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    Something’s not right....
    A Fantasy by MrWoof1975
    I return from my day Sweat and dirt atop my brow Yet my aches and pains vanish When I see her face somehow The norm, our regular has been routine now for a while She hears my keys as I walk in And there to greet me is her smile Her arms around my neck, Her form pressed against me tightly Our
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    Meal Interrupted
    A Fantasy by MrWoof1975
    I sat down to a warm meal The air filled with frosty bite The house quiet but for the clank of my spoon All was dark, leave the hallway light I sat with my friend; Silence Who’d stayed with me through it all She listened with hushed attention To the joys of each climb, the pain of each fall She’d
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    She Curled
    A Fantasy by MrWoof1975
    Entwined were her and I A lazy Sunday afternoon Her head on my chest, my arm around her We were neither fork nor spoon Her leg atop me using mine To gently press against her She heard my heart beat, as I stroked her hair Other than that, not a stir The shades were drawn Views of mountains
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    A memorable night with our unicorn
    A True Story by wafflesaftersex
    We plan a play date with our unicorn, but this one is with a twist... We start off, just us two. The hotel room has a king size bed, and you tie ropes to each corner. I peel my clothing off slowly, sensuously, my horniness getting the better of me, I feel my wetness between my legs... "Not yet" you
  • wafflesaftersex Photo
    Practicing DP for when we have a bull
    A True Story by wafflesaftersex
    My Sir instructs me to put my collar on and attend to some anal training in preparation for when we have a bull for my MFM fantasy.... I prepare by having a shower, making sure my arse and pussy are nice and clean. Using the sorbolene in the shower I stick first one then two fingers up my tight little
  • Hungboytoy22 Photo
    MILF fantasy from her perspective
    A Fantasy by Hungboytoy22
    "Sorry, Ms. Johnson," he called out. "Is it okay if I come get the ball." It was the son of her next-door neighbors, whom she had evidently not seen in a few years, because he was all but grown. "Sure, it's okay, come on in. It's over there," she said pointing to the ball. As he walked in,
  • jimmyjonyblue Photo
    In Bloom - Chapter 3
    A Fantasy by jimmyjonyblue
    Lucy Vale woke to her alarm clock. She rolled over onto her back and groaned. Her head felt like an elephant marching band had torn through during the night, and her mouth tasted like an ashtray. She rolled back onto her side and forced an eye open. 8:30am. Time to get up. Maybe she shouldn’t have accepted
  • Innocence Lost on a Friday Night
    A True Story by LuvMangoPussy
    Innocence Lost on a Friday Night It all started after work, the end of the week a hot Friday night at the beginning the first week of a hot summer. The intention being, an early evening with a few friends, with a few cheap beers, wines, and very badly sung Karaoke. 8pm Time to go home on this early
  • SA.Saint Photo
    First Time Taboo
    A Fantasy by SA.Saint
    Her eyes strained to open as she was woken from her deep slumber by the faint touch of her lover's hand, brushing against her lower back. She smiled and murmured something unintelligible, pulling the quilt back over her shoulders, ready to snuggle and doze again, his hand still laying upon her. She
  • Sex in public
    A Fantasy by MilesConnell
    You’re only wearing a coat, I find a place where, I can kiss you then slide my hand between the flaps of your coat. I expose your breasts and slide my hand down across your tummy down to your pussy. My fingers start to explore your soft bush, working there way to your soft pink lips surrounding your
  • Kjj2019 Photo
    Right place at right time
    A Fantasy by Kjj2019
    Right place at right time The summer was a hot and dry one. It was a balmy night and penny and I had decided to eat out and have a few beers at the local. I was dressed casually in rugby league shorts and a singlet and penny was also dressed is a short summer dress. Just too hot to wear too much. We
  • NightOwl47 Photo
    ..... And We Finally Meet......
    A Fantasy by NightOwl47
    We met through a hookup site and had exchanged explicit pictures and messages to each other for a while, but tonight, we were taking things to the next level, tonight we were finally getting together and my nerves were obvious. Stumbling through small talk, long silences and nervous laughter, I felt
  • A Sunday drink
    A Fantasy by StreetsofMelb
    I have a friend living in a country town north of Melbourne who I would visit. For a tease and laugh, I liked to walk to her front door naked and watch her squeal with laughter and tell me to come in before her neighbours saw me. A few times I had her take pictures of her new “garden gnome” and send
  • My Aunt’s Friend Kath (part 2)
    A True Story by Pleasureman2u
    The usual time between visits to my aunt had passed and so it was about time I dropped in again to see her, on the other hand I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to “see” her friend Kath again. (see my story My Aunt’s Friend Kath. If you didn’t catch that one then just to put you in the picture, I was about
  • 2dortysluts Photo
    I shouldn't fuck my girlfriend's neighbour
    A Fantasy by 2dortysluts
    there was a knock at the door "Are you there is there are you there Andy I was wondering if you had a spare cigarette" It was D, my lover's neighbour This is happening a more and more frequently. I get it - cigarettes are expensive - but it's hard for me to cover my own needs. D was a character
  • Threesome fun
    A Fantasy by Dony401
    I made contact with a couple a little while ago, on AMM they were in their 50s and had a couple of 3sms previously, They sounded quite respectable and were willing to try again with another chap. They didn’t live all that far away, so we decided to meet for drinks and a chat at a hotel nearby. When we
  • sodabomb Photo
    If you have never been...go
    A True Story by sodabomb
    I was in Vegas a few years ago and if you have never been...go. Having a non American accent mean that people in bars want to talk to you and comes in handy for starting a conversation with anyone there. I got talking to a married couple at the bar in the Mirage Hotel. The chat got smutty and I
  • MyfriendonAmm Photo
    Day off at the beach.
    A True Story by MyfriendonAmm
    The Note What a day it turned out to be, not only did I find a lovely lady to chat to, I found a friend. It was a Tuesday and I had the day off of work, I put a meet and great call out on AMM and had one or two responses asking if this works, I replied that it was my first time doing so and would
  • Summer's coming
    A Fantasy by Jman79
    John wasn't shy about it. He enjoyed Spring and its fresh contrast, but wasn't a fan of Summer - especially those muggy days and nights that surrounded those all too short thunderstorms. John was loving these Spring afternoons, even though he thought that the days were already getting too hot. He
  • Angela
    A Fantasy by Donjuan87
    Angela was the HR director and she was HOT! She had that bronze colored skin that comes with being of Mexican decent. The long black hair that was as black and shiny as an oil slick (we were an construction company after all). Here eyes were dark and smile was incredulous. While she wasn’t the most petite