A very special date night

A True Story

I met Belinda through my work, she works at a government client that l used call on regularly. We exchanged pleasantries in a very professional manner, but it was very obvious to us both, that there was a lot of chemistry. I had seen Bel around a few more times at my regular meetings with her department and the chemistry, smiling eyes continued.

One morning l was early for my meeting and was killing some time in the foyer and she saw me and we exchanged some brief small talk. I asked Bel if she would like a coffee, to my surprise she agreed. Our chat soon turned to our personal circumstances…we were both single.

We started going out for dinners and a few drinks which eventually had us in the bedroom. Bel is a very sexy lady but with limited experiences. The intimacy we shared was amazing and we had become very comfortable sexually with each other, so l asked Bel if she would be interested in a special date night. She was unsure as l wouldn’t give her any details but she agreed.

The evening started as it did usually, a few drinks and then sensually showering together. Bel was a bit nervous about what l had planned but l assured her that the evening was all about her. We shared a joint and another drink and she told me that although quite nervous, the unknown was making her very excited.

I put on her favourite music, dimmed the lights and we slow danced naked with lots of slow passionate kissing for awhile and Bel was now very relaxed……l then showed her the soft Japanese ropes l had purchased. Her initial reaction was no but after l explained what l had in mind she agreed to continue but with my assurance of at any time we would stop if she wanted.

This wasn’t about BDSM, it is sensual erotica. I loosely tied her wrists and then placed the rope behind a closed door. Bel was now standing facing the closed door with her arms above her head. I came up behind her and softly kissed the back of her neck and shoulders. Bel was now getting comfortable and l could feel her body relaxing. I turned the music up and proceeded to slowly oil Bels beautiful body, while still kissing her neck and gently nibbling her ears.

My hands were sensually caressing her body but l deliberately and teasingly stayed away from her nipples and pussy. After sometime l pressed my body against hers and she could feel my erection against her butt cheeks. I slow danced against her body, whispering in her ear and soon she was pressing back against me and dancing in rhythm with me. Bel turned around to face me and we continued our very sensual and passionate dancing, my hard oiled cock was now sliding between her thighs and on her pussy lips, l could feel her swollen clit on my knob each time l gently thrusted between her thighs.

Bel soon had a her first clitoral orgasm from my cock rubbing against her now dripping wet pussy, Bel spread her legs and asked me to fuck her which of course l did. We ended the night in my bed with more highly charged sex until we fell asleep.

In the morning Bel said that was the sexiest she had ever felt and said she was now looking forward to many more special date nights….which we have now done but they will be for another story sometime.