A kiss with the one

A Fantasy

I can tell you from past lovers, that I have always enjoyed sex. What I could get that is. I seemed to have lovers that were quick on the draw and leave me hungry for more. But I was pleased in those relationships, because I was. It was simple. I served my lovers and they gave me what love they could give and I happily devoured whatever morsel they gave me.

And then I meet HIM.

I knock on His door. Nervous. Anxious. “Oh why bother, he is going to look at me and think what a plain little creature” thought flies at warp speed through my head just as the door opens. A strong, confident, sexy man that at the very sight, my insides started this alarm to go off. Danger, danger it seemed to echo to the very core of my bones. What? What on earth is this feeling? Run, I heard an inner voice whisper in my ear. No, I can’t. I can’t move. I can’t stop looking at him. He steps aside and welcomes me into his room. A condo overlooking The Strip. The Fountains at the Bellagio outside his window seem to have magically timed my arrival. I’ve caught him wrapping up some business he needs to attend to and he diligently finishes it. Hardly a glance my way, which is just fine. My eyes drink in every single thing about him. His bone structure. His goatee. His beautiful voice. I answer questions he is asking me, though for the life of me I can’t even begin to remember what they were. I am in a trance. But he notices nothing of me. As it was late, there was no need for a dinner, I had just wanted to have a little fun so I offered we could shoot some pool and he was all for that. Pleasant conversation ensued with ease. He was very easy to talk to. And look at … I haven’t stopped yet. Playful flirting while we shoot. I won the 1st game. What a gentleman. This man has played before. I don’t mind. He knows my mind is working and asks why I am biting my lip. Oh, the thoughts I was thinking. Pure animalistic thoughts. Take me now, right here on this table. Who was this person in my head taking over? This is not me. “Oh, nothing I reply.” I am just really enjoying you tonight. After I missed my shot, I walk back to our table where he waits. “What are you thinking” he asks me again. My response shocks me as the words “I wonder how those lips would feel on mine.” He leans in close. I could drown in his scent he smells so good. Then his lips touch mine and it is as if I was struck by lightening. I felt the jolt slowly hit my tongue. Travel through my jaw. Back to my spine and travel to the very tip of my tailbone. What the? As his hands reach around the small of my back, my skin is tingling. Oh no. My knees are going to buckle right out from underneath me. He pulls me into his body. Mine fit against him so well. My hand finds the back of his smooth head and I pull him deeper in my mouth. Our tongues dance so beautifully together. Oh he is pulling away. I hold on just a second longer.

I want to live there forever on his lips.

I want that feeling to last forever.

And I do.

And I will.

The most wonderful 1st kiss ever and a kiss I get to experience every single time he touches my lips, still to this day
Saphire Trans 76