Just maybe us

A True Story

Apologies for any errors and grammar :(

Slowly undressing you before gently pushing you onto the bed.
I gently get you to lay face down so I can give you a full body massage.

Straddling you as I start with your shoulders, down your arms,
across your back. Leaning forward I slowly kiss your shoulders and
then your neck.

My erect throbbing penis slowly leaves precome all down your back as I go.
You giggle at the sensation it gives.
I give you arse a quick light tap, you giggle again.

Moving and Whispering for you to roll over. We kiss deeply and
passionately. Both our tongues darting in and out as we taste
each other.

Working my way down your chest to your massive boobs I take as
much of them in my mouth as I can while teasing the nipples
with my tongue and fingers.

Your moaning loudly now and feeding your
breasts to me like I'm a baby crying for milk.
You place your hands behind my head quietly saying
yes baby, yes baby, my breasts are yours always whenever
you want and only yours take as much as you can.
I moan.

My fingers start tracing where my kisses have been and I gently trace them up
your inner thighs and back down again.
My fingers gently brushing over your pussy teasing you.

Leaning forward. I blow a mouthful of air over your pussy lips, you shiver.
My eyes locked on yours. My mouth getting closer to your pussy my gentle fingers
start to massage the entrance to your pussy.

My eyes now watching the bead of moisture leaking from your vagina.
I Lick my lips in anticipation
I move closer now and kiss the outer lips of your pussy.

Pulling back your lips I take a quick lick, you look down and
see the juices of your pussy joining mine.
I slowly insert my fingers into your now dripping pussy.
Slowly pumping my fingers in and out of the honeypot, you squirm and moan,
Licking my lips. I insert my tongue into your wet vagina and savor the taste.
All you can say is please, please, please, don't stop, anything I will do anything
you want.

Needing more, I thrust my tongue into your love canal sucking gently
while my fingers still working their magic.
Your moaning and your breathing is increasing, your massive boobs start to
move violently up and down.

I Suck harder, moving my fingers faster. My eyes locked on yours
Watching your body move. I don't stop. I know what I want.
Removing my fingers, I shove the length of my tongue all the way up into your pussy.
You sigh and moan and wiggle at the aggressive penetration.

My head moving you clasp my head again and ride my face.
I'm Sucking you, your moving faster and faster.
Feeling you swell even more. Not stopping
I feel your pussy tighten. You moan loud screaming out YES, YES. Your hands on my head
You thrust up pushing yourself onto my face as you explode.
Shooting hot pussy juices down my throat

Eagerly I swallow every last drop
Your body shaking, convulsing even.
I smile but my job is not done
I take one long last lick all the way up your pussy
All I say is "now I'm going to have my way with you and fuck you!"
All hear is OMG PLEASE!!!!!