Hot day time sex or stay over night sex

A Fantasy by fuckme41

I am wanting to make you feel so good and touch your body all over, my tongue will make sure it touches every little bit of your body, while my hands run up your thighs and make you shiver with anticipation of what will come next, at this point your toes will curl and your biting your lip in anticipation.…


After a hard days work

A Fantasy by Deano5074

I draw a nice warm bath, putting some moisturising bubble bath and smelling salts with some red rose petals. Scattered all around the bathroom down the hallway to the front door to lead you to the bath. When you get home from work. I also have some nice little candle lights illuminating The bathroom…


Just Another Night at Saints & Sinners

A True Story by Hot2TrotLeos314

I took Michelle to her second Saints & Sinners Ball. Upon arrival we stripped down to our party clothes. Me in leather chaps, boots and a black vest, my cock waving in the breeze and beginning to stir as I watched Michelle strip down to black stay-up stockings with black high-heeled boots and a red satin…

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A couple exploring some threesome fun

A True Story by Chris2537

True story! Myself and partner Tenica had invited a few mates around for a couple of drinks and BBQ. as the night went on and the drinks where flowing, the topics of threesome had come up. My partner Tenica has been curious in what it would be like to be with another women. Tenica has been known…


First meeting from AMM

A True Story by WndringMinstrel

As part of my play, he asked and I agreed to write him a story. So here it is because spending time chatting on AMM is fun but every now and again one comes along that has that little something else and when that happens … POW … He was one of them xx I’d been chatting to a local guy for a while…


Orgasms on the subway

A Fantasy by lilmissvixen34

Standing on the subway I wanted you to be sitting in front of me, slide your hand up my leg, under my short dress and drag me towards you so you could slip your fingers inside me. With no Underwear in the way you have easy access, just the way you like it. You start by playing with my clit, making sure…


Birthday gangbang

A True Story by Dav129

The last few years I’d jokingly (even though I really meant it) told my wife for my birthday I’d like her to have a gangbang. I hadn’t pushed it because you don’t do that with her, it doesn’t work. This year we were meant to meet a girl from here at a hotel nearby where there was a meet and greet…


Stranger sex is the best sex


I was just getting out of the shower when he knocked on the door. Wrapped in only my towel, I stood there at the door with him staring at me through the screen. We had chatted a little on line and I was not expecting him to turn up. We stood there in silence and I began teasing my nipples. He slid the…


Karma Always Comes

A True Story by ChocolateDlight

I finished work one night and it was around 2 am on Friday night when I saw a patron sitting outside the night club, waiting for a tram. I recognised her as I had a chat with her inside an hour ago. She was a big Maori Islander in her mid 20s and new to Melbourne. I find big girls very attractive to…


Unexpected Hook up

A True Story by ChocolateDlight

I was driving on the freeway once when I saw a woman in her mid 30s at the side of the freeway, changing tyre of her car. I stopped by and asked if she needs a hand. She said yes please and thank you for stopping by as I am trying to take these nuts off from last half an hour but no luck. It seems like…


Reading a book

A Fantasy by Bagster67

I am sitting on the bed reading a book, when you walk into the room. I look up and see you have that small skirt on, a knowing smile and nothing less. You walk over and sit on my lap, no more reading for me now. You rock back and forth on me until you feel my cock growing hard, you reach under my shorts…


Mistress Rules the Roost

A Fantasy by 4yourhandsonly

One of those moments you find yourself in unexpectedly that turns out to be completely wild. Mistress and I had been looking for an additional body to join in for some fun times. Messages sent during the week all indicating keen and ready to meet then come Saturday night the excuses start rolling in.…


My Accountants Receptionist

A True Story by Tng001

This is a story my husband told me about years ago. New to writing so see how I go. My husband had made an appointment to meet his new accountant. He had spoken to the receptionist to make the appointment. The day arrived and he walked into the office and a striking blonde was siting behind the desk.…

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Evie, story teller…

A Fantasy by readyforlust

Finally the day is there. After hours and hours of chatting and fantasizing together at AM, I convinced her to come to my place in Italy. It was late in the afternoon when I drove to Nice airport, on the return road it was very busy. The thought of some traffic jams made me smile. Just as I left…


Cheeks all red and wide spread

A Fantasy by 4yourhandsonly

I rolled down the street slowly watching as the numbers displayed on letterboxes showed I was nearly there. A normal looking street in a nice suburb. Meanwhile my brain was running on overdrive, was I really going to go through with this? We had been flicking messages back and forth for a while, discussing…


She nearly took my head off!

A True Story by Pleasureman2u

When I was around 19 or 20 I worked as a storeman in a grocery warehouse as a temp job. The other storemen were older in their fifties and some in their sixties. They told me this story of the assistant manager who was apparently boning one of the office girls. I listened wide eyed to their story as…


A hot afternoon got hotter

A True Story by Amusedwell

This is a story from last summer. Some of the details I didn’t know at the time but J shared with me later. It was a warm summer day. Shorts and T-shirt day. My friend J came around for a coffee and a catch up. When she arrived J had a summer dress on which hugged her ample breasts and had her blue…


Car park blowjob

A True Story by JandA8283

My husband and I had been shopping at a local store as we had been fortunate to have the day off from our children which doesn't happen too often we had just had lunch and realized we had an hour before we had to pick our kids up and we were in our local big W store looking at some sheats for our bed…


Sensuele aanraking

A Fantasy by Evelien1970

Vingertoppen glijden over mijn naakte huid. Rillingen gaan door mijn lijf. Het voelt fijn en angstaanjagend, ik wil meer en ik wil dat het stopt. Je geeft me een liefdevol kusje op mijn mondhoek. Ik glimlach als ik mijn ogen open en jou aan kijk. Ik wil zoveel zeggen maar ik zeg helemaal niets. Ik kijk…

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Autumn afternoon

A Fantasy by Springisinair

My day off and with an hour to kill before catching up with an old colleague for coffee I welcomed the warmth as I pushed open the door of the old bookshop closing it quickly to escape the outside chill. I greeted the elderly woman behind a pile of books and moved my way into the maze of book cases leading…