Video for a friend

A True Story

To set the scene this happened about 20yrs ago. I was in a relationship with a very sexy lady, Penny. She was 5”6 long dark hair, sexy smile, DD boobs and a great arse.

She was bi and had been in female relationships before as well as male ones. She also knew I had a long term friend and he and I looked after each other as well as having several threesomes and group sessions in the past. Penny had had mff threesomes but that was it.

Penny was very inquisitive about what he and I had done together. Sharing stories with her always got us both worked up and we would have wonderful sessions.

This enjoyment of my stories was increased when I eventually told her who it was, after making sure with him I could tell her. They had met loads of times and he always flirted with her.

Penny was very understanding so I always let her know when he and I were going to catch up.

On one occasion she was going to work and he was coming over. However her starting time was changed to be a bit later and I didn’t know. Anyway he turned up and she was still home so I made him a coffee to fill in time. She came out in her robe as she thought she heard the door and on seeing him she went over to greet him with a kiss and hug which wasn’t unusual. He though let his hands slip down during the big and he squeezed her arse. She was fine with that. He obviously felt bold as they parted from the hug he stepped back with the robe cord in one of his hands. Penny smiled and he pulled the cord causing the robe to fall open and he got a great look at her boobs and what I could see was a freshly shaved pussy. She told he off, playfully, and then took her robe and opened it right up before wrapping up it around her tying it back up and going to get dressed for work. Soon as she was out of site he rubbed his cock in clear pleasure. We sat drinking our coffees and rubbing each other until she came out to say goodbye. Before leaving she looked at my friend and told us to have fun and not do anything she wouldn’t do.

As soon as the she shut the door on her way out he had his pants undone and around his ankles. I was so horny I got straight onto my knees and sucked his hard cock. The situation has got me so worked up I was loving devouring his hard cock knowing my girl had got him all worked up. He told me to stop as he was ready to blow already and didn’t want to. He was a one cum and done type of guy. We then swapped and he went down on me for awhile. My legs were getting weak so we moved to my room and laid in the bed in a 69 and pleasured each other for awhile. When we were getting close we laid on the bed wanking each other and talking about how sexy Pen was until we both blew nice big loads.

When Pen got home that night she woke me up to hear all about the what happened and as I told her she laid next to me playing with herself. When I finished telling her about it she surprised me by asking if I’d like to make a video of us fucking for him and I to watch at our next session. She didn’t have to ask me twice and I set up the video camera.

We proceeded to have a wonderful session and she played up to the camera often taking dirty and putting his name in what she was saying. When I watched the video back later I saw she’d actually asked him questions in the video. She spent a lot of time sucking my cock and let me eat her pussy, even allowing me to go back down on her to bring her to one last orgasm. Then she looked straight at the camera and said “let me know if you have any special requests for the next one!”