Bohemians and Hedonists Play Party at House of Woland

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Bohemians and Hedonists Play Party at House of Woland
A different kind of swingers party for COUPLES and SINGLE WOMEN - an intimate gathering of bohemians and creative hedonists in an incomparable setting. We have created a unique play-space, a gothic pleasure-palace hidden amongst the cottages in Carlton North, featuring a luscious, scarlet draped orgy room, and incredible sumptuous playroom with a giant orgy-sized canopy bed.

With Autumn upon us, this month's theme is:
"Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold"
Glitter, foil, lurex, lace, bodypaint - celebrate the season in the opulent colour of kings.

To receive an invitation contact us here or email and we will take you through our gentle vetting process.

We invite hedonists, libertines, and bohemians to join us for an evening of aesthetic sexuality. Come and play with beautiful, adventurous people, lose yourself for an evening in a strange, sexy, sumptuous world.

Express yourself! We are a kink-positive venue, and we welcome kinky, creative, and unconventional sexual expression. We encourage our guests to flourish their creativity. Costume, body-paint, role-play, fetish, BDSM. Become someone, or something, else for an evening.

We are an intimate private venue hosting sex/kink positive parties, art and events, including parties, erotic life-drawing, skill-shares, exhibitions.

This party is restricted to COUPLES and SINGLE WOMEN.
BYO alcohol welcome.


We are a small cottage in Carlton Nth, just off the 96 tram, a few minutes drive from the CBD.

$120 couple, $60 single female/non-binary

This party is strictly invitation only. Contact us for details.

Dress Code:
All guests are required to wear erotic, aesthetic or revealing dress.
Acceptable efforts include lingerie, fetish wear, erotic costume, bodypaint, elaborate vagazzling, or naked as a Jaybird. Outrageous bikinis welcome!
Those who make a particularly creative effort will be much appreciated and rewarded by the congregation.

Respect yourself, respect everyone else, feel beautiful, have fun.


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