A Couples Fuck Toy

A True Story

A few years ago, my partner Stephanie used to visit a couple, John and Barbara, in the southwestern suburbs of Sydney.
She’d leave home about 5pm after work on Friday and return Sunday usually around mid-morning to lunch time. She'd tell me tales of how her weekend went and would show me her beaten and sorry pussy and arsehole before I’d naturally have to fuck her to retake what was mine.
I was never invited to attend these visits as John was a dominant male and to quote Barbara “did not share his toys” but he would occasionally give me a glimpse of what takes place.
As this arrangement preceded my relationship with Steph, I had no issue with her continuing to visit them. Nor did I have the right to stop her.
I still live with Steph but for medical reasons she’s long retired from play.

This Steph's story in her own words.

I loved to spend the occasional weekend with John and Barbara because I loved Barbara as a friend and I loved the sex. I’ll admit the sex was all about John. I was a fuck toy for him to use as he wants. But he had a 10 inch very thick cock, and I loved the way he fucked the shit out of me. Sometimes literally.
I first met John and Barbara online and then in person at Nicks Seafood Restaurant at Darling Harbour Sydney. I LOVE seafood so it was a great way to introduce themselves to me.
John made it clear from the start that he was looking for fuck toy. A woman who would occasionally stay the weekend with them so he can fuck her whenever and however the mood struck him.
It was also essential that the woman who agrees to join them also played full on with Barbara. She must have a smooth hairless pussy and when she visits, she should wear a long dress with nothing underneath. Easy for him to get to her tits and pussy and would drop off easy. This must be the only item of clothing she brings with her. Even if they go out for dinner or drinks, she must wear the long dress with nothing underneath. He told me he had a large, thick cock and if I decided to join them I must be able take it in all my holes.
Barbara was a lovely seemingly quiet lady. Submissive to him but could be a bit sexually aggressive to me when aroused. She didn’t say much about what she expected from me but nodded with a smile when John told me about his cock. Barbara and I talked about girl things and when John went to the restroom, she said to me, sexually he is very selfish, he’ll never agree to bringing another man in to play, he doesn’t share his toys but believe me, you will not regret it, he knows what he’s doing and his cock is delicious. You’ll love it.
After a nice dinner and a few wines, I agreed to go to their place the following Friday night and see how we go.
As we were leaving John told Barbara that he’d meet her at the car, and he was going to walk with me to the parking station. Barbara just smiled and walked away saying “have fun and be nice” From that comment I figured something’s going to happen.
When we got to my car John opened the back door and told me to sit in the back. Take your tits out. I was wearing an off the shoulder number with no bra so it wasn’t hard to get them out. He loosened his belt and unzipped his pants and dropped his underpants and for the first time I saw his cock. It looked to be 8 inches long and thick even on the slack with a big delicious knob. His balls were very impressive. I couldn’t help wondering about the amount of cum stored in them. I was very impressed. He stood outside the car and started rubbing my tits and squeezing my nipples. He told her to open my mouth. He put his cock in my mouth and told me to suck it. Within seconds it was hard, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed my head onto his balls and told me to lick and suck them. Then he held my head so I couldn’t move it and pushed his cock down my throat while continually saying “suck it, suck it slut, fucken suck it”. With the occasional moan of pleasure and “fuck yeah” And suck it I did. I could feel his knob push hard at the back of my throat and down my throat when he pushed in harder and held it there. Lucky I have a great gag reflex. I love a cock down my throat with balls hanging out of my mouth. After a few minutes he held my head hard with his cock as far down as it could go, he moaned and I felt the warm spurting of his cum as he spasmed about 5 times with a decent load of cum with each one. He pulled his cock back as he unloaded to make sure I got cum in my mouth and not all straight down my throat. He wanted me to taste it and swallow. And swallow I did. I didn’t spill a drop. Never do.
He put his cock his cock away, done up his pants and said to me that he needed to know if I was genuine and then said “see you Friday” as he walked away.
