Night out in a sex club

A Fantasy

It's Saturday night and we have decide to go out and check out one of the sex clubs in Brisbane.
As we are getting ready to leave your dressed in a black/purple velvet corset with matching black long skirt with a full length slit up the side, knee high boots, black lace top thigh high stockings with black lace panties. Your hair is done in pigtails with plaits and your wearing your play collar.

We head out your body is trembling with excitement and you can already start to feel yourself become wet with anticipation, as we arrive at the club and enter through two large red doors the first thing you notice is the lighting its dark enough that you feel at ease but not so dark that you can't see where your going. We begin to survey our surroundings, we can already start to see couples and groups in different states of undress for example: over on the couches we can see a man that looks to be mid 40's and his partner a blonde can't really see her age on the account of her being on her knees bobbing up and down on the man's cock as he rolls his head back clearly enjoying the woman's skills, up at the bar there are a few couples simply enjoying the show.

We continue to explore, passing different rooms some empty some occupied, the vibe of the place is beginning to have an effect on us. We pass a large room where a young woman looks to be mid to late 20's is being fucked by three guys the scene causes you to stop to watch from the doorway I notice as you observe the scene you subtly start gripping at your dress I take a look around and notice that the large room is surrounded by smaller rooms which appear to be for observation I motion you over to the nearest room and we go inside and draw back the curtain from this position we have a front row seat to the woman being triple penetrated, shortly another two guys enter the room and as we watch the woman start to alternating from sucking to jerking off three of the guys while having her other holes filled. I can see out of the corner of my eye as I observe the scene in front of me you've spread your legs apart and start unconsciously rubbing your clit I stop watching the gangbang before me as I turn my attention to you.

Your lost in some kind of trace fixated on the scene before you while rubbing yourself thru your panties, you trace is broken when I move my hand between your thighs, you spread them further apart as I start kissing the side of your neck, you slide lower in your chair as to give me better access as I slide your panties to the side while sliding my fingers inside you, you turn to face me as we kiss passionately, as my fingers work their magic.

We can just hear the muffled sounds of pleasure coming from the woman in the centre of the action it's clear she's getting close this causes me to increase my fingering as I race you towards your own climax, as you start to get closer and closer you take one of your hands and start rubbing my erection through my pants as moans of pleasure begin to escape your lips, as your orgasm builds you start to fiddle with my belt and pants but before you can pull my cock out your orgasm hits and you grip my arm and bite your lip.

You have an intense climax soaking my fingers in your juices, before your climax has even had time to pass you slide down to your knees in front of me and pull out my hard cock engulfing my full length in one go. Involuntarily my head rolls back as I moan with pleasure approvingly as you work your magic with your amazing mouth swallowing my shaft as you start to bob your head.

As I sit their my head rolled back you look up at me its clear on my face how much pleasure your giving me as my climax builds I rest my hand on the back of your head letting you control how much of my shaft you take into your mouth briefly I push your head down making you gag on my cock as my orgasm builds and builds bringing me closer and closer to the edge until you feel me twitch in your mouth and my body go stiff as my cock erupts in your mouth, as you swallow my cum milking every last drop.

Once my orgasm subsides I put my cock away and help you to your feet, I then take your face in my hands and kiss you deeply, as we clean ourselves up and straighten our clothes we see that the gangbang has concluded and all parties have left the room.

We exit the room and head over to the bar for a drink, as we order our drinks and sit down next to a table with two couples we start a conversation about our experiences so far, we finish our drink and say goodbye to the couple and continue exploring the club.
We discuss about how much fun this is and how far we would be willing to go, we pass a few more rooms again some empty some occupied, we notice that some of the rooms have bdsm set ups with all the toys, we enter one of the empty rooms and have a look around.

