My husband's cheating on his mistress - with me

A Fantasy

“She’s never to know about this” he said as his face disappeared between my legs and his tongue went to work on my clit.

“Mmmm” was all I could manage to get out with his tongue working its magic.

“Nobody can know” he said as he inserted one finger into my cunt and started massaging my g-spot.

I moaned. At that point I would do or say anything as long as he continued what he was doing.

Since we’d split up I’d found a new lease of life. And a new, improved, sex drive. As we were still living in the same house, it just made sense to both of us to keep having sex. After all, we knew what we both liked so there was no need to break anybody else in.

And I still love his cock, and his tongue.

So we kept having sex. Every day, twice a day. Sometimes more. And we updated our online couples profile to have 3somes, 4somes or moresomes. For him to watch me being gangbanged.

“Is she kinky?” I tried not to ask questions about his new girlfriend, but sometimes things just came up.

“Not as kinky as you, but I’m teaching her.”

And he’s a good teacher.

Anal is not something I’ve ever really been into, but with my new improved sex drive he’s been teaching me to enjoy it. To want him to fuck my arse. He bought me a “training kit” while we were shopping at the local sex shop. Three anal plugs ranging from small to large. We were onto the medium and I was starting to beg for it when he was fucking me.

Begging for him to fuck my arse.

We’ve also been having squirting training sessions.

I have a dildo designed to help you squirt, so he ordered me to practice while he was at work. And to send him video and photos of my practice sessions.

During one of my practice sessions I squirted. I sent him a photo of the end product.

He sent me a message in return “Good girl. Get out the bondage gear and be ready when I get home. You are overdue for a session.”

He knows how much I love being tied up, and how I need to be disciplined. Or is it rewarded?

When he got home I had the whips, paddles and vibrators on the table for him to take his pick. I’d attached the chains to the ceiling and clipped myself in with the cuffs around my wrists. I’d also spread my legs wide with the spreader bar. I was standing there, naked and vulnerable, when he walked through the door.

“Hmm. That’s what I like to see. A naked slut tied up in my lounge room.”

He walked to the fridge and got himself a drink. Then walked back to me and stood there looking.

I was almost screaming with the desire to be touched.

He poured some of his cold drink over my breast and licked it off. His tongue circled my nipple, then he bit down.

I moaned. I’m not sure what was more intense. The pleasure or the pain.

He looked at the tools on the table, and picked up a whip. The pink whip he’d made especially for me. He ran the straps over my body, then lifted his arm and flicked it down on my arse with a resounding crack.

“So you’ve been making yourself squirt without me. That deserves another lash.”

Once again he lifted his arm, and flicked the whip down on my arse.

“I’m sorry. I know I’ve been a bad girl and need to be punished.”

“I think you’re enjoying this too much. I think I need to get the paddle.”

We have a leather paddle, with silver studs. When he gets that out I know that I am going to be punished.

He gave me 6 of the best. My arse was glowing red, and stinging. I wouldn’t be able to sit down tomorrow.

Then he moved on to the glass dildo I used to make myself squirt. And picked up one of the vibrators as well.

“You’re going to show me exactly how you squirt. And it better be a good one.”

He started massaging my g-spot with the glass dildo, while rubbing the vibrator over my clit.

The pleasure was so intense I wanted to cry. With my arms tied above my head to the chains hanging from ceiling, and my legs spread wide with the spreader bar I could only stand there and take it.

He bent down and ran his tongue around my nipple, then took it between his teeth and bit down.

I moaned. And felt fluid gush out of my pussy onto the floor.

He didn’t stop what he was doing. He kept massaging my g-spot with the dildo and massaging my clit with the vibrator until I was standing in a puddle and my whole body was shaking from the intense orgasm.

“Good girl. Now I’ll let you suck my cock, and if you’re really good, I’ll fuck your arse.”

He untied my arms. I knelt in front of him and took his hard cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked his cock. He started moving it in and out of my mouth, fucking my mouth while I licked and sucked his cock.

“Is this good enough? Please will you fuck my arse”

He pulled me to my feet, bent me over the lounge and spread my arse cheeks wide.

He teased me with his cock. Putting it first in my wet, dripping cunt.

“Tell me what you want. Beg for it.”

“Please, please, fuck my arse. You know how much I need you to fuck my arse as well.”

“You are such a good slut, wanting cock everywhere. You are my fucktoy, and because you’ve been so good, when you’ve cum over my cock in your cunt, I will fuck your arse for you.”

I had to obey. My cunt and my clit were so sensitive it didn’t take long for me to cum. Again.

“Now, please, please will you fuck my arse.”

“Be patient. You can suck my cock again first.”

I got back on my knees in front of him and took his cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked all my cum off it. He grabbed my hair, pulled me to my feet and bent me over the lounge again.

“Is this what you want?”

He spread my arse cheeks wide and placed his cock against my arse.

“Yes please. Please fuck my arse.”

He pushed the head of his cock into my arse. I moaned.

“Please, please, I want it all.”

He squirted lube over his cock and my arse and thrust deep. I moaned and begged for more.

I told you he was a good teacher. But sshh! Don’t tell anyone.