A plumbers true story. Busted

A True Story by Clitlover01

One day many years ago I was sitting enjoying my lunch on dairy rd down at the wet lands when this dark skinned native girl walked up and said hi, do you mind if I sit here and join you for lunch it’s a beautiful view, I said be my guest she said thank you. I said it is a nice view isn’t it. She said…


Rendezvous with a friend

A Fantasy by Kinkylatin79

Once in a million times, precious moments ignite our sense of pleasure. Today I met my old friend after a long wait since I left home. After countless chats and sharing moments, the desire to taste her lips, and touch her beautiful body turns on in an intense desperation led by desire. So I was waiting…


I'm becoming an anal slut

A Fantasy by Kath37

“Fuck you’re hot” I was lying on the bed, naked, his eyes travelled all over my body. Then his hands. Starting at my shoulders, moving to my breasts, then down my stomach to my thighs. Then he moved them to my arse. “I love your body. You’re so slim I can get my hands around you and pull your pussy…


Make me shivers…

A True Story by ExotiCaBliss100

“Remember now, Ollie,” Jamie said. “Just tongue, lips, teeth. No fingers. No penetration. That’s for me. Not for you.” “Got it,” Oliver said. He sounded as breathless as I felt. He looked me over slowly at first. My cheeks burned with embarrassment tinted with need. What did he think of me? Of…


Welkom Thuis Schat

A True Story by Joopklep

Na 3 weken buitenland weer thuis. San mijn aan de rolstoel gekluisterd partner geeft mij een vette tongzoen. "Hup soppen en goed schoon zijn . Scheren doe ik ." Schaamstreek scheren komt er niet van als ik weg ben. 10 minuten later ben ik gedouched en gewassen. Ik ruik weer als een baby. " oke lekker…


Night out play room fun

A Fantasy by BigDomWolf87

We're heading out for the night going to see some live music, you've just gotten out of the shower you wrap a towel around your body and come into the bedroom. I'm sitting on the end of the bed waiting for you I look you up and down your hair wet standing there in nothing but a towel, (fuck you sexy…


Lusting After

A Fantasy by Shamrock24

Her vagina was pulsing with absolute lust. The thought of her man bringing his lips down her body to gently bite on her flaps was sending her into overdrive. The moistness is building and her breathing is elevated. The vision of his cock hardening with her every breath is unbearable. She wants him…


An afternoon spa and bedroom fun

A Fantasy by Kath37

“I think we should have a spa.” We’d been doing work on the house all morning, and were now sitting having lunch. D had been plastering, which he hates, and it wasn’t going well. “This is shitting me. I couldn’t be fucked doing it right now. Let’s go and have a spa.” How could I resist? I’d…


Our first time

A True Story by LiamNLina

So our first time together was an interesting experience, we had both come out of bad relationships and kind of leaned on each other for support for recovering. After a couple of weeks of phone conversations and catch ups with mutual friends I invited Lina to my place for a movie night. Things started…


A Kinky Marriage

A True Story by BoerEnVrou

The shower head shuddered as he shut off the cool supply of cleansing spray and started to towel himself dry. At forty-seven he nevertheless still cut an impressive figure. Standing a couple of inches shy of the golden six, his body was characteristic of the broad-shouldered, barrel-chested and muscular…


Lazy night in front of the tv

A Fantasy by QuietDan1968

Both of us sitting on the couch watching some tv and you decide you want to lay down so you grab a cushion and put it in my lap and lay down placing your head on the cushion. I start to play with your hair running my fingers through it and massaging your head, running my fingers through your hair like…


A 20 minute orgasm for breakfast

A Fantasy by Kath37

“It’s important to have a good breakfast.” That’s our daily routine. D’s alarm goes off early for work, so he gets up, makes coffee for both of us and brings it back to bed with his cereal. Once we’ve finished that, he has his ‘real breakfast’. Every morning, before he gets up for work, he…

Photos in private gallery

Ice cold submissive

A Fantasy by newfrontier98

I saw the envelope, white and sealed, he dropped into the top of my prada bag. No-one would have noticed in the noisy Kensington High St Wine bar, Kensington place. If they had it was just a thing. Of course I knew what it meant, my nipples hardened, I felt the warm extension, as before no-one knew except…


Right place, right time.

A Fantasy by Justoflirt

She wears the same outfit every Friday. White blouse with the gold cuffs links, Black suit jacket buttoned only at the waist, long, tight, black pin striped pants and her favourite, pointy toed, red heels to match her red lipstick. She does this incase she meets him again. The last time she saw him…


Pushing the boundaries

A Fantasy by Kath37

“I think you need an extra cock.” I shivered. I’d never done anything like that before. But I wanted to please him. “You need to be a good fucktoy. I want to watch you take another cock.” “But I’ve never done that before.” “Don’t worry. I will look after you. I’ll make sure you’re safe.” …


Perfect strangers

A Fantasy by tallguy3804

A hard rain was falling outside, but not enough to stir Ethan from his sleep and, God forbid, this delicious dream. “Addison…” the name wafted from his lips like an enchantment, as if breathing her into his bedroom. The cute redhead at the coffee shop. The one reading the erotic novel. Chewing her lip.…


Erotic massage evening.

A Fantasy by Lilone4daddy

I had finished work Friday around 4pm and felt a little achy from a heavy work load that week. So i looked in the paper for a massage. The ad stated 'do you need a strong man to relieve your stress call for a full body massage. I thought perfect, who doesnt like a man giving you a massage. So…


My wife wants a gang bang

A Fantasy by Kath37

“I want cock. Lots of cock.” It might seem to some a strange way to start a conversation over breakfast with your husband of 20 years, but fortunately he knows it doesn’t mean I don’t love him or fancy him. He knows I’m just a slut who loves cock. It’s one of the things he loves about me. “I…

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My friend gets a blowjob

A True Story by BBWMFM

After I witnessed my wife and friend John fucking behind my back, to my surprise I found it to be a very erotic experience and after the initial shock I realised that I didn’t want to stop. The fact that they were treating me like a fool pissed me off, but the combination of the vision of his cock…


A very special date night

A True Story by Friends4Fun482

I met Belinda through my work, she works at a government client that l used call on regularly. We exchanged pleasantries in a very professional manner, but it was very obvious to us both, that there was a lot of chemistry. I had seen Bel around a few more times at my regular meetings with her department…