Inside this particular room there's a very large bed and lining both side of the room there is large wooden benches with an array of different bdsm gear and toys; there are paddles, whips and riding crops, an array of handcuffs, spreader bars, ball gags and restraints as well as a large assortment of his and her sex toys as you stand over by the sex toys looking each one over in curious intrigue I come up behind you and wrap my arms around your waist while I rest my head on your shoulder "see anything you like"? I ask "maybe" you reply cheekily I tighten my grip on your waist as I begin to softly kiss the side of your neck you lean into me as I do.

I continue kissing the side of your neck you turn your head to me and we kiss as you run your palm over my erection as we continue to embrace I slide my hands down your body as my hand reaches between your thighs you part your legs slightly allowing me access once more. I slide my hand inside your panties and start to run my fingers over your clit, you start to moan softly as you palm my erection with a little more force and grab my shaft thru my pants.

Once I can't take anymore of your teasing I spin you around and throw you on the bed, I grab your ankles and drag you to the edge of the bed, where I then drop to my knees pull your panties off and throw your legs over my shoulders and start to run my tongue over the full length of your pussy purposely avoiding your clit at first. I start to slide my tongue inside you as I trace your pussy driving my tongue as deep as I can inside you fucking you with my tongue, I continue this for a little while driving you absolutely crazy, until I begin to focus my attention to your clit sucking it.

I slide my fingers into your very wet pussy proceeding to use my tongue on your clit while fucking you as deep as I can with my fingers. I continue my oral attack, you can feel your orgasms begin to build as you start to grip the sheets as your get closer and closer to your climax, soft moans begin to escape your lips slowly getting louder and louder, turning from moans to screams soon all that can be heard from our room is your screams of pleasure "FUCK... OH... GAWD... FUCK... I'M... GOING... TO... CUM... FUCK... I'M... CUMMMMMMING!!!!!!" you scream as you white knuckle grip the sheets and arch your back as your climax takes over causing you to have a powerful orgasm coating my face and beard in your juices.

I stand up and begin to remove my clothes I pull off your dress leaving you in nothing but your corset, boots and stockings as I climb on top of you, you reach down and grab hold of my shaft guiding me to your entrance as I push the head of my cock inside you, your mouth opens as you close your eyes enjoying the feeling as I push inch of rock hard inch inside you slowly just to make you feel it, just to make you feel me stretching you, filling you completely full of cock.

I proceed to slowly pull back leaving only the tip inside you, teasing you with slow deliberate stroke driving you insane as i make you feel the full length of my shaft as I push all the way inside you over and over, teasing you more and more you start to get frustrated as you start to fuck back at me trying to make me go harder, you grab my ass trying to force me deeper inside you, but I grab your wrists and pin them to the bed as I continue my teasing, you become more and more frustrated you start to brat out just as I start to slam back inside you.

I slam deeper inside you, causing you to moan out in a combination of pleasure and pain as I begin to fuck you faster and faster, deeper and deeper, harder and harder increasing my thrusts with every stroke as your orgasm builds, you involuntarily spread your legs further apart allowing me to really go balls deep inside you as you race towards your climax you start to scream.

"YES....FUCK...ME.....FUCK ME HARDER" I really start to pick up my intensity as I can feel my own orgasm beginning to build, again and again I slam my cock into you, your struggling to catch you breath as we get closer and closer to our climax, "FUCK ME....HARDER.....FUCK ME HARDER DADDY" you begin to scream breathlessly "who do you belong to"? I ask with a naughty grin "you Daddy" you reply between moans "who's pussy is this"? I ask "yours Daddy" you reply once more "and are you my dirty little cum slut"? I ask "yes Daddy" you answer "say it" I demand "I'm... your... dirty... little... cum
..slut Daddy" you answer urgently as your so close to your climax "are you going to cum for me Babygirl, do you want me to cum inside you"? I ask, you open your eyes and look into mine even in the dim lit room you can see the desire I have for you in my eyes my desire for you, my want to always keep you safe "yes Daddy, please cum inside me... please fill me with your cum... I need yours completely" you declare through staggered breaths I lean down and softly whisper in your ear "then cum Babygirl, cum for me like a Good Girl" with that one sentence I finally push you over the edge and your climax explodes causing you to soak the sheets and your pussy to grip my cock tighter causing my own orgasm to explode as I erupts deep inside you filling you completely full of cum.

