Saints & Sinners Ball

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Saints & Sinners Ball
Dare to explore the enchanting boundaries between the divine and the profane at this year’s Saints & Sinners Erotic Ball, themed “Mythologica.” As dusk falls, we invite you to join us in a realm where ancient gods and goddesses mingle with mortals, where mythical creatures roam free, and where the legends of old come alive in a night of uninhibited revelry and sensuous spectacle.

Don your most captivating attire inspired by the myths and legends that have tantalised humanity for centuries. From the opulent halls of Olympus to the shadowy depths of the Underworld, immerse yourself in a world of erotic fantasy brought to life through mesmerising performances, seductive music, and an atmosphere dripping with the divine decadence of a bygone era.

With every turn, find yourself ensnared in tales of love, power, and passion. Participate in rituals of pleasure and liberation, witness acts of beauty and strength, and dance under the spell of the gods until the dawn. The Mythologica Saints & Sinners Erotic Ball is not just an event; it’s a passage to a world where the ethereal and the erotic dance in perfect harmony.

This is your invitation to transcend the ordinary and partake in an unparalleled celebration of beauty, desire, and myth. Join us for a night where fantasies unfold, secrets are unveiled, and the ancient world’s allure meets the modern spirit of adventure and sensuality.

Are you ready to write your legend?

There’s a world of adult parties, and then there’s the Saints & Sinners Ball – the ultimate testament to the wilder side of life. Dare you miss out on the most decadent event of the year?



Inflation Nightclub
Melbourne CBD

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Age range:

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Dress Code:
Must be erotic. This means a costume with lots of flesh on show with perhaps the occasional pink bit peeking out. It means you can't attend the evening in ordinary street clothes or covered up. You must comply with basic erotic costumes would include lingerie, G-strings, etc. Use your imagination in the most erotic and/or filthiest ways possible.

Invitations are extended to couples and single female identifying including trans women and trans men.


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