Ejaculation Training Guide (Read the Reviews)


Hello gentlemen!

Have you ever wondered how to regulate arousal, manage ejaculation and be the ultimate lover in the bedroom?

I have summarised the most fundamental principles, the most powerful strategies and the most important mindset to strategise your sex life, so that you will surely be the best she has ever had!

Investing in your sex education is investing in your future: You will be able to make the most of your love life and have more fun, satisfaction and confidence, whether inside or outside the bedroom.

The best time to discover these ideas and tactics was ten years ago. The second-best time to learn this information is now. Don't let another year go without progress!

Thank you,

Wala Truscott
Somatic Sexologist
Intimacy and Attraction Facilitator
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"Very well written!! Well laid out and easy to understand."


"Great lessons in the eBook. Lots for me to practise, I will need to read it a few times for it to sink in. At least I'm starting, I should have done this years ago"


"I found some helpful hints in this eBook that I'll try. It was really well written, I had a laugh at the stop, stop, stop part, it's good I can laugh while learning"


"I like the tachometer analogy. I’ve been practising spending more time in the sweet spot while masturbating. This sentence resonated with me a lot: “Please give yourself permission not to ejaculate – it’s pleasure, not the performance that matters!”.


"It’s all making sense. The part about masturbating like a madman trying to get a shot out before your mum finds you is spot on. Haha. Many times I tried to get it done within a minute or so."


"I've just finished the eBook. Hell of a good read. I've been single for a long time and you identified a lot of the habitual patterning that I will change."

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