As our orgasms subside I run my hand through your hair and kiss you tenderly I hold you for a minute as my deflating cock slips out of you, I stand up and reach for the box of wipes next to the bed as we clean ourselves up and get dressed we head back out to the bar for some water. We sit down and talk again about how much fun we're having, a little while later a couple walks over to us the woman who's name is Alex.

Alex is mid 20's with bleach blonde hair probably about 5"6 slim figure wearing a short black dress that looked more like a robe, black stockings with what appears a garter belt and a full sleeve tattoo, and her partner Derrick is mid to late 30's with close trimmed beard with a little bit of grey short hair cut with grey on the sides he was wearing a tailored black suit and shirt with a red tie and an athletic build and a trace of tattoos creeping up his neck and on his hand.

They introduce themselves and mention that they had observed us in the room earlier and wanted to tell us how perfect we were together. Shortly me and Derrick leave to get drinks at the bar upon our return we come across you and Alex making out, with Alex's hand between your thighs and yours between hers, Derrick and myself just take our seats and enjoy the show. You brake your embrace with Alex and turned to me and kiss me and whispered in my ear "can I please fuck her Daddy"? I looked over to Derrick and he looks back at me and we shrugged our shoulders, so we all get up to find an unoccupied room.

Once inside me and Derrick sit down in some chairs while you and Alex proceeded to explore each other on the bed as it turned out Alex is a switch and as such took charge first she started kissing you passionately before moving her mouth down the side of your neck, down your body as she starts to untie your corset and proceeds to toss it on the floor.

She then takes your nipple into her mouth while pinching the other with her fingers alternating between them, before kissing her way down your body and removing your skirt, panties and boots. You proceed to lay there legs spread over her shoulders as she starts running her tongue over your clit expertly hitting all the right spots as she slid her long fingers inside you clearly not being her first time with a woman as she used the only two fingers that didn't have acrylic nails.

She starts to works her magic causing your breathing to become heavier, moans begin to escaped your lips as your climax starts to build. Soon you cant hold back anymore and your orgasm explodes as you scream "IM....CUMMMMING!!!!" as Alex lifts her head you grab her and pulled her towards you and the two of you start to kiss, tasting your own juices on her tongue and lips.

Alex brakes your embrace and positions her pussy above your face as she goes back to expertly work her magic on you once more, you return the favour as your run your tongue over her clit tasting her for the first time, as the two of you pleasure each other me and Derrick just sit back and enjoy the show. Soon your having yet another orgasm and Alex her first, as your orgasms begin to subside I walked over to the cabinet with the array of sex toys and picked out a double ended dildo and walk over to you and Alex.

Seeing what I had in mind a naughty grin crept over both your faces as I positions you and Alex ass to ass I slide the dildo inside you while motioning for Derrick to do the same for Alex. Once you and Alex had built up a rhythm I stand in front of your face and pull out my hard cock allowing you to take me into your mouth as Derrick climbs on the bed to followed suit with Alex.

You girls fuck each other with the dildo your both sucking your respective partners cock, as I can feel myself getting close I started to fuck your face, speeding on my impending climax soon we could hear Derrick moan as he cums in Alex's mouth as she jerks his cock milking every last drop then taking him back in her mouth, not to be outdone you suck me deep forcing yourself onto my cock making yourself gag as dollops of precum and spit dribbled down your chin I cant hold back anymore and explode in your mouth and down your throat as you swallow every last drop milking the last of my cum.

Now that both Derrick and I have climaxed you and Alex can fully concentrate of your own pleasures, as you start building to your third orgasm, you both start slamming back on the dildo with each slap as your cheeks came together you edge closer to closer to your climax moans turn to screams, screams back to moan as with each push along the dildo you get closer and closer until with one final deep push back in unison both you and Alex throw your heads back and scream as your orgasms take hold causing your entire bodies to shake uncontrollably as you both collapsed on the bed.

