My New Best Mate

A Fantasy by Man4Me

I started talking with a guy from my local pub. A guy that I hadn't seen before. We got talking about women...then our cock sizes...and I was impressed when he said that he was pretty thick with nearly 8 inches. But I was disappointed to hear that he was straight, and straight only. He visited…


Stranger In My Bed

A Fantasy by DomGuyWanted4Us

I was at my local, enjoying a few cold beverages on my own. A nice gentleman, like yourself, approached me and asked if I wanted some company. We chatted over several beers, over several hours. Then we returned to my place to continue drinking. My wife was still out at a party, so we sat out on…


The English Dom

A True Story by Harutak808

Based on true... so here it begins with our first meeting. We met for coffee, not in a nice cafe but one that serves a carpark and cafe... attached sort of affair not what I expected...albeit by the water, where all and sundry gathered hence was the result of the electricity that invaded the air that…


The Peacock Feather

A Fantasy by TheDruid59

I was listening to Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade. While driving to meet friends for a morning tryst. The 3rd movement inspired this tale erotique! Perhaps my mind was on a singular track of anticipated pleasures. The Peacock Feather. A gasp as the turquoise and blue feather glides up the…


A Sonnet of Passion

A Fantasy by eroticminds

In the hallowed sanctuary of twilight's embrace, she stood revealed, a living tapestry woven from moonlit dreams. Her blouse fell open, inviting his eager hands to explore the untamed landscape that lay beneath. As his fingers traced the contours of her breast, she felt as though she were being sculpted…


Wishful Thinking?

A Fantasy by ButterflyEvo

Think of me sliding under the covers. Running light kisses and licks down your chest to your resting cock. Breathing you in. Nuzzling. Cupping you and taking you into my warm mouth. Feeling you immediately start to stir and respond. Wondering; wishful thinking, or perhaps a dream? Your…


A different kind of meeting

A Fantasy by WolfEmery

Aftrr chatting for what seems a lifetime, we have decided to meet, but we haven't seen each other before, or at least not our faces. The idea is to meet on a public bus. I would already be on board, sitting in the back right corner with a blue cap on so you can work out who I am. You would be wearing…


The sensual meeting

A Fantasy by WolfEmery

Having chatted for weeks we agree to meet, so i book a nice hotel room, and set it up with scented candles. Music playing and a bottle of Champagne on ice. Once its all ready I leave the hotel and text you the room number. I leave the spare key for you at reception. When you are ready you text me to…



A Fantasy by Onorte1

Invitation to meet a sexy couple for some MFM fun on a Spring Afternoon I’d been chatting with a bi couple from the site for a while now, they lived barely 15mins away, but we had never met. Logging on this day I and noticed that Ms A, was in the chat room. We again chatted and she asked if I’d be…

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Erotic Dom - Real Love

A Fantasy by lovehurtz52

MFM has been your wild fantasy for years; tonight we are going to play it out. You're hesitant and nervous but you trust me. You trust that I understand your desires but more importantly you trust that I understand your boundaries. Understanding is a dynamic and circular process. I explore to understand…


Last minute message

A Fantasy by UnMeLetsB

I lay wake unable to get back to sleep, so I log in to read some stories. Its about 4 am on my last morning before fly home. I'm disappointed I didn't hook up while I was here, when I get a wink. I look at her profile, and wink back. She messages me, extremely short message, just her number and an address,…


The get away!!

A Fantasy by AlJamie

We arrive at a sub secluded cabin. It’s long with kitchen at on end, moving across to the dinning then there is a double side fire place, of which the living is on the other side which flows to a king size bed. Just beyond the bed is a free standing marble bath. The east side of the cabin is…

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Our first night!

A Fantasy by Lookng4U

I lay asleep in my king sized bed. It's late and as per our messages you come up to the door and open it quietly, you walk into my room and begin to undress and you climb into the bed with me, snuggling up close and wrapping your arms around me. I stir and roll over to face you. I lean in and kiss you…

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Milf needs some extra action in that hole with a threesome

A Fantasy by SydneyWife

The always unsatisfied Milf starts foreplay with the guest man as the Husband is on his way home. As she is always into being locked and sucked and returning the favour so as they get undressed the big breasts get squeezed in between the nipples taking turns being sucked on until she tried to grab his…


Secret rendezvous

A Fantasy by AussieVet

You enter the dimly lit motel room, you see me sitting naked on a kitchen style chair no arm rests, slowly stroking my hard cock, a low moan escapes your lips. You place your bag and keys on the table. You slowly start undressing removing your shoes and pushing them aside with your feet lifting your…


The Quest for the Green Rose. An adventure with Nymphs.

A Fantasy by EveningAngel

A Captain John (Jack) Walker Adventure. The business card on top of the ancient oak desk said “Capt. J. Walker (Rtd). Adventurer (lic’d)” The woman lying naked on the desk was also being licked. “Oh,” she moaned, “you have to stop, I have a job for you.” The man between her thighs said “mmm.” “I’m…

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Geblinddoekt een echt verhaal vertaald in een fantasie

A Fantasy by OpzoekFrank

In mijn fantasie, ben jij geblinddoekt de voordeur staat open. Je bent schaars gekleed, met een aantal voorafgesproken kledingstukken. Ik kom binnen en zoals afgesproken sta je daar. Hoog gehakt, schaars gekleed, de spanning is te voelen. Je staat op een lage salontafel. De zenuwen gieren door je keel.…


FRIDAY ARVO Surprise Visitor

A Fantasy by GemIni4u181

FRIDAY ARVO - PART 1 .........It had been a long hectic week in the office but it was now Friday afternoon. I could hear the rain lightly tapping on the windows glass pain in between the rustling of the tree branches and leaves. It was a cold miserable winters day. Being winter, with the dark rain clouds,…


ms dirty goes to church

A Fantasy by Cap.Slutty

Walking hand in hand, ms dirty is actually fully dressed, long skirt, loose fitting long sleeved blouse, and for once panties. “Where are we going today?” ms dirty asks “You need to go to church ms dirty.” I tell her, “you need to go to confession.” “I do?” “Yes ms dirty, you have several sins to…


Very Good Girl

A Fantasy by ButterflyEvo

Dedicated to Sir 💜🦋 I am, as instructed, waiting on your doorstep for you to come home from work. Nervously, I mentally, methodically check I have the items you requested. It took me two hours to buy what was required, agonising over every detail; a lovely bottle of red and tasty selection of your…