Kimmi's Play Party

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Kimmi's Play Party
Kimmi's adult play parties caters for couples, playmates and sexy swingles who like to have a few drinks, some cheeky conversation, lots of flirting in a visually exciting cheeky playhouse atmosphere.

Come and play at Kimmi's new playhouse, where the settings are intimate, cozy and subtly sexy so you can feel totally comfortable mixing and mingling.

The last few parties have proven to be very playful and couples are LOVING the new venue. It's not about how many people we can get into the place, it's about quality and connection.

Contrary to popular misconception, the 'play' lifestyle isn't about having sex with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Choosing to explore this lifestyle can be very nerve-racking and extremely exciting all at the same time. We invite open minded couples and swingles to come and enjoy the wonderful opportunity to openly flirt and be flirted with in a non-threatening, sexually charged atmosphere.

We can assure you that at Kimmi's, it's not just about what happens in the bedroom. It is just as much about conversation, atmosphere, enjoyment, good laughs with good company over a drink for a great night out.



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Parties are designed to be social first and playful second (all rules listed on Kimmis Parties website)

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