Why can't I see R rated content?


Why can't I see R rated content? 

In order to view R rated content, you will need to verify as 18+ or verify your age. 
To verify as 18+, you can either upgrade to a Premium Membership or make a once-off credit card payment of $9.95 to confirm you are 18+.
To verify your age, you will need to upload your Photo ID and a current photo. This will also verify the age listed on your account is genuine. 

Once you have verified your age or verify as 18+, Adult Mode will be enabled on your account. You will then be able to view the R rated content and access the Video Chat.


I'm Age Verified! Why am I seeing pixelated photos?

While Adult Mode is enabled by default once you have verified as 18+, members can opt to turn this feature on and off after they have been verified as 18+.

If you've already verified your age as 18+ and are suddenly seeing pixelated photos, you may have turned off your Adult Mode. 

Next to your profile photo on the menu, you will see the text "Adult Mode". Toggle the button next to it green to turn Adult Mode ON and grey to turn Adult Mode OFF.


Why would I want to turn Adult Mode off?

There are many reasons why a member may want to turn off Adult Mode. They may be accessing the site in a public space or a space where people might see over their shoulder, or they may not want to view R rated photos. The Adult Mode feature gives members more control when browsing the site.


To verify as 18+ or verify your age, return to Verification
Need help or assistance to verify your age? Contact our Support team and explain your situation so they can assist you to verify.