetings etc which is expected at his level of corporate
  • ladylatex Photo
    A Manila visit
    A True Story by ladylatex
    An extract from my gweizai's blog ; Madam below is the proposed draft. Your gwei. Madam needed to spend time in Her home of Cebu - mostly to tackle a few family issues that were bubbling up. I was able to coordinate my own travel to spend a few days in Manila on business, and Madam graciously
  • Who said fishing was boring?
    A True Story by Kinkyflirt
    Its a week night  being bored out of my mind I decide to go fishing, throwing all my rods in the car I head to the coast. The heat just sitting on top of me I don't bother wearing much more than a singlet and pair of shorts, throwing a jumper in the car just in case it gets cold during the night. I
  • ladylatex Photo
    A Sydney return
    A True Story by ladylatex
    I had decided I needed a special "treat" awaiting me on my return to Sydney after Singapore so I browsed messages in one of my profiles & chose this specimen there who referred to itself as a “cum slut” & wanted to show me this kink in person so after a couple of messages I simply instructed him to be
  • ladylatex Photo
    A Singapore visit
    A True Story by ladylatex
    Singapore visit; I had to make a quick trip to meet up with a straight vanilla world business associate & used the occasion to also have the attendance of my “white boy” as well. This brief visit was most enjoyable with interludes that where previously mentioned with instructions for my gweizai
  • ladylatex Photo
    Singapore tryst
    A True Story by ladylatex
    The interlude with the creature in Singapore came about because I had zero intention of any lifestyle activity on my brief stopover there after savoring my young Princess in Manila the night before & was looking forward to my having boys presence before me in Sydney in two days.. I had seen my vanilla
  • Wife’s first gloryhole playday
    A True Story by gloryholewifey
    Thought I’d write about the first time my wife did some really slutty gloryhole play. We’ve been doing it for a couple of years now but I guess it all started about 5 years ago when we were on holiday in New York. I’d shared her with other guys before, and I knew she loved giving blowjobs, but had no
  • Jb1213 Photo
    First time
    A True Story by Jb1213
    I’m a bi guy who had always been with women but had an urge to play with some cock. Back in 2011 I was working interstate for a week. I was on AMM at the time and chatting to various guys in the area. One night, I was feeling super horny and was a bit drunk too. I was talking to an older guy with
  • ShyLover73 Photo
    A shower after a hard days work
    A Fantasy by ShyLover73
    4:30pm - You arrive home early,, “Missy, I’m home” you call out. “Hi Hun, you are home early” I reply as I sidle up to your side, sticking my nose in sniffing and licking that manly sweat running down your neck. “Why don’t you give me your gear, and go jump in the shower” I say, I have plans for