A Motel Sting... Soon to be a real story. U know who U R..

A Fantasy

You pull into the motel and love that feeling of anticipation, your heart rate is elevated as you approach the door. You feel the cold winters touch on your knickerless arse, you felt anxious having to come out without any underwear but wanted to truly experience the role play so did as ordered. The warmth of the motel room was a relief, again following directions you walk immediately in and stand at the end of the hallway entrance with your back to the wall.
The door closes behind you and I emerge from behind it, walking up behind you, my firm hand embraces both yours as you have them clasped together behind your back in a manner previously discussed. Looking slightly downward and straight ahead your unable to see me, but you feel my presence. Your excited by this cloak and dagger play, you like the sense of strength you get even from this first touch.
Never has your heart beat so hard from such minimal interaction with someone, with my free hand I now gently pull you head backward by your hair, you feel me pressing closer into you and the heat of my breath on your neck, my voice sends tingles through your body as I whisper. Good girl. It looks as though you can follow orders, that’s going to make tonight a lot easier on you.
I step back and slide a fluffy leather blindfold over your eyes, now moving in front of you I adjust it to ensure that you have no chance of seeing anything. It’s a firm leather backing with large soft fluffy padding on the inside, you feel the weight of it and know this is quality play equipment, you are in complete darkness and your journey into trust is now well on its way.
I take your bag and phone and place them on table adjacent to you. Returning behind you, the warmth of my hand once more grasping yours but this time one hand on your shoulder is to better guide you as we move. Expecting to be lead to the bed you instinctively turn to the left but instead you turned right, somewhat confused you wonder why.
Two steps forward has you pressed against the wall, hands still held firm, but now with the other pushing into your shoulder blades your firmly pressed against the wall, your tits push into the hard cold surface. You feel my breath return to your neck and that sense of someone powerful pushing into you overwhelms you.
Answer me, are you carrying any weapons or things I need to be concerned about? Your immediate answer is of course NO, Im afraid im going to have to conduct a full body search to ensure both our safety, do you consent to this search. Yes… The pressure on your back eases, the grip from your hands also is lessened with one hand now lifted and placed against the wall above your head, the second is immediately placed in a similar fashion. Now positioned a little off the wall your legs are spread with a gentle tap to your heels with my boot. Spread them!
My hands start this exploration of your body at your left arm, the sense of strength and power my touch has on you titillates you as they work down your arm to your shoulder, every inch of your upper back caressed and inspected, the hands make their way up to your right hand. Obviously unable to see, all your other senses are now starting to heighten and you feel my body slightly pressing behind you, you think my hips must be right behind you as you feel my arms now wrap around you.
Starting at the front of your neck, there is a slight pause as they wrap around your neck as if to suggest your about to be choked, this engages an automatic reaction from you that surprises you. Arching your back forward you push your arse into my crotch. I like that your presenting to me as it shows me your enjoying what happening thus far, and return with equal pressure pushing into you. Lowering my attention my hands take what would typically be far too long a time addressing your breasts, cupping one in each hand and squeezing the now hard nipples through the sheer material of your dress. Still squeezing your tits you feel my mouth press into the soft skin of your neck. Opening wide I take a bite into you, its not hard but firm so as for you to feel it. It wont leave a mark but it sends tingles throughout your entire body.
A firm slap on your arse from my hand is the next sensation you encounter. I know what your doing! And stop it. You love that the reply of Yes Sir, leaves your mouth so naturally. Hands return to your waist and continue their journey over your entire body.
Now kneeling behind you, each arse cheeks is kneaded and explored, you feel my face resting into your bum as my grip lowers to your ankles, quickly moving north the hard skin on my hands rubs up your legs and under your dress. One leg at a time is covered until reaching up to your pussy, lingering touching results in you being molested and digitally probed with inquisitive fingers. The wet ness of your cunt shows again your enjoying this so I need to enquire if I’m permitted to carryon. Your body is more then telling me your keen.
Slight groaning, hips writhing and working your body onto my fingers, the physical effect of your pussy being dripping wet.
You’re stood up and turned around, now shuffled back to rest against the wall, my body presses against yours, my nibbling returns to your neck, one hand firmly squeezing a tit through your clothing with my other hiking up your dress and continuing to probe your pussy.
I’m afraid Miss you have failed this initial inspection and unfortunately, we are going to have to conduct a way more thorough inspection. Are you ok with allowing me to perform this process? Yes!!!!
Your moved to be standing in front of the bed but with your back to it. Its an ensemble bed so soft foot. You feel the back of it against your legs and lean slightly into it to help steady yourself as your still blindfolded.
Well Miss, I thank you for your cooperation with my investigations here, your proving to be very helpful. But in order to get the most out of my inspection I’m going to have to remove your attire. Are you giving me consent to do this? You nod to show your in agreement, in order to meet protocol Miss your going to have to verbally acknowledge that. Yes Sir I consent for you to remove my clothing to carry out your investigation.
I unbutton your dress and it falls to the floor. At this moment my phone rings. You hear me talking on the phone. Of course you can only hear one side of the conversation. Yes Sir I’m here now. (slight pause) No, hmm no… yup ok. FUCK really… Shit ok.. No its ok I have this…
With that the call ends. Miss there has been some new light emerge, Your going to have to be restrained. Without any warning your pushed to the bed, you land on your back in the bed. You feel the weight of my body now on top of you. One hand is taken and placed into a restraint, followed by the second. Now your cuffed, lay there and not a peep from you.
You are lifted up the bed until your positioned in the middle. You feel your right ankle placed into a restraint. Now the left. You can feel that both your wrists have been secured together in what feels like cuffs but they are soft, soon your arms are raised above your head and secured to the head of the bed.
Not having any “tells” at this point I move in close and whisper, How are you? Are you ok? Everything good to keep going? You reply with fuck yes I'm loving this…
Well then Miss that was my supervisor, he informed me that your extremely dangerous and you are in fact concealing a weapon, that Is why you have been restrained. He informed me that you, being a woman have one of the most powerful weapons on the planet, one that controls men worldwide and its between your legs! Men fall prey to this weapon hourly but now you’re restrained your cunt is losing its power. But to be sure further restraint is required. It needs to be displayed for me, exposed and vulnerable and ensure it cant overpower me.
One leg is pulled to the side and secured to the bottom corner of the bed, the other pulled in the opposite direction. You feel very exposed and vulnerable in this position but your wetness betrays your emotions. Moving between your legs you feel my mouth contact your pussy for the first time with a slight lick and suck as move up your body, i taste your sweetness, this sends a massive jolt through your body and you shudder with the unexpectedness of this. You feel skin on skin now and know that I have removed my clothes also. Straddling your body with my legs, my cock just inches from your mouth, you wonder if I’m going to have you suck my cock and open your mouth to receive it.
I lean forward taking my cock even closer, but this is only to undo the clasp on the leather hand cuffs that secure your wrists to each other. Now with your hands in restraints but separated from each other I can fasten you down further. You opening your mouth to want to take my cock, shows me again your enjoying and ok to continue so I don’t need to ask for reassurance your ok and continue.
Relocating myself to the side of the bed I take your arm and now firmly tie it to the side head of the bed, the same is done to the other side and now your in a star fish position on the bed. I redo the legs restraints to fully restrict any movement, your completely immobilised now.
Checking one last time before any serious play begins I softly and calmly talk to you from the side of the bed. All ok?.. yup I’m good…Not too tight?... No that’s all good…. You sure have me bound well though I cant move at all… Not my first rodeo women.. lol.. Ok if your keen lets kick on… Yup do your worst.. or best as it may be...lol….