What is Video and Audio Call in Messenger?

The Video and Audio Call feature can be accessed via your Messenger.

This feature allows members to start an Audio or Video call, directly from their messenger conversation.

In order to send the request, the member requesting the call must be:

  • A Gold or Platinum member
  • Both members must be verified as 18+
  • Both members must appear as ‘Online' 
  • There must be at least one message sent and received by both members. If the other member has not yet replied, you will be unable to send the call request.

To use this feature, go to your Messenger page. Then on the top right of the conversation, if the above requirements are met, you will see Video Camera (video call) and Phone (audio call) icon. Press the relevant icon to request the call.

We recommend ensuring the other member is aware so they don't miss your call! However, if they do happen to miss the call, it will appear in the messenger conversation as accepted, missed or rejected.

Note: Only Gold or Platinum members can initiate a call. To take advantage of this great feature upgrade now.