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    just another fantasy
    A Fantasy by jackstbernard

    We'd met and chatted online, graduated through phonecalls, even the odd "dirty" weekend but I hoped this was to be something a bit special. I picked her up at the airport and we caught up in the car on the way to the motel where I'd already checked in. She looked smokin' hot as usual and it was hard

  • The House Party
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    I found out there was a party on through a local social group. I phoned up the host to ask about the party and she warned me that it might turn into an orgy. I wasn’t really looking for an orgy type party but my cock started to do the thinking for me at that point and so I told her that I would like

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    Submissive Excitement
    A True Story by pleasures999

    Dominance & Submission are a big kink for many. However it's also daunting. One person's fantasy is not necessarily that of another, moreover we have shifting goalposts of what submission truely means. What has always turned me on, is working out what your version is, and making that a reality. This

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    Night time Quicky
    A True Story by Openforit78

    This is a true story. So we were Child free for the evening. We decided to go out for dinner and enjoy a drink. So we decided to have showers and get dressed for dinner whilst Mrs Open was blow drying her hair I decided to find her butt plug. It’s only a little one and she is wanting to try anal

  • LibidiousMinx Photo
    A Fantasy by LibidiousMinx

    Your passionate flame burns through my soul To enhance my beauty to a place beyond A world of illusion with no control Will strengthen my mind till I grow fond. The weakness of a lonely sky Adopts the power of your thoughts Here I lay until I die Entangled with these ravenous sorts. Your promise

  • StormGC Photo
    My first Swingers party
    A True Story by StormGC

    It was only about 2 months ago ide always been somewhat interested but never really built up the nerve to go to one by myself, but the bi ones excited me greatly but were never on when i was available. After a tough year I decided it was time to start socializing again and to try and comeout of my

  • 4AM
    A Fantasy by CurvyHB

    It was four a.m. when she woke with a start, disturbed from a dream for no particular reason. She then tossed and turned for half an hour trying to get back to sleep, but all she could think about was him. She rolled over to face her sleeping lover and listened in the dark to his soft snoring. She reached

  • The doctor
    A Fantasy by oilmaster

    My name is Jane, I’m the lonely type I go to bed at ten each night. And just before I go to sleep I read the stuff that makes you creep. The night I read the haunted train I became aware of a nagging pain. I gently felt the tender place This I thought is a Doctors case I rose at once and

  • Cheeky6x9 Photo
    The Vaccine and the Bareback Fuck Club
    A Fantasy by Cheeky6x9

    It came as a surprise to everyone when one day "The vaccine" was announced which effectively took away all fears surrounding STDs. Within weeks of it becoming available, the new freedom was celebrated in a new form of gatherings that popped up all around the Western world. The group my partner and

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    The Club
    A True Story by Zamboon

    you look forward to visiting the club - to being attended to by some bulls who will suck your nipples to your instructions - 2 guys at a time while their lubed fingers caress your labia and sex and slip inside you 2 fingers 2 guys finger fucking you while they suck long and hard on your nipples - don’t

  • Re post Part 2
    A True Story by yourownsecret

    Part 2 of my re post Story cont: from Part 1 posted on 8th April 2015 So……. I rolled her over and got her onto her knees, this had been a marathon session and I wanted relief but checking out the view I knew I wouldn’t maintain much longer when I was in her so I dropped to my knees and let my tongue

  • A re post
    A True Story by yourownsecret

    I was thinking about this the other day and decided to re post . Hope you enjoy I have been a gold member in the past and let it lapse due to lack of response because I have been honest enough to state that I am married. It seems that even the ladies on here that are married want a single man, maybe

  • Putting the work in
    A True Story by tscuntfuck

    This gay guy from this site messaged me and said he was happy to dress as a girl for me if I wanted to fuck him. I looked at his pics and he looked like he could pull off a decent girly look if he dressed right but I wasn’t going for it. I was sick of topping everyone, my ass has needs too. I told him

  • Cheeky6x9 Photo
    Perfect First Date
    A Fantasy by Cheeky6x9

    Note: While this is written as a fantasy, I have experienced several aspects of this story. He had been waiting for her in a cafe close to his place. She had looked a bit nervous when she arrived, but he was probably the only one noticing it. She wore minimal make up, her long hair fell gently on

  • The dirtiest I’ve ever had
    A True Story by tscuntfuck

    I started chatting online with this really kinky crossdresser in another city as I was headed there for a few days. She told me that she had one fantasy - to be picked up off the street as if she was a prostitute but that if I did that she’d do anything I wanted. I’d had some things I’d wanted to do

  • The old “t4m” personals
    A True Story by tscuntfuck

    On this sadly defunct personals website I used to always scan the “t4m” section in the hope of finding hot cross dressers on there. This one ‘girl’ used to say she gave free massages and I was a bit dubious but after a few months of seeing it I was in a really horny mood so I answered the ad. She didn’t

  • Club Hookup
    A True Story by tscuntfuck

    So there used to be this tranny joint in Sydney and I despite having had a thing for trans women for a few years I’d never actually been with one, so I went there with two of my straight mates ‘for a laugh’, little did they know I was actually there for a perv. Anyway we watched some stage shows

  • My Girlfriend In The Bush
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u

    Does anybody know the Glow Worn Tunnels at Newnes, NSW? I used to go there as a young fella so that was many years ago. My brother in law took us there when I was a teenager and I had been back once by myself since then. I met a girl a couple of years after that who was a keen explorer of the outback

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    Backseat Brutalisation
    A Fantasy by 2ndbestusername

    *obviously I'm a big believer in consensual non-consent. "No" always means "No"... unless previously agreed on that it actually means "Yes, don't you dare stop". In that case I strongly recommend a safety word..... from my experience, "banana" is not a good choice, nor is "carrots", "cucumber" or "9

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    Miss P
    A True Story by Zamboon

    She was nervous and excited as she entered the hotel and took the elevator to the 5th floor , she had walked a few blocks and the buttplug that was in her felt comfortable although it made her conscious of her mission and she was sure it was pressing against her bladder from within, she was dressed smartly