Mid morning fuck

A True Story

About 12 months ago I received a message on AMM from an Asian lady from Geelong who said she needed a fuck in front of her husband who was a cuck.
This was about midnight and they would drive from Geelong to Gisborne as soon as possible.
I told them my address and when they arrived my front light would be on.
I had a shower and waited their arrival.
They arrived at about 1.30 and she was virtually naked except for a dress. She instructed her husband to follow and be obedient and not say or do anything to interrupt us.
She was about 5 foot tall and he was about 6 foot tall.
She had a petite body visible through her dress.
Small breasts and nipples but very nice.
She ordered her husband to kneel at the foot of my bed which you could barely see hi face through the slats on the bed.
She jumped on the bed and said. Lick my arse and pussy so he can see us. She got on all fours and lifted her dress over her ass. Revealing a tight button ass and shaven pussy.
I ran my fingers over her ass and gave them a slap to which she turned towards me and said Harder and slap my pussy.. I gave her a couple of heavy slaps on her ass and pussy and immediately started to squirt. I looked intently as she squirted on my hand so I slapped her even harder and she yelled out. Fuck me with your fingers in my ass.
I inserted 2 fingers and pumped her ass and I could see her husband watching intently.
Her juices covered my legs and the sheets.
I kept my fingers in her ass and did some rotations to see her reaction. Her head was staring at the ceiling as I rotated left and right as she yelled. Fuck it harder so I put another finger in her as as she squealed with pleasure. I also began to massage her pussy as roughly as I could. She said. Fuck you have big fingers. I was as hard as I could ever be and said. Swollow my cock now.
We changed positions so her husband could see her getting her mouth fucked. She sat over my mouth as she began to lick my shaft and knob sucking as she wrapped her lips tightly around my thick cock. Her pussy and ass was saturated as I looked over at the husband.
She sucked my cock until she could feel me ready to cum and quickly mounted me and as she was riding me she said. Big fat cock in my pussy as she decided to look at her husband. We fucked in rythem as I felt her pussy tighten again and I gave out a groan as I filled her pussy at the same here she Squealed towards her husband.
Fuck he has a big cock in my tight cunt. .
After a few minutes she looked at her husband and said to me
Now fuck my ass. I gathered my breath and slide my fingers back in her as as she licked my cock clean with both our juices coming from her mouth.
Yummy I love hot cum in the morning. She whispered so her husband could her her with a mouthful.
I fingered her ass as she began to rotate her ass so she could squirt again. She was stroking my cock and balls to get vup again and within a few minutes I was hard enough to fuck her ass.
She pointed her ass to her husband and I immediately mounted her and give her as a good pump. She began to rub her pussy as we didn't take long to give her another load of juice.
Fuck me harder I want your balls slapping my cunt.
I lent over her back an put all my effort to give her cunt a ball slam. as well
After a few minutes I slowed down and sat up and slapped her as again as she began to squirt again so I gave her three hard thrusts and blew my load in her ass and with each stroke she said Fuck fuck fuck it big boy. After a minute I was totally spent.
My cock fell from her soaking ass and pussy as she fell on the bed exhausted. I fell beside her and smiled. Is this what you wanted?
She replied catching her breath. Absolutely the best fuck in a month. After a few minutes and having some drinks.
She ordered her husband to stand up. His pants were soaked. She walked up to him and said. You were not supposed to cum and quicklyadmonished him.
Her legs and thighs were dripping like a tap and ordered him to clean her up so he knelt down and licked her clean.
Considering he was 6 foot tall he made sure she was clean.
Her dress was smelling of sex and it was great to see and smell . I stood beside her and thanked her for her coming over and said.
We will see you next weekend but it will be during the day so we can fuck and hopefully people can hear us fucking.

We repeat ed a similar encounter the following weekend and with another woman watching as well.
Yes I did fuck the second Asian woman as the Asian lady watched as well.
I pity the husband watching his wife and friend getting fucked but I understand their relationship.
Lucky me.

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