Kimmi's Masquerade Social Christmas Drinks

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Kimmi's Masquerade Social Christmas Drinks
It's a perfect night to dip your toe in the water and see what the lifestyle is all about. Seasoned players looking for a casual night out

What a perfect way to meet your online connection so why not to invite them out in to a social scene with no pressure to play and believe me if you want to know who's willing to do more than swipe right this is definitely one option to do so safely. If you hit it off - great! If you don't - you still have a lot of other people to mix and mingle with because you're in a group setting.

Swingle males with great social skills are certainly welcomed to enjoy this night but if you're looking for an easy way into parties this will definitely allow you to self assess whether you're a suitable person to be able to adapt from a social to a party scene.

You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you like to anyone and everyone who attends a social drinks night - not just the hosts, so you feel comfortable about attending a party!


Adelaide CBD location

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For more information visit our website.

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Entry for single guys is limited to previous Kimmi’s Parties

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