At our potential meeting, a brief summary

A True Story

This is a possible scenario of our encounter

We will not say much and just start kissing and exploring each other as much as possible with our clothes on

Then we will ravenously undress each other and explore each other more thoroughly and slightly more aggressively
Not violent aggression, just passionate
I will kiss down your neck and cup your breasts, then I gently suck your nipples and nibble them a little
Then I’ll look into your eyes intensely and we will kiss some more
You will pull out my already hard cock and stroke it while I reach my fingers down to your wet pussy and rub your clit gently but quickly

Then I will lie back and you will straddle my face and suck my dick, while grab your ass and tongue that pussy for as long as you can take it
Licking it, pulling you down onto my ever moving tongue and pushing it in deep
Just when you can’t take anymore I push you onto your back, keep licking your pussy, then lick and kiss my way up your stomach, between your soft breasts and then kiss, lick, suck and bite them until your nipples are hard as diamonds and your pussy is wet as a waterfall

Then I’ll kiss up your neck and nibble on your ear as I push my hard, throbbing cock inside you….