Although it didn’t always play out exactly the same each time, this is how my first weekend at John and Barb’s place transpired and most weekends followed a similar procedure.
I arrived at their place about 6:30pm. Both Barbara and John met me at the door. Barbara said “hello sweetie” and gave me a little kiss. John Deep throated me with his tongue and said, “come in slut”.
John told Barbara to take care of me and then get dinner out. He then left the room.
She took me over to the lounge area and told me to bend over and put my hands on the arms of a lounge chair. She then pulled my dress up and gathered it onto my back, exposing my bare arse. She said, “John won’t be long” and walked over to the kitchen area.
John walked in naked and immediately put his cock in my pussy. I gasped and let out an “oh fuck” as it went in up to his balls, I think this was the biggest cock I’d ever felt inside me. Initially he pushed in slowly but deep and in and out to get my juices flowing and to lubricate his cock. I was already wet in anticipation of what may happen so he had no issue getting his cock in deep from the start.
One he thought my pussy was wet enough he started pumping and pounding, deep and hard.
I found myself moaning and yelling, “fuck oh fuck” and even yelping as he pounded me. My body lurching forward with each thrust. I could see Barbara preparing food and not taking any notice of the swearing, grunting, moaning, and slapping sound of groin on arse cheeks and whatever other noises John and I were making or the sight of her husband’s arse hammering me hard.
He pounded and pounded, I came every few minutes and he continued to slam into my pussy. I could feel his big balls slapping onto my clit.
Finally, as I could see Barbara putting food onto the table he thrusted even harder, which I didn’t think was possible and then held his cock in deep, he made a loud arrrrgh sound and i could feel a flood of cum being pumped deep inside me. After the last spasm of his groin he pulled his cock out and told me to clean the juice and cum off. I licked and sucked every inch of his cock and balls. He left the room and returned and in a bathrobe.
When we sat at the dinner table my chair had a folded towel on it. Barber laughed a little and said “cum catcher” I laughed and said, “good idea”.
After dinner we sat together on the lounge. John sat between us.
We drank wine and talked about who we are and what we’ve done. Generally got to know each other a little better.
John opened his robe and we both played with his cock and balls as we talked and sipped wine.
After a few drinks, Barbara started kissing me and sucking my nipples. It felt very good. I pushed her head harder onto my nipples as she kissed, licked and sucked them. She stood up, removed her dress and sat back down to continue kissing and sucking and now rubbing my clit. Of course I kissed, licked, sucked and rubbed in return.
John kissed my neck and said, “make Barb’s cunt happy” He stood up, told me to stand up and removed my dress. Barbara spread her lags wide with her feet on the edge of the lounge. I kneeled down on the floor in front of her and started to lick her pussy. Barbara said “mmmm oh yeah eat it sweetie” She pushed the back of my head into her pussy with her left hand and pulled John’s cock with her right. John was kissing Barbara and sucking her nipples as I licked, sucked and fingered her pussy. Barbara had the look of pure pleasure on her face which inspired me to lick harder and deeper. I pushed Barbara’s legs up and back so I could lick her arsehole. Barbara moaned and said, “oh fuck yeah, that’s feels so fucken good”. John actually rubbed the top of my head and told me I was a good slut.
I put 2 fingers in Barbara’s pussy and curled them up behind her clit, Barbara grabbed my head with both hands and pushed my face hard on to her pussy. Her groin started grinding on my face. Suddenly she arched back, stopped moving but held my face hard on her pussy and yelled. “Ooohhh fuuuckkk” as she cum and cum hard. “She came like a steam train”.
John said, “you did good slut” Barbara lovingly caressed my head and gave me a “thank you very much” kiss.
This is when I realised that my name here was “slut”. I can’t remember any time after our first meeting at the restaurant that John referred to me in any other way than “slut”. Later on Paul, my partner asked me if that bothered me. I said no, when I’m there I’m his slut. I’m 3 holes and a pair of tits and sometimes a face, stomach or back to dump cum on, that’s what my role is. And to be honest, I fucken love it. Paul always supports me in my carnal adventures.