I removed the dildo causing you both to moan disappointedly, I leaned over to Derrick and whispered something in his ear he took my cue as we positioned both you girls on at the edge of the bed side by side as I position myself behind you and push my cock inside you, Derrick doing the same with Alex as we go balls deep into both you girls you melt into the mattress and let out a long sigh of pure pleasure as we proceed to rail you, we continue to fuck you from behind with deep deliberate thrusts going as deep as we can.

Over and over increasing intensity with each thrust, as our tempo increases so does the volume of your moans and screams as Derrick starts racing towards his own climax with Alex she starts to scream and grabs your hand as you girls hold hands you can feel your own climax building, Alex reaches between her legs to rub her clit helping her own climax your grip the sheet as I continue to rail you deeper and deeper.

We hear Derrick let out an exhausted moan as he explodes deep inside Alex followed by Alex's banshee like scream as she finally reaches her climax hearing these two climax pushes you over the edge and your body explodes as your orgasm rips thru you, but as I have already climaxed a few times already tonight I'm not quite there yet as I continue to fuck you through your orgasm, my thrusts continue you can already feel another one begin to build as Derrick collapses in the chair.

I chuckle in my head as I notice Alex sitting on the bed observing us while playing with herself. You look over and can see the cum leaking out of Alex's pussy as she plays with herself she catches your eye and with a cheeky grin move her pussy to in front of your face and taking her cue, you proceed to start eating her creampie and tasting Derrick's cum the scene before me is making me race closer and closer to my own climax.

I continue to fuck you as Alex begins to moan approval of your skills while talking dirty, telling me to fuck you harder as your muffled moans of approval can be heard. I increase my thrusts going deeper inside you grabbing hold of your hips allowing me to really force my cock so deep inside you it feels like it might come out your mouth, as Alex's moans start to turn to screams as you force her closer and closer to her climax you can feel me slowing down as I start to get close.

Alex goes over the edge spreading her legs wide as she arches her back as her orgasm rips through her body you lift your head up as another orgasm explodes causing you to cum all over my cock and your pussy to constrict and grip my cock tighter all these things combined finally push me over the edge and with one final deep thrust you feel my cock explode inside you and you can actually feel the force of my climax causing you to have another small orgasm of your own, as I finish coating your insides with my cum.

I finally pull out you turn around and take me into your mouth tasting the mixture of my cum and yours as you suck the last of my load and take me out of your mouth for the first time Alex sees my cock and gasps "Fuck me, how do you take that thing"? she's asked astonished. "With practice" you reply confidently and with a cheeky grin as we proceed to clean ourselves up and get dressed we say goodbye to Derrick and Alex and part ways.

We make our way back to the common area and to the bar as we grab some drinks and sit down u looked at the time it was only 11:30pm we talk about what just happened and discuss how the overall experience of that and the night as been, all of a sudden you went very quiet and started to fiddle with your dress I grab your hand and lift you face to look at me I could tell you had something on your mind.

"What is it Babygirl, you can tell me" your face went a little red " I want to be dp'ed, and I want it to be you and Derrick" you declare though a little ashamedly you look me in the eyes trying to see if I disapprove or what but as my facial expression softens I kiss your forehead and pull you in close "it's ok baby, if that's what you want and Derrick and Alex are ok with it, then tonight as a special night for us both I'll give you that, but just remember my rule" I say with true acceptance of what I just agreed to, you look at me even in this dim lighting I can tell how happy I just made you. You see Derrick and Alex over by the bar and run over to them I remain in my seat and let you make the offer.

I can see Derrick and Alex talking it over and Alex looking over at me from this distance I can't see her face very well. Soon Derrick and Alex come over and join us once more, we discuss how this is going to work while me and Derrick discuss how we're going to do this you pull Alex aside and discuss something with her as we figure out the arrangement the four of us head to find a empty room.

