Sacred Sexuality

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Sacred Sexuality
Sexual Energy is your Life Force Energy and Tantric Blossoming invite ladies to join them for this workshop.

Transform your life through an understanding and awareness of the spiritual sexual connection. Understand the longing of every woman’s heart to connect more deeply with herself, friends and lovers.

In our time together you will learn how to:
- Embrace your sexuality as an essential ingredient for your health and wellbeing
- Connect more deeply with your sexual energy
- Explore the healing power of touch with friends and lovers
- Feel more vibrant and alive in your body
- Improve relating and communication with lovers
- Nourish your female friendships

Choose your own level of comfort and participation at the workshop.
There is no sex, nudity or compulsory exercises.

At Tantric Blossoming, we create the space and opportunity for tantric experiences to take you beyond your perceived limitations in life, sex and relationships - and supporting you to open to greater intimacy, to enhance your inner knowing and to bring the spiritual element into sex.


Awareness Institute, St Leonards

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Dress Code:
Dress comfortably


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