Sydney Hellfire Club Masked Ball

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Sydney Hellfire Club Masked Ball
From the original Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago to present-day pups, here at The Hellfire Club we've always been fascinated by masquerade. Dressing up to be someone or something else is the best fun, and it gives us permission to be different too. So on Friday 22nd February you can change it all up at Anonymous: The Masked Ball. We’ve been digging through the pix from past parties and noticed just how many fantastic masks of every style you’ve worn over the years, so we can’t wait to see what it’s going to look like when most of you are masked up.

The shows are locked and loaded, beginning with Lillian Starr, known around the world for her audacious, conceptual and layered routines that cross the divide between performance art and burlesque.

Then after midnight... She might be faceless tonight but she is known to be fierce and formidable, she is “The Feminist Fatale”. This fearless woman joins us on the Hellfire stage from the depths of your darkest desires. Within each of us, a silenced beast lurks, feared, silenced but waiting to be unleashed. Slithering onto the stage, with special performance of her new act “The Sex Demon”, powerhouse of Australian burlesque, Miss Alyssa Kitt.

The Sydney Hellfire Club is Australia's longest running fetish club night, first opening our doors in 1993. Each month sexy shows, deviant DJs, dirty dancing and public play combine with the biggest, friendliest, most diverse crowd of fetish fans of any event in Australia.

There's nowhere like Sydney Hellfire Club which is why it's still going strong after 24 years. Because our parties are exclusively inclusive. As long as you’ve made an effort to be there, and bring a tolerant attitude to match, you’re welcome to join all the deliciously diverse deviants from all walks of life who are united in their desire to walk on the wild side! We welcome all ages, all shapes, all sizes, all sexualities, all points on the gender scale - there is nowhere more diverse, more accepting, more embracing and more welcoming.

Each month we showcase the sexiest, most twisted artistes in sensuous shows that explore the erotic, the exotic and the taboo.

We always have a full deck of deviant DJs to amaze, astound and arouse you and keep you hot and sweaty til home time.

The dress code might be kinky but the crowd is always friendly and it’s a respectful girl & transgender friendly environment.

We'd love you to join us on the fourth Friday of every month.


85-91 Oxford Street, Sydney

$30 entry

Not required.

Dress Code:
NO EFFORT, NO ENTRY! We like formal, fancy dress, leather, latex, PVC, cross-dressing, burlesque, punk, uniforms, goth, industrial, cyber and crazy home-made creations.

Check out the Sydney Hellfire page on Facebook for more information.


Hellfire is a fetish night club in a licensed venue. In NSW this means that there is no sex on premises and you MUST keep your genitals covered. It is only suitable for those with a genuine interest in kink or fetish, not those simply looking for sex.


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