Tie me up and pleasure me

A Fantasy

I walked into the room, you smiled, you told me that I should remove my clothes and place myself on the table. The table had leg braces at end and hand braces at the top. I was naked. My legs spread wide. Once you had me in position you gave me a soft smack with whip, my butt cheeks clinched with pleasure, another one, again and again then you rub my cheeks with tender aftercare. You walked around the table. Slowly you rub your hands down the inside of my legs and slid your fingers into my wet pussy and tongued my clit until it was dripping with sweet nectar of my orgasm... then you proceed to fuck me with your favourite dildo... the pleasure you were getting was evident in your face. You stopped and place your wet pussy on my face and told me to start linking it. The taste of that dripping pussy was a delight for me. When you strap the dildo on me and then you proceed to ease it into your beautiful glistening cunt.
Just then the master walked in, you looked and smiled and asked him if he would like to join in. No I just want to watch you.