We then moved into the bedroom for about 2 hours of cock sucking, pussy licking, fingering, dildos, vibrators and fucking.
When Barbara and I were 69ing, John would occasionally start fucking one of us or drop his cock into our mouth. A woman hasn’t lived until she gets fucked and her clit licked at the same time. It’s fucken awesome. John received a 2 head cock suck with the us girls taking turns sucking his cock and licking his balls at the same time. John laid on top of Barbara 69 style knees bent while she sucked his cock and I licked his arsehole and balls. I think he liked that. lol
Barbara propped herself up against the headboard and I was giving her a good cunt licking when John lifted my arse up to get me on my knees. He started fucking me which pushed my face hard into Barbara’s groin. I soon knew what was coming. As I sucked on Barbara’s clit, John stopped fucking and started to finger my arsehole. I could feel him lubing it up. I was a bit apprehensive as it had been a while since I’d had a big cock in my arse and wasn’t sure if I’d ever had one as big as Johns in it. I was also a bit worried that he’d slam my arse like he fucks my pussy.
Slowly in it went, “oh fuck” I said and it was only just in. He kept sliding it in and out and squirting more lube on his cock. “Can you feel my cock in your arse slut” “fuck yes” I replied. “Does it hurt slut” “errrr yes yes it fucken hurts” I said in a whimper. “is your arse mine to fuck” Before I answered Barbara said to me, “take his cock sweetie, take it all and keep eating my fucken cunt”, “yes’ i said, ‘my arse is yours, fuck it, fuck your slut’s arse” He eventually got it all the way in and i could feel his balls pushing on my pussy when his cock was completely in my arse. The pain made me eat Barbara’s pussy even harder and I think I may have even bitten her clit at one point.
I was on my knees with my head firmly planted into Barbara’s pussy. Barbara was aggressively pushing my head down, pushing her pussy into my face and her groin was pushing up and down like she was fucking my face “eat it, eat my cunt sweetie” Barbara said as john slid his cock in and out of my arse. I turned my head briefly to look at a mirror and I could see John’s cock come almost all the way out before he’d slide it back in up to his balls. Thankfully he didn’t pound my arse like he did my pussy, but he slid it in and out consistently but not slamming it in. A few weekend visits down the trach he started fucking the shit out of my arse.
Barbara came several times from my licking and after about 10 minutes of pumping my arse John moaned, held is cock in deep and emptied his balls. A large flow of cum came out of my arse and ran down over my pussy.
We returned to the lounge room for a couple more wines before showering and going to bed.
I slept soundly that night as I had cum many times during the evening, I was exhausted and very sexually satisfied.. My pussy and arse were a bit sore but as any girl can tell you, that’s how it feels when I’ve had a good fucking.
Sometime between 7 and 7:30 in the morning I was awoken by the covers being removed.
I turned onto my back to see John standing at the end of the bed, naked and with a big stiff cock.
He told me to show him my open cunt and to get into position to take in his cock and be fucked.
I opened my legs wide, bent my knees and opened my pussy lips with my fingers. “my cunt is ready to take in your cock, your slut is ready to be fucked. Come and take it” I said. I knew what was coming. He climbed on top of me, pulled my legs back and thrust his cock deep into my pussy and began to pound me immediately
It felt like my groin was being bashed, he thrusted hard and deep, over and over and over again, unrelenting., I could hear the slapping sound of his balls hitting my arse. I moaned and swore over and over again as the assault continued. He didn’t stop or even slow down he just kept slamming his huge, thick and very hard cock into me. It was harder than the pounding I took at the lounge chair.
