A day at the beach

A True Story

A few years ago I met a couple mid sixties curvy after chatting on amm decided to meet at a nudist beach I was a bit worried about being hard at a nudist beach they assured me don’t worry we will b going into the sand dunes nobody around so I arrived txt them said hello and we heading to the sand dunes and a voice in the distance yelled hey sue she came running towards us I thought fuck great I said to David do u know her he said we thought great sue introduced us to Julie late 50 s curvy I thought great let’s get this over with so we can continue on said hello David said let’s go we r heading to sand dues he said sue asked Julie in front of us if she wanted to join us Julie said yes David said look Julie do u even know what we r going to do she said I think u r all going to play with each other David said yes so u still want to go she said yes giving sue a hug David said to I didn’t plan on this as girls walked together and we walked together chatting I said no anyway we arrive to a secluded spot put towel s down umbrella up we all stripped off David had a nice 5-6” cut cock I was 7-8” cut the girls both dd nice thighs and arse they both looked at my cock and started sucking I called David over and started masturbating him so we were all having fun than I guided Julie s mouth to his cock they both took turns sucking our cocks than both licking their pussys swapping girls made them both cum they were quite loud than they sat there playing with each other’s pussys and wanted to watch us suck each other’s cock girls cum again so we took turns of fucking each girl but weren’t allowed to cum yet and we sucked each other’s cock in between swapping between them I went to fuck sue she said no I want to fuck Julie so I did that while sue sat on here face getting her pussy licked and reaching back playing with Julie’s clit which drove her crazy and David got his cock sucked by his wife and i finally cum I couldn’t hold back any more fucking her and watching sue and David I exploded inside Julie she came multiple times than suit and David licked her clean while Julie milked the rest of it out we had a little rest now David and sue were fucking Julie sitting on her face Julie sucking me than I moved over to David fucking sue sucking I was getting very hard as David was fucking very hard and sucking hard as well listening to the girls cum and I’m holding back than before i knew it I cum on David’s mouth it wasn’t maent to happen I apologise but he didn’t spill a drop so as he pulled out of his wife I thought I better suck and clean him up for cumming in his mouth he did appreciate that while Julie cleared sue up we gave the girl s a golden shower as it was hot than I laid down I said come on David he said no you’re taking the whole lot so I did in deed every where even on my face we all made our way down for a swim a fun day at the beach had by all