We go over to the bed the three of us Derrick, yourself and I as Alex goes and sits in the chair as we begin. I start to kiss you while running my hands over your body as Derrick starts to remove your corset as it falls on the floor you turn to Derrick and start kissing him as I start to suck your right nipple and remove your dress and boots as you stand between us in nothing but your stockings we each take a tit into our mouths sucking on your nipples causing your head to roll and moan slightly as you slowly drop to your knees we both start to undo our pants and pull out our cocks.

Presenting them to you, you take me into your mouth first sucking me getting me hard, then Derrick, with Derrick being smaller than me you have little difficulty taking his full length down your throat all the way to his base in one go causing him to sigh in ecstasy while you suck on Derrick's cock you wrap your hand around my shaft and start jerking it with your hand and then switching between myself and Derrick as this continues we remove the reminder of our clothes.

Once were both completely naked I climb over onto the bed, you climb between my legs and take me back into your mouth as Derrick gets behind you and starts licking your pussy and ass with his tongue from behind, as he continues to use his tongue you can feel your orgasm begin to build slowly as you try to concentrate on sucking my cock it's getting harder and harder as Derrick works his tongue.

Soon you can't take anymore and remove my cock from your mouth as so moan out as your orgasm hits, you take my cock back into your mouth but I stop you and pull you onto my lap you reach down and position my cock and slowly impale yourself on my massive shaft throwing your head back and moaning "ahh... oh gawd" as you take my full length you start to ride me fucking yourself on my cock making it hit just the right spot.

All the while Alex is sitting in the chair now devoid of all clothing except her stockings and garter belt and has one leg over the arm of the chair pleasuring herself as she watches her partner grab some lube and coat his shaft. I stop you from fucking me for a moment and lean you forward as you feel Derrick apply lube to you asshole, you feel him position himself at your ass, he slowly pushes the head of his cock into your ass you grit your teeth as the mixture of pain and pleasure kicks in.

Derrick expertly takes his time allowing you to get accustomed to having his cock in your ass slowly Derrick pushes more and more of his length inside you taking his time, after the initial pain has gone its replaced by a indescribable pleasure and a feeling of being completely full. Derrick then starts to slowly fuck your ass as I stay completely still, still with my cock buried deep inside you, you finally accept Derrick and you start to push back against him giving him permission to fuck your ass.

"Ok boys I'm ready for you to fuck me like the dirty little slut I am" you declare.

Derrick and I slowly find a rhythm as we proceed to fuck you, with the feeling of having both your holes filled it doesn't take long for your orgasm to build and soon it takes over causing you to buck between us which in turn sends you over the edge more which in turn causes you to buck between us on an endless loop of climax after climax after climax we can just hear Alex having her own climax as she observes the scene before her then we hear Derrick start to struggle.

"Fuck I can't take much more" he declares Alex then drops to her knees at the end of the bed "cum on my face Daddy" she begs as Derrick pulls out of your ass her turns to Alex and sprays her face with his load seeing this play out sends you over the edge for another big climax as you collapse on my chest completely exhausted and a little dick drunk.

We all collect our respective breaths and take a minute to recover, Derrick and Alex begin to clean up as Alex looks over at me and notices that I'm still hard as I've already climaxed a few times I can keep going, suddenly Alex whispers something into Derrick's ear as he cleaning himself up, as I stand up and attempt to clean up myself Alex drops to her knees at my feet and takes me into her mouth, you notice this.

Not to be out done you walk over and take Derrick into your mouth as both you girls continue sucking our cocks Derrick and I collectively let out a moan of pleasure.
Alex takes me out of her mouth "now it's my turn to have you both" she smiles I look over at Derrick and you, you give me a smile and nod allowing Alex to have both of us I simply shrug my shoulders as I move over to the bed.

Alex resumes sucking my cock as Derrick positions himself behind her as Derrick enters Alex she moans around my cock, as the scene plays out before you, you take up Alex's position on the chair to watch.
Derrick keeps thrusting deep inside Alex and with every thrust gets her closer to her climax, she moans around my cock with every thrust from Derrick soon Alex takes her mouth off my cock.