I was pounded continuously for at least 20 minutes without respite. I had cum many times. He said “take my fucken cock slut” I couldn’t reply just whimper in response. This time he cried out very loudly “fuck, fuck, fuck yeah, take my cum you fucken slut, take it all in that cunt of yours” He slammed in as deep as he could possibly go as he unloaded his cum in me. He gave a couple more quick thrusts, then got up, put his cock in my mouth to clean the juices off it and left the room. I was exhausted, fucked beyond belief. My pussy was aching, my body was aching. It took a few minutes before I could even close my legs. I just laid there, breathing heavy with my legs still open feeling his cum running out of me.
I eventually got up, put on a robe they gave me to wear and limped out to the kitchen where Barbara was making breakfast. She looked at me and laughed. “you look like you’ve been fucked to an inch of your life”. “You’re not fucken wrong” I said. “It sounded like you were being murdered from out here” she said smiling. “How do you keep up with him, he’s insatiable” I said. She replied, “no he’s not normally this active but when he’s got a slut fuck toy, he’s awesome’. “A pussy to use turns me on too” she said as she had a quick feel of my pussy before she continued to make breakfast.
Barbara and I spent the day out shopping. We had a nice lunch at a café. She told me that they’ve had a few fuck toys in the past. It usually would end if they found themselves a new partner or if the partner insisted on being involved. Something she told me at the start he won’t even consider. Occasionally one of the previous ladies would want to sneak back for a one-off fuck but that doesn’t interest John. He doesn’t really like people who cheat behind a partner’s back, and he gets off on husband’s knowing he’s fucking and sodomising their wives. This was something Paul was to find out when John would occasionally stream a short video call to show him a taste of what he does to me.
After we returned to their home John just wanted me to suck his cock for a while. He didn’t want to cum or fuck, he just wanted a relaxing long cock suck.
After that Barbara wanted a pussy lick but she wanted to cum and Barbara reciprocated
We went to their local pub that night for dinner. It was a nice pub, typical pub food with some live music. I found out on another visit that if they can get a particular booth, John gets his cock out for me and Barbara to play with.
After dinner it was back to their house for a few more wines and another session of cock sucking, arse licking, pussy licking, fucking and sodomising.
I discovered later that sometimes on the Saturday night session, he’d get both of us to keep our feet on the floor and bend over onto the bed and he’d throw a blanket over us so only our bare arses were uncovered and he’d then spend time going from one to the other fucking us several times each and finish by arse fucking both of us and unloading in one. Usually mine.
Sunday morning was a repeat of Saturday morning. He’d wake me up and pound me relentless for about 20-30 minutes. The early morning poundings were his favourite thing. Barbara told me that when I’m there he would wake up and get her to slowly pull his cock as he thought about the cunt in the other room that he was about to fuck.
After breakfast I made my way home, sore but very satisfied. I’d lost count of how many times I cum over the weekend. Barbara said it truthfully, it’s all about him but I did love it.

That was Steph’s story mainly about their first weekend but I can tell you, nothing changed much after I moved in with her. She continued to see them about once a month. She’d come home and show me her battered and bruised pussy and arse. Sometimes he’d put a load in her before she left as a gift for me.
I mentioned before about glimpses he’d show me. The first one was about 7:30 on a Saturday morning I got a call from Steph’s phone and when I answered it I could hear the sounds of hard sex, moaning, heavy breathing, the loud slapping of flesh on flesh and the grunts that went with every thrust. Then it disconnected.
On another occasion, it was a video call from her phone. I saw Steph’s head in profile sucking this big cock, “fuck your woman makes my cock feel good, she’s such a slut” he pushed it in up to his balls and I could see the lump on her neck from his cock. He rubbed it all over her face and hung up. Another one where I could see his arse cheeks and Steph’s head between them licking his arsehole and balls. And then there was a pic of just his balls hanging out of her arsehole. All 10 thick inches in her arse. That brought tears to my eyes.
Unfortunately, illness brought an end to this and all her sexual adventures, but for 2 years she was a couple’s fuck toy or as she put it, I was 3 holes, a pair of tits and occasionally a stomach back and face to dump cum on. And she FUCKEN LOVED IT.
Thankfully for me she also supports me in my sexual adventures so the debauchery goes on.