Under 35s Swingers Party @ The Rabbit Hole

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Under 35s Swingers Party @ The Rabbit Hole
Welcome to The Rabbit Hole, Adelaide's only purposely fitted-out adult house party venue! Our large downstairs area includes a pool table, a sexy pole dancing space, and a 2-door commercial fridge for your drinks. Upstairs you will find 2 closed rooms, a curtained room, an orgy space (double king bed), and a dungeon. We also have lockers in a dedicated change room to keep your valuables safe.

The back-to-back Under 35s and Over 35s parties are so popular, we’re doing it regularly!

Under 35s Swingers Party on 27th of July 2019; Over 35s Swingers Party on 3rd of August 2019.

Singles, couples, threesomes and moresomes invited. Please note: no one is excluded, you are welcome if you feel this party will be right for you.

Dress code: Dress to impress. Sexy. Fetish. You are strongly encouraged to dress down at least to underwear (or nude if you prefer), particularly after doors close at 10pm.

Start time: 8.30pm, doors close at 10pm unless specifically arranged with hosts.

**SINGLE MEN please note: you MUST attend a Meet Me @ The Rabbit Hole event first, before being able to attend a play party. ID must be supplied.


We are just 10 minutes from the Adelaide CBD with plenty of parking nearby.

Cost: $100 per couple.
Single female: $50
Single male: $100
Genders will be balanced for the night at our discretion.


You can book in 2 ways: 

Thru our AMM profile RabbitHoleParty [we have Postage Paid]

Please book direct via our website: https://www.therabbitholeparties.com

Dress Code:
Dress to impress. If you think sexy, kinky or fetish, you're on the right track.
You are strongly encouraged to dress down at least to underwear (or nude if you prefer), particularly after doors close at 10pm.

Consent is paramount. Ask before you touch. No means No, and it doesn’t need to be said more than once.
If you arrive together, leave together.
Please respect our neighbours and keep noise levels in check whenever you are outside: whether arriving, leaving, or smoking.
Please watch out for each other. Call out unacceptable behaviour. If the first warning is unheeded, offenders will be asked to leave The Rabbit Hole and not be invited to return.

Email: events@therabbitholeparties.com

Visit website

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