"YES DADDY FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR LITTLE WHORE, COME ON DADDY, FUCK ME" she screams as her climax takes over, as Alex comes down from her orgasm she slides up on her knees and take my shaft in her hand positioning me at her entrance, she slowly impale herself on my cock as moans start to escape her lips as I stretch her more and more open halfway down my shaft her body starts to twitch "fuuuuck, it's soooo big" she explains as you let out a slight giggle.
"it takes some getting used too" you reply as you continue to rub you clit watching as Alex tries to take my whole length.

Finally I bottom out as Alex rolls her head back you can see her mouth open in a silent scream as her eyes roll into the back of her head and her body starts to involuntarily convulse and she has another small climax. Once Alex recovers she begins to slowly slide up and down my shaft slowly getting accustomed to the invading shaft penetrating her depths, once she has adjusted to my size she stops riding me and leans forward exposing herself to Derrick.

"Daddy, come fuck my ass" she begs. Derrick obliges and applies some lube to his cock and Alex's back-door, as Derrick eases his cock into Alex's ass her body goes limp on top of me and a look of pure ecstasy spreads over her face. Soon me and Derrick find a rhythm once more and start to fuck Alex in unison causing her to scream and moan as both her holes are filled "FUCK, OH GOWD, FUCCCKKK, YES FUCK ME LIKE A DIRTY WHORE, YES....YES....YYYEEEEESSSSS" Alex screams as a massive climax takes over.

I look over at you, your rubbing you clit and sliding your fingers inside trying to get yourself off but you can't quite get there you look over at me and meet my gaze and give me a disappointed smile, I call you over to the bed I start to kiss you passionately while still keep the rhythm on Alex "Sit on my face Babygirl, let's see if I can't help out" I instruct you with a smile on my face.

You climb on the bed and straddle my face hovering above my face knowing full well I'm going to force you to sit as I grab your hips and force you to sit on my face, I start to work my tongue on your clit, you lean back and start making out with Alex between her moans this is all getting to you as you feel your climax building as I lick and suck your clit making you moan as you get closer and closer I reach a hand up and you take a finger into your mouth sucking on it as if it was my cock.

Once nice and wet I slide my hand down your body and to your ass, you feel me start to trace the outside of your ass slowly applying pressure until I slide my finger into your ass while simultaneously licking your clit few minutes of this has you bracing against the bedhead as your climax finally breaks "FFFUUUUUCCCKK" you moan as you cum and squirt all over my face, at the same time Alex also has her final climax as Derrick let's out a moan as he erupts filling Alex's ass with cum finally we all break apart and take a moment to recover and get cleaned up and dressed.

We all head back to the bar for some much needed rehydration, we spend the next while talking and swapping stories I look at the time it's after midnight the club is starting to wind down as we stand up and start to make our way to the exit we pass the first room we encountered where the gangbang was happening you stop and look inside there is a few guys standing around talking you grab Alex and whisper something in her ear as both of you grab our hands and drag us into the room.

Once inside you and Alex begin to remove your clothes and drop to your knees at our feet pulling out our cocks and take them into your mouths, soon the other people take notice and walk over without anyone getting a chance to say anything you girls start to pull out the new guys cocks and taking them into your mouths. Soon there are two groups of four as you alternate between the three guys in your group you look me in the eyes.

"Daddy as it's the end of this special night I want to be fucked air tight"? You beg as you take me back into your mouth I think about this for a moment I look over and Alex is already being fucked by Derrick and her two new friends moaning around one guys cock as her other two holes are being filled, I continue to think but I remember our previous conversation and finally I agree joyfully you jump to your feet and pull me and the other two guys over to one of the spare padded benches.

I lay down and you climb on top of me and lower yourself down on my shaft while one the the other guys applies some lube to your back-door you stop riding me allowing the new guy to slide inside your ass as we find our rhythm you call the third guy over and take him into you mouth thus making you airtight. We continue like this for some time I can feel you climaxing again and again.

