My wife and friend

A True Story

A short story about the 1st time I caught my wife fucking another man.
I married for the first time at the age of 21.
I was not into swinging or anything like that at this time in my life. I had had a group sex experience with a girlfriend at 19 but it was one of those incidents when things just got out of control and at the time, I regretted it.
This incident was the first time I realised that my attitude to swinging and such was changing. Have said all that, I did enjoy my own personal adulterous behaviour.
Sharon was one of those girls who enjoyed sex but could not bring herself to actually admit it.
She always pretended that sex was only for the pleasure of men, but rarely ever refused a fuck or giving a suck. I thought that was just with me, but I discovered otherwise.
I was always suspicious of my friend John. More than once when he and his wife, Ann would visit I’d notice John and Sharon would be missing and always seemed to come out of the kitchen or another room as I was approaching. I did hear the words “stop it” and a giggle on one occasion, they must’ve heard me walking down the hallway and as usual came walking out before I got to the door.
I worked only a 5-minute drive from home and on occasions I’d go home for something during my break. It wasn’t something I did very often.
One day and I don’t remember why, I left work sometime mid-morning and went home.
As I was approaching my home I noticed a familiar car in my driveway. It was John’s.
I parked on the road so they wouldn’t hear my car pull up in the driveway.
I hoped the backdoor would be unlocked as it usually would be during the day. If they were fucking, I wanted to catch them and confront them. I thought “at last I’ve got them”
I quietly entered my house and walked very quietly through the kitchen and entered the hallway.
I could hear some sounds coming from my bedroom. As I approached the door, which was open I could hear low volume moans, ohs and mmmms and a bit of slow heavy breathing.
I presented myself at the door and thought they’d see me and there would be a rush to cover up and some kind of bullshit apologies and excuses but they didn’t see me.
My bed faces away from the door, the headboard is on the wall opposite so when I looked into the room they were too busy to notice me.
The first thing I saw was John’s cock slowly sliding deep into Sharon’s pussy who’s pelvis pushed up to take it until he was in up to his balls. His arse cheeks puckered as he pushed his cock in as far as it could go. He slowly slid it out and then back in again, over and over and over again.
Sharon was on her back, legs spread with her knees bent. John was on top of her gripping the top of her shoulders from behind, holding her still so he could slide his cock in deep. She had a hand on his arse pushing it in and another on the back of his head. They were fucking missionary, slow but deep.
I could tell by the quiet moans and breathing that she was really getting pleasure from each deep penetration of his cock and he was enjoying the feel of her wet warm pussy.
They were deep kissing except when he sucked her nipples but they never stopped the unhurried deep slow thrusts.
On one occasion when they stopped kissing so he could suck her tits she said “you can’t keep coming here to fuck me” “why” he said “you enjoy it” “what if he comes home, he sometimes does”. “We’ll hear him pull up in the driveway” With that he put his tongue in her mouth and thrust his cock a little harder she just sighed mmmmmm and wrapped her arms around his back as they continued to fuck. I watched them for at least 10 minutes.
To my surprise, I didn’t want to stop it. I found myself rubbing my cock. “This is fucken hot”, I said to myself. I couldn’t believe how erotic I found my friend’s balls hanging out of my wife and her moans of pleasure.
I decided I’d back out of the house and think about what I’d do about it before I did or said anything.
That night when I got home, I asked Sharon how her day was. “Nothing exciting but ok I suppose” she said. “Did you see anyone” I asked “I had a coffee with Doreen”, “Oh that’s nice” For now I decided to keep it to myself. But not forever.
The true story continues after I discovered that my friend was fucking my wife.
After I witnessed my wife and friend fucking, as described in part 1, to my surprise I found it to be a very erotic experience and after the initial shock I realised that I didn’t want to stop the show and eventually backed out of my house to decide what I was going to do about it.
The fact that they were treating me like a fool pissed me off, but the combination of the vision of his cock going into my wife, the pleasure they were both obviously feeling, and the jealousy I felt, made it the most erotic thing I’ve ever experienced to that point in my life.
I fucked the shit out of her that night and yes, anal was employed.

