My Punishment

A True Story

I love my husband's leather belt. I only have to see it lying on the nightstand and I immediately become aroused. I love the smell of leather, the way it feels when I stroke it. But more than anything I love the pain and pleasure it gives when he punishes me with it for being a bad girl. Every strike brings me closer to the edge, the exquisite mix of pain and pleasure offers release in a way that reaches my very soul.

I find it especially explosive when I have really been a naughty girl and he is completely unaware. This happened the other day. We were fooling around and I told him I'd been a naughty girl. He asked me what I had done. I said, "Oh I fucked a stranger." He looked at me with a smirk and said "Well you must be punished, you bad girl, face down on the bed and arse in the air now!"

Always the obedient wife, I did as instructed. I braced myself for the first strike of my beautiful leather friend. "Ouch, I cried out," again it struck me, only this time I giggled. "Oh you think that it's funny when I belt your whore arse, do you?" he said sternly as he struck my arse harder. "Yessss!" I said fighting back tears. I could feel my pussy getting wetter with every strike of his tantalising leather belt.

I turned my face to him and "Laughingly said "I didn't just fuck him, I sucked his cock too." "Oh babe you must be punished properly." I knew what that meant,. He turned me over to face him and grabbing both my hands used his belt to bind them. He then instructed me to return to the face down position with my arse in the air.

"Did the stranger fuck your arse my dirty slut?" "No he did not." I whimpered as he struck my arse cheek with his hand.
"You do know I'll need to inspect your arse closely in order to believe you my bad girl?" "Yes, I do."
My nipples by this stage were so hard they hurt and my wet hot pussy was begging for his glorious 10 inch cock. "Please fuck me honey." I begged. "No!! You need to be properly punished so you behave in future." He stated firmly as he ran a finger along my forbidden opening. "Mmmmm, yessss" I cried out. "It's punishment you filthy girl, you are not allowed to enjoy it!" He growled as he pushed a finger inside my arse.

The pain of him roughly fingering my arse made me shiver but inside I was screaming out to be punished knowing that I had really fucked a stranger and wanting to be chastised for my indiscretion. Punish me, hurt me, make me cum, own me, my mind screamed! I saw him reach for the lube on the nightstand and I knew what was about to happen. I drew in a deep breath and braced myself mentally for what was to come. I could feel his rock hard cock pushing at the now moist opening of my arse hole. It doesn't matter how hard I try to relax, that first thrust of a ten inch hot hard cock in my tight arse is always almost unbearable yet I love it and I crave it! A few thrusts from him and a lot of screaming from me and his full ten inches was buried deep inside me.

"Now you dirty little bitch, tell me, will you fuck a stranger again?" "Yes!" I yelled defiantly.

That was it. He fucked my arse without mercy. Pounding harder and thrusting deeper, making me almost lose my mind.

Inside I was laughing smugly, knowing that he thought we were role playing but I really had fucked another man. And I loved it!

Suddenly I realised that the animal sounds resonating around the room were escaping from me as I came with the strongest, ethereal release I had ever felt. The clenching of my arse around his throbbing cock made him explode inside me, grunting like a wild beast. As we collapsed on the bed, he said breathlessly "Woah, babe, we should play that game again soon." "Yes, we should!" I stated, knowing in my mind that we would 'play that game' next time I'm a dirty girl and fuck a stranger.