Your body begins to convulse between us the two other guys start to slow down and moan as you take you mouth of the guy you've been giving a blow job to " one rule boys, only Daddy can come inside me" you inform them just as the guy who had been fucking your ass pulls out and cums all over you back "go clean up and you boys can swap" as the guy goes and cleans up the other one takes his position he's a little bigger than the last one and as he enters you you let out a deep low moan of pleasure.

We find our new rhythm we start to fuck you again as the other guy returns, you motion him over and take his cock into your mouth and we resume fucking you airtight not long after the guy fucking your ass pulls out and cums all over your ass as you climb off, you give the two guys a kiss on their cheek and thank them for a great time, at the same time Alex's group was finishing we all get cleaned up and dressed, we say goodbye to Alex and Derrick thanking them for an amazing night as we head to the car, you hold my arm tightly thanking me for an amazing night.

On the drive home you drift in and out of sleep my hand gently resting on the inside of your thigh, once home we head into the bedroom I start to run the shower, I look over at you sitting on the edge of the bed you look so beautiful with the after sex glow I stand you up I place my hand under you chin and lift you to face me as I gently kiss you and wrap my arms around you making you melt into my chest, making you feel completely safe and protected.

We just stand there for a moment while the shower runs in the background.
We break from our embrace I then start to remove your clothes and help you into the shower, I start to remove my clothes you stand under the shower letting the water wash over you I join you as I grab the soap and start to wash your back and clean your whole body. Once were both clean you turn to face me I lean down and kiss you as you wrap your arms around my neck, as we embrace.

I push you up against the wall and we kiss more passionately, I reach my hand up and wrap it around your throat as we kiss at the same time you reach down and wrap your hand around my shaft and start to stroke me.
I move my hand down your body and cup your breast needing it in my hand and rolling your nipple around between my fingers.

I continue to move my hand down your body as you keep stroking my cock, as I move my hand between your thighs you to spread your legs a little allowing my better access, I run my fingers over your clit causing you to fall against the wall as a moan escapes your lips, I slide my fingers inside you, you stop stroking my cock and bite down on my shoulder to prevent from moaning out as you feel your climax build.

You grab my hand and stop me, you look up at me with a sexy look looking me deep in my eyes as you turn me around and push me up against the wall you kiss me passionately while resuming stroking my cock. You break our embrace and slowly drop to your knees as you grab hold of my shaft you run your tongue along its full length and lick my precum before taking my whole length deep into your mouth making yourself gag as you force as much of me down your throat as you can.

You start to bob your head along the full length of my shaft sucking me deeper and deeper while jerking the base of my shaft with your hands, moans escape my lips as I brace myself against the wall your mouth feels fucking amazing as you suck me more and more, my breathing becomes heavier you can feel me getting close but you stop, a sigh of disappointment escapes me as you turn the water off and proceed to get dried.

You walk over to the bed leading me by the hand you lay down on the bed while grabbing your triple vibrator out of your bag, I watch as you slowly slide it inside you, as you turn it on and start to fuck yourself with it you grab my ass and pull me towards you taking my cock in you mouth as you work your mouth and the toy I struggle to contain myself as I put my hand on the back of your head and start to fuck your mouth.

I start to moan as my climax builds I force more of my cock down your throat making you gag as your body starts to twitch from your own impending climax I can't take it anymore as I erupt cumming in your mouth at the same time you climax as you finishing swallowing my load you take my cock out of your mouth licking your lips.

I climb on top of you removing your toy and replacing it with my cock as you wrap your legs around me I start to slowly slide in and out of you making you feel every inch as we continue I lean down and kiss you softly and tenderly as we continue like this for some time we keep constant eye contact as you feel your climax start to build again your eyes start to roll back into your head, you can start to feel me twitch inside you, my breathing becomes heavy as my body become stiff you feel me erupt deep inside you the force of my climax causes your own to explode as you arch your back and scream "aaahhhhhhhhh" finally we collapse as we lay then in each other's arms completely exhausted we drift off to sleep.