It continues

I decided I needed to take control of this, but I hadn’t decided how.
I made a point of driving past my house during the day as often as I could to see if John was there. Of course, he could’ve been there earlier or later than when I passed by.
I can’t remember if it was 2 or 3 weeks later when I finally I drove past, and John’s car was in my driveway again.
I parked down the road as before and decided to sneak into the house again. If they caught me, so be it.
I quietly walked through the kitchen and down the hall to the bedroom. The door was closed but there were no sounds coming from inside. I slowly opened the door, and the room was empty.
I went down the hall and into the dining room and I could hear some sound coming from the lounge room.
I could hear “oh…….oh…….oh fuck……..oh fuck……..oh god………mmmmmmmm”
I slowly peeked around into the lounge room and I could tell Sharon was on her knees as her knees were on the floor with her feet pointing down.
“oh suck it, suck it, don’t fuckin stop…..ohhh yeah…..mmmmm”
I looked a bit further around. John was standing up with his jeans down just below his arse cheeks. He had hold of her hair at the side of her head both sides. Sharon was on her knees. Her shirt was pulled up so her tits were out. Her hands were holding his arse cheeks. His cock was deep in her mouth.
He held her head by the hair and pulled it in as his bare arse cheeks were moving back and forward in a small fucking like way as his cock slid in and almost out of her mouth.
Sharon was facing away from me and John had his eyes shut as he enjoyed fucking my wife’s mouth.
I backed off so I couldn’t be seen but could hear all the” oh gods”, “suck it” and the moaning of a man whose cock is being looked after. I know how it felt, Shazza knew how to suck a cock.
After a few minutes I heard the unmistakable sound of a man blowing his load.
“aaaaggggggghhhhhhhh fuuuuck” I looked into the lounge room again and he was pulling her hair, holding her head hard against his groin with just his balls hanging out of her mouth and gave little thrusts of his arse has he pumped his cum into her mouth. “ooooooh mmmmmm fuck” as he shot his last spurt.
Then I realised I was in trouble. Sharon didn’t swallow, she spat it out. I thought I was about to get busted as she went to the bathroom but then I heard tissues being pulled out of the box.
It was time to leave, and I decided I needed to have a few words with John.
The following weekend I called into John and Ann’s place and asked John if we could go down to the pub and have a drink. Something we’ve done many times.
“I think it’s your shout. I think you owe me that plus a lot more” I said to John. He looked at me looking somewhat concerned “you think”, “why do you think that” he replied. “Get the drinks and we’ll talk” I said.
He returned with the 2 beers and after a couple of sips he said, “so what’s up”. “Have a guess mate”, “what do you think might be the problem here”. “I have no idea” he said. “C’mon, you’re a smart bloke, have a shot in the dark”, “Sorry not a clue” he replied. “Well mate, my good mate, do you think it might be the fact that you’re putting your fuckin’ cock into Sharon”.
He did go a nice shade of pale with the look of “oh fuck” on his face but pleaded innocence. “No mate, no I wouldn’t do that”. “Well, I know for a fact that you are” I said. “Did Sharon tell you that” he said, “no in fact she hasn’t said a word”. “I don’t know who told you that mate but it’s bullshit. I’m offended that you’d believe that of me”. “Do you think that maybe it’s because I was actually at my bedroom door watching you fucking”. “And last Tuesday I watched her suck your cock”, “Pity she doesn’t swallow hey mate”.
I knew the jig was up. “I’m sorry mate, I promise I won’t go near her again, please don’t tell Ann” he begged.
Ann was a hot woman, but she would believe anything she was told about John. He had been naughty in the past.
“So, is this some sort of love affair, are you planning to ride off into the sunset together some day or what, tell me and tell me everything” I said. “No mate, nothing like that, I just fuck her because I can” he said. “Because you can” I questioned. “Yes mate, I think anyone can. She’s very submissive, surely you know that. She complains that I come over to fuck her but as soon as I get my cock out, she starts pulling it. Sometimes I just direct her head onto my cock, and she’ll start sucking it or I’ll bend her over and pull her pants down and fuck her in the lounge room or take her into the bedroom, strip her naked and fuck her there. She pretends to complain but never refuses and I’m sure you know; she loves to go along with whatever a man wants”. “Mate, I’d be really surprised if I’m the only one that’s fucked her”.
I thought about this for a few minutes and told him that I wanted him to keep fucking her but only when I give permission and if I catch him there when he’s not supposed to be there, I’ll tell Ann. If he tells Sharon that I know, I’ll tell Ann. I also told him that I wanted to fuck Ann. I know he couldn’t arrange that as such, but he was to help me as much as he could. John was so sexually selfish; I knew he’d let me fuck Ann if he could keep fucking Sharon. But it would have to be Ann’s decision to fuck me.
I also told him I want to see how submissive Sharon was with others. I wanted him to call in one day with a couple of his mates to see if she’d fuck them all.
This will be covered soon.
Oh, and about 2 months later after visiting them one night without Sharon, we had a few whiskeys, quite a few actually, John put some swinger porn on the Betacord VCR and eventually said he was very tired and went off to bed and she was so horny I fucked Ann on their loungeroom floor. That was one of the most satisfying loads I have ever pumped into a pussy.