Afternoon fun

A True Story

We had another play date organised i knocked on the door hubby answered shaking my hand and feeling me up with the other hand any way a bit of chit chat and next thing she’s sitting on the bed sucking us both off and we r both masturbating each other and the door bell rings I thought bloody hell and she orders hubby to see who it is hubby goes to to the door whilst she continues to suck on my dick the door was close to the bedroom and we could sort of hear what s going on and it was the next door neighbour came to borrow a dress that they have been talking about anyway hubby thought I hid in the shower but wife was still sucking my cock and he sent neighbour into to the bed room to see the wife and to the neighbours shock omg what r u doing to the wife we had to stop and couple had to explain they were swingers and were both bi and would appreciate if she’d keep it a secret and she said omg swingers at your age neighbour said and look at his cock wife said yes it’s very nice it’s nothing special 7-8” thick cut cock just normal anyway wife took her in to walk in robe she tried black dress on we were all just trying to get rid of her so we could get on playing neighbour wanted to know what it looked like wife brought her out and asked us wife was adjusting her tits we all said looks good as she was getting dressed hubby was sucking my cock and neighbour turned said omg you’re hubby is sucking his cock wife said we all like to suck it anyway wife took her to the door and neighbour turn s and ask can she touch it wife said yes so she grabbed my cock stroking it she said it feels good and she wanted to suck it as she was sucking it I pulled down her dress playing with her tits hubby took her pants off and she thought hubby was licking her pussy and fingering her she was moaning we turned her over and wife said did u know I was licking your pussy and fingering u she said omg i thought it was your hubby she was very startled not knowing what was going on and me and hubby licking her tit wife licking her pussy than I started licking her pussy wife licked her tits she asked if she could see me and hubby sucking each other off so we did while wife played with her pussy than I fucked her hard making her cum than I cum and both hubby and wife cleaned both of us up and wife and I took her to bathroom and gave her a golden shower and she gave us a golden shower she was quite breathtaking for her of what had happened she said she never had any intentions of ever playing with a female from time to time we all play and she’d suggested they tell her daughter in case she ever walks in on them so she’s not so shocked