Boring party

A True Story

My wife wanted me to go to a party I didn’t want to go to anyway I went as expected boring as I was getting food introduced to a lady she was very mature anyway gave me a cuddle rubbed her big tits against me as I was getting food she put her hands on my hips moving me didn’t think much of it and now time to go thank goodness saying goodbye to everyone and mature lady June giving me another cuddle rubbing them big tits in even harder and slipped me a bit of paper turned out it was her ph number I was wondering why anyway couple days later I rang her and she said she was lonely I said sorry about that but what do u want me to do about it a slight pause she said I was hoping u would bone me I was abit taken back I said look how old r u June she said 81 I thought god she said please I said look I’ll come around with n o expectations and anyone can stop at anytime she said ok so the day comes im a bit nervous not knowing what to expect I knock on she answered it in a silk dressing gown there.was another lady there Tina from the party she was 76 just making sure June was okay we all talked i asked June do u know why I’m here she said your going to bone me I looked at tim’s she nodded I said yes there was a slight silence Tina said get u and remove your robe and and was in some very nice lingerie I told her how nice she looked and Tina undone her brar and those dig tits popped out so I started playing sucking her tit to her delight mean while Tina slips junes g string off as I’m kissing her than I feel Tina taking my pants off ang grabs my cock than Tina hands June my cock and goes omg it’s big I asked June if she wanted to stop she said n o want to continue so Tina sits June on the end of the putting me cock in her mouth she could suck very well for her my cock now very hard so I layed June down licking her giving g spot massage and said she feels like she’s going to pee Tina told her it’s okay let it all come out she squirted every where she was very loud moaning and groaning arching her back cuming her pussy tasted very nice she couldn’t believe what had happened so now I slipped me had cock inside she gasped and said omg I’m taking it all I my time as June continues to moan and groan she cum again as I was fucking her harder I now Tina sucking here tit than came down licking junes clit and than I cum inside her and June yelling omg omg and Tina cleaned my cum out of her while June cleaned my cock we took June to the bathroom both Tina and I gave her a golden and June let a sigh out we took her back to the I lick he’d her pussy again also sliding my finger up her asrse which she wasn’t expecting but enjoyed it as I could feel her muscles contracting and went loose after an anal orgasam not to mention how loud she was even with Tina sitting on her face being licked out by June at the end June had to catch her breath June said omg It was amazing she said she couldn’t believe how many times she came and it turned out better than I expected a great time and to top it off June watched me fuck Tina as well June said I’m glad I gave u my ph number and I said I’m glad I called never judge a book by its cover