Watering the garden

A Fantasy

I was up early his morning to beat the heat and get out in the garden. Didn’t care what I had on, just a tshirt. Watering my precious veggies and flowers. The sun starting to sting a little, I spray some water on my face and hair and a little sprays on one of my nipples ….mmm that felt good. I can feel my tshirt clinging to my now erect nipple. I started to feel that familiar tingle between my thighs so I gave my fingers a little squirt with the hose and give my pussy lips a slight rub, ooh still watering my plants, I pull up my tshirt and let the spray hit my hard nipple it’s slightly painful and mostly pleasurable. I was distracted by the neighbour making noise in his yard so I got back to watering. Then he approached the low part our fence and stuck his head up and greeted me. I was very aware of my wet tshirt and lack of underwear, I pulled my tshirt down slightly which drew his eyesight to my boobs, he gave a little smile. I blushed. He quickly helped me by acknowledging the heat and how good my tomatoes were looking. Before I thought about it, I offered him some, and he eagerly replied that he’d be right over. I froze if I turned he would for sure see my arse, so I tugged at my tshirt again and it ripped at the neckline so I pulled it down over one shoulder. He was standing right next to my tomato trellis, still had the hose in my hand. He offered to take the hose will I picked some fresh ripe tomatoes, very conscious of my movements. He reached close to me and brushed his hands against my arm and stomach to help with those that I had picked and accidentally (perhaps not though) squirted me! I squealed and he laughed. I was now very aware that my nipples were hardened firmly clinging to the wet fabric. He let the hose go and moved closer taking the fruit and leaning down to place them on the ground and his mouth moved across my nipple ohhh fuck I was so excited and still frozen, he grabbed at my nipple with his lips sucking slightly on the moisture. His hands empty now reached at my hips and moved me into his body, knelt before me. Oh I was moistening and breathing so heavily. We had been neighbours for years only small talk and polite exchanges over the fence or at the letterbox. He told me he’d watched me often in my garden and revealed on more than one occasion spying on my as I pleasured myself. Ohhhh I blushed and my heart raced. I knew he had a partner and wondered if she knew all this, as he moved his hand down my thighs and my very naked bottom, he didn’t stand, so he was still hidden from the trellis, he knelt before me as he raised my shirt, I bent slightly allowing my legs to widen and he thrust his tongue into the hood of my mound, circling his tongue around to taste my sweet juice. I let out a gasp as he proved his tongue deeper and I stood astride his face, His fingers sliding in at my arse, and tongue deeply on and out in my dripping wet hole. He tugged at my nipples with his other hand and the frenzy and excitement became intense then he moved his longest fingers in and out of my pussy so fast that I squirted so hard and I squealed as I covered his face in my liquid. He licked at me drinking it all and as I subsided, stood and ushered me to the back of the garden where I could lean over the table and he took his solid length out of his shorts for me to see, I was impressed and hungry to take him, I wanted his cock inside me, he pushed me over the table and entered from behind, he rubbed the head around and up and down teasing me, mmm I backed onto him and circled, he held my hips as he turned and sat on the bench and I moved with him to ride him. He held my tits as I bounced on him, ohh it was bliss. He manoeuvred my hips and held me as he thrust a long hard deep penetration and let out a deep moan as he came inside me. Ohhh I sank back down onto him rubbing myself around him. He turned me as I released him, kissed me full on the mouth and then left, grabbing his tomatoes as he left. I think I will continue to water my garden half naked…..