Share the love and let another member know you like them

Research suggests that when rating potential dates online, people are particularly attracted to others when they are 100% certain that they like them back. Enter the Likes Feature. Think of it as a knowing glance across a crowded room and then its true power comes into play.

You may like another members’ profile by selecting the heart-shaped icon on their profile, or on the members’ search result listing. Once you have liked a members’ profile it will change from a grey colour to a red colour. Simply select the icon again if you wish to revoke this like.

Once you have spread the love and liked another members’ profile you will want to head back to your own profile to check your Likes to see if they have reciprocated so you can decide to make the next move or not. Look for the heart shaped icon in your navigation menu and select it to view those members who have liked you.

What’s not to like about that?

Learn more about the Likes feature by visiting our Help Centre.