Adult Cinema Group Fun

A Fantasy

We head out to the movies however it is not your typical cinema but an adult movie theatre.

We grab our tickets and head on inside, as we find our seats we can see a few other couples and a few guys scatted about the cinema.
The movie starts as it progress and with each scene becoming more and more explicit you start to shift slightly in your chair the movie and the sounds having an effect on you as you feel yourself getting a little wet, you look around the room, you look over at one of the other couples but you can't see the woman all you can see is the guy leaning with his head back you gather his partner is giving him a blow job, so you look over for the other couple and you see them or at least all three of them as the woman has her dress up over her hips and the guy she was with is fucking her doggy style while it appears one of the random guys has joined them in a threesome and the two guys have the woman on the spit as the fuck her from both ends.

You scan the room and you can see the other random people around the room are all masturbating to the scene around them and on the screen. All of this is having an effect on you as you lean over and start to kiss me passionately you run your hand over my crotch, you feel the effect that all of this is having on me as you start fumbling with my belt and pants, you pull out my hard cock and lean over to lick the precum from the head of my cock before engulfing my entire length deep throating me.

Once you've gotten my cock nice and hard you stand up and pull your panties off and grab hold of my cock as you lower yourself down impaling yourself on my shaft, as you start to bounce up and down on my cock you begin to moan, making yourself wetter as your ride my cock. Looking around the threesome has now turned into the woman being fucked by her partner and two other guys, you look over to the other couple who now have the woman being double penetrated by two different guys than the one she came in with.

Out of the corner of your eye you see the guy she did come in with walking over to us completely naked he climbs on the chair in the row in front of you erection in hand you turn to me a flash me a naughty smile as you lean forward tightening your grip on my cock as you take the guy into your mouth and start to suck his cock.

We try and find a rhythm but the position is a little awkward so I push u up and lean you over the chair You keep sucking the guys cock causing him to roll his head back and let out a deep moan as I grab hold of your hips and push back inside you with one deep thrust causing you to stop your blow job to let out a shuddering "oh gawwwwd" as I enter you, we find our rhythm as I start to really fuck you nice a deep causing your climax to build with every thrust I push you forward causing you to take the guys cock deeper into your mouth, soon you feel his cock stiffen as he explodes in your mouth.

You swallow his load while keeping him in you mouth getting him hard once more as your orgasm continues to build you can feel it getting close and you can feel me start to twitch inside you as my own climax approaches, with one final thrust your orgasm explodes as you let's out a deep loud banshee like scream as I erupt filling you full of cum as we collapse over the chair.

The guy and i swap positions soon you feel his hands on your hips as he enters you from behind you look up at me with a lust in your eyes like the whole situation has awaken your deep seated desires as you take my cock in your mouth tasting our combined juices, you suck me nice and slow savouring the taste. In the background you can hear the other groups climaxing again and again the partner of the guy that is currently fucking you comes over and joins us she gets on her knees and starts licking and sucking your nipples causing them to become super sensitive soon the guy fucking you tenses up and your feel him explode inside you as the guy collapses back in the chair, I climb over the chairs and help you to your feet.

You lean against me, I help you to one of the chairs and hand you a bottle of water and check to see if your ok. You wearily nod your head and look around at your surroundings, the girl who was previously being railed by three guys is now taking her partners cock from behind while alternating sucking the other two guys.

The two guys who were fucking the female partner of the couple that has now joined has appears to have left, you look over at the female partner she's got her tits and face covered in cum and you see she keeps looking at my cock while playing with herself.

You climb over to her and start making out with her licking the cum off her face and tits then grab her by the back of her head pulling her hair motioning over to my cock "you like the look of his cock don't you, you little slut" you ask dominantly she nods submissively with her hands folded in her lap "you want to suck his cock don't you, you want to feel what it's like to fuck such a big cock don't you" you ask again she nods "well go on let him use you, give him your holes like a good little slut" you instruct.

I take a step closer as she opens her mouth, you guide her mouth down my cock being gentle enough not to cause he to gag completely as you release her head you sit back in one of the chairs and spread your legs playing with yourself looking me right in the eyes as you do she continues to suck my cock occasionally taking my cock out of her mouth to suck my balls then taking me back in her mouth.

I look at you watching another woman sucking my cock its turning you on, your skins all flustered breathing shallow and your nipples are hard you keep playing with yourself I can see your getting close to cumming I look you deep in the eye "cum for me, cum for Daddy, cum for me like a Good Girl" this sends you over the edge as you increase your finger intensity causing you to cum all over your hand, even in the dull light of this dark cinema I can see you've made a complete mess of yourself.

I take my cock out of the woman's mouth I lift her head up to face me "I want you to go clean up my girl over there" she turns to face you and without hesitating starts to lick and suck your clit and pussy you lean back and let out a moan as she works you with her tongue you look back at me and smile you look so fucking hot dripping with sweat, pinching your nipples as this woman is going down on you as I stand there with my erection in hand.

You motion to the woman "go on, fuck her with that massive cock, ruin her for all other men" you say with a naughty grin knowing full well how good my cock feels, the woman stops licking and looks back at me "yes Daddy, please, use me to pleasure yourself, make me yours" the woman begs as she continues to lick and suck your pussy as I climb behind her and enter her, slowly making her feel every inch stretching her pussy open making her feel completely full of cock, while never taking my eyes off you.

Inch after inch i slide inside her looking you deep in the eyes, I finally push the last inch inside her as she let's out a scream, her entire body shudders as a massive orgasm rips through her body causing her to twitch and squirm, you gently grab her by the chin and raise her head "feels good doesn't it, have you ever had such a big amazingly glorious cock before, feel how it makes that little pussy cum, he's going to fuck you like you've never been fucked" you inform her with the most devilish grin I think I've ever seen.

You guide her back to licking your pussy, looking me straight in the eyes and nod for me to fuck this woman's brains out, over and over and over I fuck her, again and again and again, causing her time after time to scream out as orgasm after orgasm after orgasm rips through her making her work harder on you and making you cum all the while we haven't broken eye contact the whole time.

You see me getting tense and tightening up as my own climax approaches you continue to look me deep in the eyes "yes Daddy, cum, cum deep inside this little slut, fill her full of cum and let me suck your cock dry" you beg this is all too much and with one finally thrust I explode deep inside her filling her full of cum causing her to convulse and shake as one of the most powerful climaxes of her life tears through her body. I help her to a seat to let her recovery as you drop to your knees taking my cock back into your mouth to suck every last drop of cum and lick my cock clean.