Tradies dream came true

A True Story

I’m a tradie and I’ve always fantasised about a beautiful curvy customer not being able to pay, I always thought it was a myth and it would never happen to me, until last week, I went to a customers place in a hotel in Canberra to install a new shower rose, I hadn’t realised that people could rent or buy places in hotels, so it’s a thing.

Anyway I went into this beautiful hotel on Northbourne Ave as I do follow the directions given by the young lady on the phone, I arrived at the hotel right near Taco boi, walked into the very nice reception, spoke to the reception for a minute and then walked to the lifts and jumped in, up it went to the fifth floor, following the directions looking at the numbers I thought it was the wrong floor I was give a two digit number as the apartment number, the number straight outside the lift was three digit, so followed the directions and there it was a 2 digit number, so I knocked on the door, standing before me was a stunning busty curvy young woman, (younger than me anyway) in a silk dressing gown, I thought omg she is so hot, I said don’t look to myself, but she must have noticed, my mouth on the floor, her amazing massive boobs pressed up against her gown, her nipples were so hard and pressing through her top, they look at me saying I need sucking, so being the professional I said you’ve got a shower rose for me to fit, I said take me to the shower (while thinking take me to your bed) as my cock leaked a bit of pre cum in my pants walking behind this goddess, as we walked towards here bed I thought did she here me did I say that out loud, then she walked past it on to the shower, I said I’m sorry I’m a few minutes late, she said glad your late I was getting ready for you to arrive, lucky you were running late I was naked and I would have had to come to the door naked.

Lost for words, I said that’s nice, as we walked into the bathroom you could see that it was steamy like she’d just been in there, I walked into the shower as you do and started work she was right behind me and I mean I could smell her perfume it smelt like “beautiful” it was amazing and it turned me on, I turned around to grab my shifter and she had opened her gown and said it’s hot in here I hope you don’t mind I’m always naked normally I don’t like clothes, I could see that from her tan on her boobs, and as I looked down her leg there was no tan lines at all, I said get naked if you want (joking around ) as I took off the old rose trying not to show my massive hard on and placed it between my legs and I started applying the thread tape that was in my pocket, she said do you need the new rose I said oh yes please as I turned around to see her standing there naked with the shower rose edge up under her massive boobs I almost came in my pants, she said your going to have to grab it, all my Christmases came at once as I grab her firm massive boob and took the shower rose out, she said fuck you have big thick very strong hands, she said I bet something else is just like them big and strong, I turned and fitted her shower rose and said as I packed up my tools, how are you going to pay for this (thinking to myself say fuck you) then she said I don’t have the money to pay but I have my body you can have that. I didn’t hesitate, my clothes were on the floor in second and I grabbed her sexy body and pushed her back to her bed, I was lost for a second where do I start, I grabbed one of her boobs in one hand and the other in the other hand and started sucking like a new born baby, only stopping to kiss her beautiful mouth, after a little bit of that I realised I wanted to taste her pussy and lick her clit, so I moved down to her clit, she went oh fuck as I arrived and started licking madly, her pussy was dripping wet as I slid my two fingers slow into her pussy and found her G spot, she started moaning and arching her back, she started screaming oh my fucking god, your… don’t stop that so I kept going until she was bucking around and begging me to stop after the most intense orgasm of her life( she told me later), so after she had regained herself. I then started rubbing my thick cock up against her clit, I could feel her hot wet pussy juices on my balls, I pulled back when my cock was throbbing hard and it slowly dropped into her opening and I slowly pushed forward, first the head of my cock then the shaft, her pussy was so tight as I went in and she let out a gasp and said fuck that’s big and thick. We went backwards and forwards from pussy licking to fucking, 4 hours later I thought well I that was it as I finally filled her pussy full of cum. I got my clothes on as said I’m glad you liked my service, she said I did, you’ll need to come back and fix my tap, it’s not leaking yet but it will be soon.