Managing conversations in Messenger

Differences between the Focused and Other Inbox

Focused Inbox: 

  • Members you’ve had an ongoing conversation with

  • Members within your Match Criteria

  • Members you’ve liked

  • Site Alerts and Notifications  

Other Inbox:

  • Members who are outside of your Match Criteria, but who you have still chosen to receive winks and messages from in your Contact Filter settings.

  • Members whose member type (gender) is within your Match Criteria, but whose age does not match.

  • Members whose conversations/messages you’ve chosen to Ignore (explained below).


Managing your Messenger Conversations

Options for managing conversations:

  • Enabling Contact Filters to filter incoming messages to members who meet your Match Criteria or Profile Verified members only, so your Inbox is prioritised and you can focus on the members you want to meet.

  • Ignore, Delete or Leave Conversations.

  • Pin your important conversations, add labels or save conversations.

  • Save Responses to create templates that you can use to reply to other member’s messages quickly.

  • Block members.

The differences between Ignore, Delete or Leave a Conversation and Blocking:

  • Ignoring a Conversation will move the conversation and any future messages by the member, from your Focused Inbox to your Other Inbox, unless you continue the conversation or choose to move it back to your Focused Inbox. 

  • Deleting a Conversation will remove the conversation and place it in your Deleted folder. However, the member can still contact you again.

  • Leaving a Conversation will remove the conversation and place it in your Deleted folder. Additionally, this will also prevent the other member from contacting you again unless you choose to open the conversation to continue it. If you have given a member Private Gallery access this will be removed. This is a good alternative if you do not wish to receive messages from a member, but do not want to block them.

  • Blocking a member will remove the conversation and reject any and all further contact on site. They will also be blocked from viewing your profile.

On the website you can access these options by pressing the icon with 3 dots next to the username of the member or top right of the conversation and select Delete, Ignore Conversation, Leave Conversation or Block Sender.

On the App you can delete, leave, ignore, report, or block a member by holding your finger down on the unopened conversation then all the options will pop up. 

If you have received messages from a member you do not wish to receive any further contact from, we recommend using the Leave Conversation or Block the member.

You can report another member to our Support Team by pressing the icon with 3 dots next to the username of the member or the top right of the conversation and selecting Report Sender. Select the reason for your report from the drop down menu and provide as much information as possible in the 'Additional Information' section, then press the 'Report User' button.